miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

london calling #2

In addition to the fabulous meeting with my blogger friends, which was the most thrilling thing in my holidays, I could also enjoy the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A. Totally my kind of thing in one of my favorite museums places all over the world!. Lots of coolness and amazing designs, even if it was not as extensive as I could desire. Because a girl can't have too many colorful tights and mini-skirts as I am concerned!

Además de la genial quedada con mis amigas blogueras, que fue la cosa más estupenda de todas mis vacaciones, también disfruté mucho de esta exposición sobre Mary Quant en el V&A. Algo que me encanta en uno de mis museos lugares favoritos del mundo, montones de diseños alucinantes y detalles interesantes, aunque me supo a poco. Pero es que no se pueden tener demasiadas medias de colores ni minifaldas, en mi opinión!

Obviously, there was also some culture in my holidays. And pubs. But I have not pictures of the last thing, as I was too busy enjoying! (bad blogger!)

Evidentemente, también hubo algo de cultura en mi viaje. Y pubs. Pero no tengo fotos de estos últimos, porque estaba muy ocupada disfrutando! (qué mala bloguera!)

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  1. Oh I love the photos from the Quant exhibition! That blue and white skirt suit is absolutely heavenly. I hope you got to visit some great pubs; London has some historic ones that are real treats to drink in.

  2. I'll be definitely scheduling in that Mary Quant exhibition if we make it to London before it ends. I need all of those go-go boots, by the way ;-) Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time, enjoying both culture and pubs, which are obviously also part of British culture! Besos xxx

  3. Meeting you, Vronni and Fig was the best thing this year!! I do hope I get to the Mary Quant exhibition before it finishes! I had both the red and the yellow ankle wellies but sold them to pay for a holiday 15 years ago.
    Fab to see those famous jungle trousers in real life.
    Pubs and museums rock my world! xxx

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  5. What fabulous photos, Monica! I'm almost sorry we didn't go to the exhibition when we met up but I am still aiming to catch it before it finishes.

    I thought the first two outfits were pretty staid for Mary Quant; but oh there were some beauties there. Those bags! I bet Ann has one of those dolls dressed in a Mary Quant outfit...What were your favourites among the outfits?

    Glad you got to go to some good pubs, too!

    I'm looking forward already to meeting up again next year when you come back to London...

    Hope you're having a good week.

  6. Me flipa el abrigo amarillo. London is always a good idea.

  7. What a fun, funky and colourful exhibit to attend! Looks like you had a great trip.


  8. I'm not as knowledgeable fashionista as you are, but I love museums, and of course visiting a real English pub is a must for such an Anglophile as I am. So glad you had fun in London!!

  9. I saw on IG that you made it to London and met up with Vix! I would love to see the Mary Quant exhibit - her clothes were so much fun.

  10. I could see you in these clothes with their stunning contrasts. Loving your floral pants. They look like they are on fire!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Thank you for all these great photos of the Quant exhibit! What awesome styles! I adore museums (and pubs!). I like that you enjoyed yourself, rather than photographed everything.