martes, 25 de enero de 2022

Winter & Red

I'm having some problems with my account, because of the supposedly safer access methods (which actually are driving me crazy). So my commenting has been even more erratic than usual (sorry for the doubled comments too!). Feeling lucky that nor my income nor my life depends on this, I'm taking it easy.
In a better mood, this is what I've worn last week. The weather has been and still is really cold (below zero every morning) but we've been walking and running errands as usual, the days are longer!.
Whatever the reason, I've worn more black and red colour these days, I think that red is a great colour to enhance black-white combos.

Tengo toda clase de problemas con el (supuestamente más seguro) acceso a mis cuentas, que me están volviendo loca. Así que siento mucho que mis comentarios sean más irregulares que de costumbre, y siento también los dobles comentarios. Me alegra no depender de ello para mi trabajo ni para nada vital, así que me lo tomo con calma.
Poniéndonos de mejor humor, ésto es lo que me puse la semana pasada. Ha hecho realmente frío, bajo cero cada mañana, pero hemos seguido saliendo a caminar y haciendo recados como siempre, los días se alargan!.
No sé porqué pero estoy poniéndome más negro y rojo estos días, supongo que porque el rojo es un buen color para realzar la combinación de blanco y negro.
- red cords, PuntRoma (old) / pantalones pana rojos
- t-shirt, second hand (charity market) / camiseta de segunda mano de mercadillo solidario
- coat, retail (label Sophiacurvy) / abrigo, tienda local, marca Sophiacurvy
- double sided scarf, retail (old) / chal de doble cara, de tienda local
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- boots, Treksta (old) / botitas

- men boots, embellished by me / botas de trabajo, 'mejoradas' por mí
- dress, eBay, second hand (years ago) / vestido, de eBay, segunda mano (hace años)
- tights, Snag / medias
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
- pendant, Ciclón (old) / colgante

My geraniums keep on blooming, even in the freezing temperatures. Braving the elements!. And we're having some delicious oranges and tangerines from the market (not locally grown, they come from the south of Spain, many miles far away). They look beautifully vitaminic too!

Estos geranios siguen floreciendo, incluso con estas temperaturas heladoras, realmente resisten todo. Y estamos teniendo unas naranjas y mandarinas deliciosas del mercado (evidentemente, no son producto local, pero son además bien coloridas y vitamínicas.
Hope you're having a fab week!

Espero que tengáis una estupenda semana.

7 comentarios:

  1. I think we're sharing temperatures, it's been dreadfully cold here for days. I love your red and black combinations and those walking boots with the red laces are fantastic.
    Fuunily enough my gernaiums are blooming in the utility room where I put them to over-winter!
    I'm drooling over those oranges.
    I hope the computer woes sort themselves out soon, its really frustrating when you can't access the internet! xxx

  2. Computer problems can be a bit of a nightmare, so I hope they sort themselves out, even if your life or livelihood doesn't depend on them!
    Our weather is still up and down, but we haven't had freezing temperatures much. It often only becomes truly cold near the end of Winter here ...
    I'm loving your red and black outfits, in particular the second one featuring that fabulous dress! Besos xxx

  3. I just love red with black and white - lovely pops of colour. I loved both your outfits and the red laces in the boots is an idea I may have steal for my 'new to me' boots. It's been horribly cold here which I don't mind but it's also been grey and depressing...

    Hope your week is going well,

  4. i´m very into tangarines at the moment - most come the long way from spain or north africa to us..... sorry environment. but thanks to globalisation not even the apples are localy grown anymore :-(
    love that you red&black look contains grays and pinks too! how cool are this men boots with red laces!!!
    my geraniums sleep in the cellar - outdoors its way to cold here for them. went skiing yesterday :-D
    stay warm! xxxx

  5. I love black and white with red - it's one of my favourite go-to colour combos! Love both of these looks. Oh, I am jealous of those wonderful fruits! Fruit is so expensive here right now - as we live on an island, the cost of everything has skyrocketed.

  6. I've been eating more oranges this winter, mostly clementines from Spain! It's been very cold here (-10 to -20 degrees celsius, and we have quite a bit of snow. It seems like several years since we have had a "real" winter here and we have forgotten how to cope with it.

  7. wow, you look stunning in this red outfit. Red is your colour!!!