viernes, 14 de junio de 2019

London Calling

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life: Samuel Johnson.
Obviously, Dr.Johnson didn't mention women, but it's a great quote as far as I'm concerned. As a huge fan of Museums, brick victorian architecture, vintage fashion, window shopping (even if not a buyer anymore), world cuisine, pubs and urban lifestyle, I enjoy London everytime I visit it. I know that these things are not everybody's cup of tea (particularly urban lifestyle is not very popular these days!).
And I think that the most enjoyable thing in my holidays has been to meet some lovely blogger-friends, after years of following each other online. They are absolutely fabulous, totally as they look in their blogs, if not better!. I totally felt like hanging with rock'n'roll stars!.
And they were absolutely kind and patient with my 'peculiar' english, we talked a lot and agreed on almost everything (great minds think alike!). Lots of fun visiting some Spitalfields markets, particularly the vintage stalls!.
It's still less than a week ago and I'm looking forward the next meeting!

'Cuando un hombre está cansado de Londres, está cansado de la vida', Samuel Johnson.
Evidentemente, el Dr. Johnson no dijo nada acerca de las mujeres, pero es una gran frase y muy cierta en lo que a mí concierne. La ciudad tiene algunas de las cosas de las que soy muy entusiasta, museos, arquitectura victoriana de ladrillo, moda vintage, escaparates (aunque ya no compro!), cocina de todo el mundo, pubs y vida urbana. Puede que no sean del gusto de todo el mundo, sobre todo la vida urbana que no está nada de moda!
Y creo que lo más estupendo de estas vacaciones ha sido conocer personalmente a algunas de mis amigas de los blogs, después de años siguiéndonos y comentándonos. Son fabulosas, totalmente como en sus blogs, incluso mejores!. Me he sentido como yendo por ahí con estrellas del rock!
Y han sido tan amables y pacientes con mi inglés 'peculiar', hemos charlado mucho y coincidido mucho también (brillantes que somos! ;D). Spitalfields sigue muy entretenido, sobre todo los puestos vintage.
No ha pasado ni una semana y ya estoy deseando que llegue otra ocasión de reunirnos!

Buttercup's Frocks
Vintage Vixen
Vronni's Style Meanderings

It's taking me some time to be back to business as usual, but I'll catch up on your blogs asap!.

Me va a llevar un poco de tiempo volver al negocio, pero me pondré al día en cuanto pueda!

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  1. It's been far too long since I was in London, and Jos and I have been thinking of going. I'm glad to hear you've had a fabulous time, and I can well believe that meeting Vix, Veronica and Fig was one of the highlights! You are all looking absolutely fabulous and as I've been hearing you've caused quite a stir! Vix says we must coordinate our holidays next time ;-) I'd have loved to meet you! Besos xxx

    1. oh yes, we must coordinate our holidays and have a meeting!, it would be So Fabulous!!

  2. I know Vix and Veronica of the bloggers you met, and I can't imagine having anything other than a good time with them. Looks like you got a rare bit of good weather too!

  3. I can't believe it was a whole week ago! Didn't we have the most fabulous time? Your English is brilliant, it certainly puts my Spanish to shame. You're just as fabulous as you are on your blog, if not more so! Can't wait till next time. xxx

  4. Seriously the best day ever! And it didn't rain!!

  5. I crave urban living, for all the reasons you listed. What a colorful bunch, bet there's not a pair of khakis among you

  6. I am so pleased and delighted to have met you, Monica. Your English was astonishingly good; if only my Spanish was better that just 'ola'! We had such a good day and I love your photos especially the one with St. Giles; Spitalfields in the background.

    Let's hope we can meet up again next year!

  7. How fun! You all look wonderful. Isn't it great when you can meet up in real life with people you've only known online?


  8. That is sooo incredible!!! Your smiles say it all. I would LOVE to meet these gorgeous ladies, I follow both Vix and Fig's blogs for years and adore them. Not just stylish, but unique, strong, genuine women. Vronni is new to me, but she is fabulous just as you are, Monica. London is my dream, and I hope some day I will be there meeting with all of you.
    Warmest hugs and Lots of love!

  9. How cool! You look like you were having a great time.
    Isn't it strange but wonderful when your screen comes to life?!
    xo Jazzy Jack