miércoles, 19 de enero de 2022

Rewear & Turquoise

This is what I wore to the office on Monday, and on Tuesday too, as I was not feeling like wearing anything different. Probably feeling uninspired. Sometimes I wear same clothes twice in a row, I'm ok with rewearing (outer) clothes. Obviously, I have not a physically exigent work, nor walk miles in these clothes. The key to rewear your clothes is layering them over washable items, like t-shirts, camisoles, tights. I have a great collection of turtle-necks and striped t-shirts which work nicely under my dresses and tunics, and they go to the laundry bin everyday (even when I wore them for a few hours!, I'm fussy about this!). I think this helps to keep my 'good' clothes in mint condition for years. Usually I let my outer clothes air out when possible, but not everybody has a balcony or backyard where hang clothes.
Do you have any tips to share?.

Esto fue lo que me puse el lunes para ir a trabajar, y también el martes, ya que no estaba de humor para cambiar. No estaba nada inspirada. A veces repito la misma ropa varias veces seguidas, no me importa que se me vea varias veces con el mismo vestido. Evidentemente, no tengo un trabajo físicamente exigente, ni voy a andar kilómetros con esta ropa. La clave para reutilizar la misma ropa es superponerla sobre camisetas, camisolas y medias, que son fáciles de lavar. Suelo tener una buena colección de cuellos vueltos y camisetas de rayas que van fenomenal bajo los vestidos y túnicas, y los echo a lavar cada día, incluso si los he llevado sólo unas horas, en ésto soy maniática. Creo que ayuda a mantener la ropa 'exterior' en buenas condiciones durante años. También sirve airear la ropa de abrigo si se puede, pero no todo el mundo tiene balcón o patio para colgar ropa.
¿Tenéis algún truco que queráis contar?
- trousers, CandA (old) / pantalón
- tunic, custom made by a local retailer (old) / túnica, hecha a medida en una tienda local
- tan shoes, Camper / zapatos
- shearling coat, second hand, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- both striped t-shirts CandA (old) / las dos camisetas de rayas CandA
- coat, retail (label Sophiacurvy) / abrigo, tienda local
- boots, Treksta (old) / botitas
- scarf, second hand, charity market / pañuelo de segunda mano, mercadillo solidario
- necklace, earrings and ring, Ciclón (old) / collar, pendientes y anillo, Ciclón

I've had to buy a new monitor, as the old one broke down after eighteen or nineteen years (my devices last for decades!). So I've taken a photo of my new monitor on its place, my not particularly tidy table, with my notebooks and my board covered in photos. Real Life!

He tenido que comprarme una pantalla nueva, porque la anterior dejó de funcionar, después de unos dieciocho o diecinueve años (me duran décadas los dispositivos!). Así que he sacado una foto de mi nueva pantalla en su lugar, aunque la mesa no está especialmente ordenada, con cuadernos y el tablón cubierto de fotos. Vida Real.

Hope you're having a fabulous week, and keeping yourselves safe.
Espero que vuestra semana esté siendo estupenda, cuidáos mucho.

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  1. I figure if anyone can smell my clothes they're too close, and not wearing a mask!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love your creative corner, what a colourful space!
    Talking of colourful, check you out! Two wonderfully bright and funky outfits. I must admit I only wash things when they're dirty, I spot clean and hang things up for 24 hours after I've worn them. xxx

  3. I don't see why you wouldn't wear your (outer) clothes two days in a row. In fact, I often do so myself. Or I wear something once in the weekend, and again to the office a couple of days later! Your turquoise trousers and funky tunic is a match made in heaven, and looks fantastic with both the yellow and the red striped t-shirts.
    Love your little corner, and it does look tidy enough in my eyes! My devices too live as long a life as possible. At the moment I'm working on a laptop which I cannot even close anymore, but it's still working perfectly so I'll hold on to it just a little longer! Besos xxx

  4. You are so right, Monica. It's absolutely fine to wear your outer clothing several times with clean layers underneath. I usually wear my jeans four time before washing them and skirts about the same. Like you I have a collection of long sleeved and short sleeved tees and polo necks to layer underneath my outerwear. I loved your tunic outfits; what a wonderful match the scarf is to the colours in the tunic!

    Your table and new monitor look like a very creative space and I loved your board with all the photos on it - much inspiration and pleasure there.

    Have a great weekend

  5. I re-wear pieces several times before washing, and like you, I layer t-shirts and turtlenecks underneath dresses, etc to extend the number of wears.
    My desktop MAC is probably 9 years old and still works well, although it has problems with Zoom and connecting remotely with my computer at my office. I have always bought Macs and they have lasted me a long time.

  6. I do the same thing - my underlayers (camis, slips, tights, thin tops and sweaters) get washed after every wear, but my "real" clothes mostly get aired out and reworn many times before washing (some never get washed!).

    I love seeing your "real" life!