martes, 11 de enero de 2022

urban walks

Last week was a relaxing week. We made the most of the unseasonably warm weather, went for some walks and ran errands, totally our kind of fun. We usually avoid the commercial streets and prefer to visit the retailers around the market, so the shopping frenzy didn't bother us. We shop our coffee in a local cafetería where they toast it almost everyday, our tea in another small shop around the corner, our groceries in the market and even our sneakers in a local shop which sells outlets, and everything is closer than it would be at a supermarket (and it's really more practical and quicker, not only a pleasant shopping experience). I feel really lucky to have these things at a 15min. walking distance from home, this is my kind of luxury!

La semana pasada fue muy tranquila, y aprovechamos que el tiempo era increíblemente bueno para salir mucho, dar paseos y hacer recados, totalmente en nuestra línea habitual. Solemos evitar las calles comerciales y preferimos visitar tiendas más pequeñas alrededor del mercado, así que no nos está afectando el frenesí de compras de estas fechas. El café viene de una cafetería donde lo tuestan casi todos los días, el té de otra tiendecita a la vuelta de la esquina, las verduras del mercado e incluso las zapatillas las compramos en una tienda local que vende restos, y todo esto está más cerca que en un supermercado (y también es más práctico y rápido, no sólo más agradable!). Me siento afortunada de tener todo a 15 minutos andando, ésto sí que es lujo.

- skirt, self sewed (years ago) / falda, costura casera (hace años)
- grey cardi, ten years old aprox. / chaquetita punto gris, de hace unos diez años
- tights, Snag / medias
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- coat, retail (label Sophiacurvy) / abrigo, tienda local
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
Once more, we've been pretending to be tourists!.
De nuevo, haciendo de turistas, y sacando las típicas fotos.
- both skirt and cardi are second hand, purchased at stalls in Sunday street market / falda y chaquetita, de segunda mano, del mercadillo (en ocasiones diferentes)
- tights, Snag / medias
- scarf, vintage / pañuelo, vintage
- bag and mask, by Nonapapallona / bolso y mascarilla, de Nonapapallona
- trousers, Festa (years old) / pantalón, de hace años
- shirt, PuntRoma (old) / camisa
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- scarf, flea market / pañuelo, de mercadillo
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario

The storks are back in their nests near the river!. This structure was build to support their nesting and keep them away from overpopulated old buildings' roofs. Some time ago, I read about some storks' nests that had to be removed to repair a cathedral, as sometimes they are dangerously massive and heavy. The biologists who studied them found pieces of 16th century parchment and paper, so the nests had been used for generations of storks through the centuries. (Don't worry, some new nesting places were provided!). Isn't it amazing?

Las cigüeñas están de vuelta en sus 'apartamentos' cerca del río. Estas estructuras sirven para que aniden, y así no sobrecargan los viejos tejados. Hace tiempo leí que habían retirado unos nidos de cigüeña de una catedral por obras, ya que eran un peligro por el tamaño y el peso que tenían, y los estudiosos encontraron entre los materiales del nido algunos trozos de pergamino y papel del siglo XVI, así que estos nidos han estado en uso generaciones y generaciones a través de los siglos. Me pareció muy curioso.
Have a fabulous week and keep yourselves safe!
Espero que tengáis una semana estupenda y, por favor, cuidáos mucho.

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  1. its indeed a luxery to have so many good quality local shops around the corner!
    again gorgeous outfits in colour and patterns - and the dotted coat works with all.... trés chic!
    how interesting, that some of the stork´s nests go back to over 400 years! traditionel birds :-D

  2. Shopping locally and being tourists in your own town is the way to go, Monica!
    Unfortunately, although we do have some shops in our local high street, gone are the days of small grocery shops, a choice of bakers and butchers and even a fishmonger.
    Gorgeous and colourful outfits, as always, a true sight for sore eyes. The orange made-by-you skirt is a favourite of mine, and it's always a delight to see your new dotted coat, which has definitely proved its worth and versatility.
    How amazing are those stork's nests and how interesting that some of them go back over 400 years! Besos xxx

  3. How lovely to have all your favourite and well used shops so close. Lovely outfits and lovely colour combinations as always.

    That was interesting about the storks; the nests were originally built back in the 16th century? Amazing!

  4. Fascinated by the stork's nests.
    Wonderful outfits too!

  5. Your shopping area sounds exactly like the kind of place we love to shop, full of character and individuality. Your streets are absolutely stunning and I'm loving the statues and water feature, too.
    Ho facinating about the contents of the storks nests. I remember seeing them in flight when we were in Gujarat, they're so elegant.
    Fantastic outfits. That spotted coat was worth every penny, it looks so good with everything you wear it with! xxx

  6. I feel the same about my city centre - I live really close to downtown so it's easier for me to support local shops that get their goods locally.

    Love that dotty coat - she is magnificent!

    That is very cool about the storks.