viernes, 17 de junio de 2022

Coming Back

I'm back to work after my (short) holiday in London, and feeling that I'd need a month to recover myself. Not only I'm tired of all the walking and visiting and wandering around the city, but I'm also recovering from another episode of my usual digestive problems. Annoying, isn't it?. Everything started a week before we had to fly London, and I felt so damn sick that I even considered that my trip was not going to happen. Thanks to a visit to the doctor (and plenty of pills) I felt better, or that's what I said to myself, probably because I'm also too stubborn to change my holiday plans.
Anyway, I was feeling still weak during my trip, but managed to enjoy it. I even enjoyed some lovely food, even if I was extra careful to avoid any dairy.
I loved to pay a visit to some old favourite places (V&A, Liberty) and also visited some new ones. The Museum of London has been amazing, one of the best displayed historical exhibitions I've ever watched, with lots of models and replicas, so entertaining and visually attractive. And we also went for a walk in the Kew Gardens, you know I love a botanical garden!
Finally, I met some Ladies Who Blog!. Even if we only could chat for a while, it was fabulous to meet the gorgeous ladies from Vronni's Style Meanderings and Buttercup's Frocks after three years since our last gathering. It feels really good to talk with people who share a love for colour, clothes and charity shopping. Hope nex time Vintage Vixen can join us!.

I have to recognize that I'm such a bad blogger that didn't take any photos, so I'm sharing these pics that Veronica took with her mobile. We didn't take a photo of the three of us!. Shame on me!
This is a photo of our last meeting three years ago!
Estoy de vuelta después de unas (breves) vacaciones en Londres, y me parece que necesitaría un mes para reponerme un poco. No sólo porque estoy cansada después de todo el andar, ver, visitar y recorrer la ciudad, sino también porque me estoy recuperando de otro episodio de mis problemas digestivos habituales. Muy molesto, ¿a que sí?. Me empecé a poner fatal una semana antes del viaje e incluso consideré que igual ni podía hacerlo. Pero después de ver al médico (y de un montón de pastillitas), ya fuí mejorando, o eso me dije a mí misma, sobre todo porque soy muy cabezota para perder mi oportunidad de ir de vacaciones.
De todos modos, me sentí un poco floja durante el viaje, pero lo pasé muy bien. Incluso pude disfrutar de la comida y todo, aunque teniendo un cuidado extraordinario en evitar los lácteos.
Me encantó volver a visitar algunos de mis lugares favoritos, como el V&A y los almacenes Liberty, pero también fuimos a ver otros nuevos. Me gustó el Museo de Londres, tienen una exposición histórica maravillosamente hecha, con montones de maquetas y reconstrucciones de escenas cotidianas, todo entretenidísimo. También fuimos de excursión a los jardines de Kew, me encantan los jardines botánicos.
Y también pude quedar con algunas colegas blogueras, aunque sólo pudimos charlar un rato. Pero ha sido tan estupendo ver a Vronni's Style Meanderings y a Buttercup's Frocks, después de tres años desde nuestra última reunión. Es estupendo hablar con gente que comparte el amor por el color, la moda y las tiendas de segunda mano. Espero que haya una próxima vez y que pueda venir también Vintage Vixen. Sería genial!.
I've realized that most of my photos were taken at Liberty (sorry that it's not allowed to take photos at the Vintage Designers' stalls) and in the Kew Gardens. Obviously, I was appealed by some fabrics and stuff, but didn't buy anything, except a bikini acquired when visiting Cambridge (I'm a huge fan of gothic architecture, but bikinis in my size are even more fascinating). Isn't it amazing?.

Me he dado cuenta de que la mayoría de mis fotos son del Liberty (y es una lástima que no se puedan sacar fotos en las salas de ropa vintage de diseño) y también de los jardines de Kew. Claro está que me quedé fascinada con algunas telas y objetos, pero no compré nada, salvo un biquini que me compré cuando visitaba Cambridge. Porque puedo ser muy fan de la arquitectura gótica, pero biquinis en mi talla son algo que atrae del todo mi atención. Qué cosas!.
I'm taking it easy, as we're having another Heatwave From Hell (43ºC tomorrow!!) so it's too hot to work on a computer. I'll be back next week with same old 'heatwave capsule' outfits (rewearing is good!).
Have a fabulous weekend, whatever the weather!

Me lo estoy tomando con calma, ya que tenemos otra Horrible Ola De Calor, con 43ºC mañana, así que hace demasiado calor para acercarse al ordenador. Estaré de vuelta la semana que viene con los habituales modelitos típicos que siempre saco en este clima espantoso, repetidos pero así es la Vida Real.
Espero que paséis un fin de semana estupendo, ¡haga el tiempo que haga!

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  1. So lovely you were able to visit London and vacation there. Perhaps some day I will get the chance too.
    I hope you are feeling better ❤

  2. So glad you are feeling more yourself. It was lovely to see you. I saw you and your husband at the bus stop just after I left. I was on the bus and you didn't get on the one I was on but if you noticed someone madly waving at you; it was me!

    I do not envy your heatwave; yesterday it was 32 degrees here and it kills me..

    So glad you found a bikini!

  3. I wish I'd been able to meet you - next time I'll be more used to festival prep and won't need to long to pack - promise!
    Lovely to see the three of you together, Kew Gardens and Liberty. That's fantastic that you found a bikini, it sounds like you'll be living it in with those temperatures (jealous!) xxx

  4. I hope you're feeling better. Glad to hear you were able to go on your holiday and have a meet up. We're getting similar heat right now and I've been sitting in the dark sleeping when I can and hoping it is over soon. Take care

  5. I'm forever envious of these blogger meet-ups - you're so far away! I'm happy to see that it's cooled off after your heatwave!

  6. I'm glad to read your short break in London was well spent, and that you managed to meet up with Fig and Vronni, however shortly. Totally envious here :-)
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I'm sure I would have convinced myself not to cancel my holiday either ...
    Besos xxx