viernes, 17 de julio de 2020

white sunnies & news

This has been a busy weekend and it has also involved a new emotional rollercoaster. It looked like if 'new normality' (I hate this expression!) was going to be the situation in the coming months, and almost everyone was used to wear a facemask when a 2m distance was not possible or when going into shops. But since Thursday people are not allowed to stay outside without a mask, whatever the distance from other people. No more bare-faced walks in the parks for me, because of the cheaters and stupids who didn't wear a mask when necessary.
We had no new cases for some weeks, but this have changed, even if the number of new cases is really low in our small region. However, a few outbreaks have burst in other regions, and we've learnt that it's better to be careful Before.

He tenido una semana muy ocupada y también hemos tenido otra nueva montaña rusa de emociones. Parecía que la 'nueva normalidad' (una expresión que odio) iba a seguir durante los próximos meses y ya casi todo el mundo se había acotumbrado a llevar su mascarilla cuando no se podía mantener la distancia de 2m o dentro de las tiendas. Pero ahora desde el martes ya no se permite salir a la calle para nada sin mascarilla. Así que se me acabaron los paseos por los parques a cara descubierta, por culpa de los habituales espabilados (idiotas, más bien) que no se ponen mascarilla.
Llevábamos ya semanas sin casos, pero ya no, aunque sigue habiendo pocos. Pero ya sabemos que los contagios en otras regiones acaban por afectar a todo el mundo, así que más vale tener cuidado Antes.

This is what I wore on Monday, when wearing a mask was still not compulsory, but highly recommended. So I wore mine. Also wore some yellow color to cheer up the day. I need an indoors background for bare-faced photos!

Esto es lo que me puse el lunes, cuando todavía no era obligatorio llevar mascarilla, pero se recomendaba. Así que llevaba una. También llevaba un toque de color (amarillo) para animar el día.

- trousers and top, C&A (old) / pantalón y camiseta
- linen dress as a coat (decades old) / vestido de lino a modo de chaqueta, antiquísimo
- sandals, Wonders (old) / sandalias
- straw bag, retail (old) / bolso de paja, de tienda local
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, un regalo de Sacramento

- franken-dress, made of two different secondhand pieces, a dress and a top (see it here) / franken-vestido, hecho de dos prendas de segunda mano, un vestido y una blusa. Agosto19
- sneakers, Reebok outlet (retail) / zapatillas
- straw bag, etsy (old) / bolso de paja
- denim jacket, (second hand) Asos Marketplace boutique Bich / chaqueta vaquera de segunda mano, de Asos Marketplace, boutique Bich.
Stay safe and as positive as possible!

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  1. You look wonderful. I love your face mask as well :)) x

  2. Phew, I'm so glad there's someone else who hates the "new normal" expression as much as you do! I can't imagine having to wear a mask all the time. I don't mind wearing it when I'm on the crowded streets of Antwerp and, obviously, in shops, but I'd absolutely hate it if I was walking among nature. It seems cheating and stupid people are everywhere, and they make me so angry. Infection figures have been going up again in Belgium, and it's all because of them! I'm loving both of your outfits. The pop of yellow in the first one is delightful and that beaded necklace gorgeous. I'd never have guessed that the dress in your second outfit was a Franken-dress :-) I'm loving both of your masks. I am slowly but surely building a wardrobe of them! Besos xxx

    1. Totally agree that this expression is annoying, it irritates me!
      Actually, masks are compulsory but not everybody cares about this. I can understand that some people don't wear them when they're alone in the middle of nowhere. But it's stupid that some people still refuse to wear one when walking in a crowded area. And going to parties too.
      Glad that you like yellow details and my franken-dress!

  3. Your Frankendress is wonderful, that trim at the waist is especially gorgeous and the first outfit make you look so tall and elegant, that black duster coat is lovely on you.
    I don't like the thought of having to be masked at all times. I've only had to wear one once the whole time and that was to the hairdressers, it's becoming law to wear one in shops from this coming Friday. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vicky, this trim was the reason to buy the top, actually!, love embroideries!.
      I'm a huge fan of dusters and long waistcoats because of their flattering qualities!
      We've been wearing masks in shops for months, and it has worked to keep the cases lower!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the compulsory face mask wearing even outside. We have to start wearing them in the shops from next Friday so I shall not be looking forward to that change but of course will comply.

    I loved your black, white and yellow outfit. I think yellow is such a good colour to mix with black and white; it really zings! Love the dress as a jacket. As for your two piece dress; it is gorgeous and what a terribly clever idea. I loved it. The new ombre blazer is so fabulous and so unusual. I've never seen one before.

    Take care

    1. I'm creating a little collection of masks!
      Love that you've liked these yellow details, as I think that you rock this color combo!.
      Glad you like my franken-dress and the blazer (I saw some 'degradé' denim jackets years ago, 90's?).

  5. Masks have been a real issue in the U.S. I wish more people would wear them, but they won't. It is starting to feel like this will never end because of the selfish, stupid people willing to risk everyone else's lives with their own.

    On a happier note, your frankendress is marvelous, and your outfit with the pop of yellow is cheering me up.

    1. It still shocks me that masks are becoming a political statement. Also socked because some people can't believe that all we are in this together.
      Glad that you like my frankendress, I'm becoming proud!

  6. You accessorize like a pro! Love how you match your masks to every outfit. I still have only one mask. :)) I don't get out much, and wear it in stores etc when people are around. But I was thinking to get a few more of different colors too. The "new normal" is not very thrilling, but let's hope it's all temporary - both the reality of it and the expression. Your Frankendress is great!

  7. Oh both looks are so cool and I love your eyecatchy and vivid your stylings are :)
    The second one is my favorite.
    These shades of blue suits you perfectly.

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  8. I think it will only be a matter of time before masks are fully mandatory here too. I'm still boggled by how few people are wearing them, even when they are in close contact with others! I'm happy to wear one, but we're finally having really hot weather, and the masks are so sweaty!

    You look fabulous in yellow, Monica! Love it! And your frankendress is divine! Of course, you matched your mask to both outfits!

    Have a good week!

  9. Love the bold pop of yellow in your first outfit! Masks have become mandatory here for public transit and all other enclosed spaces as of this week and I'll be interested to see how many people try to get away without wearing one. I've been wearing one when I go out of the house since March, unless I'm just walking around the neighbourhood with no intention of entering a building. They are uncomfortable to wear when it's hot, but at least we don't have to wear them all day like health care workers do. I will continue to wear mine for as long as necessary.