lunes, 3 de febrero de 2020

purple winter

What started as a self-imposed challenge, to wear my neglected (purple) clothes, has turned into an energizing approach to my winter wardrobe. It has been really positive, as this challenge has encourage me to create new ensembles, revamp, remix and declutter!. Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective.
My winter wardrobe usually looks pretty unappealing to me, and make me feel uninspired. After a clearance, I've realized that it's better to keep only those few clothes that I really love.
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week and a slow fashion season.

Lo que empezó como un reto que me impuse, ponerme toda la ropa (morada) olvidada en el fondo del armario, se ha convertido en una revitalización de todo mi armario de invierno. Ha sido muy positivo marcarse un objetivo, me ha animado a crear nuevas combinacioner, reformar y también hacer limpieza. A veces todo lo que necesitas es un cambio de perspectiva.
Normalmente mi ropa de invierno me aburre un poco, la encuentro poco inspiradora. Después de hacer limpieza, me he dado cuenta de que siempre es mejor mantener sólo esas pocas prendas que de verdad te alegra ver cada día.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible y un invierno libre de ropa de usar y tirar.

- shearling coat, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich (second hand) / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano, de Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- purple jacket, second hand, eBay (old) / chaqueta morada, eBay, segunda mano
- skirt, sewed by me some time ago(african wax print fabric bought retail) / falda, costura casera de hace tiempo (tela africana de una tienda local)
- new-to-me scarf, charity shop (Cáritas) / pañuelo, segunda mano de Cáritas
- brooch, a present by Sacramento / broche, un regalo de Sacramento
- bag, old, by Nonapapallona / bolso, antigüito, de Nonapapallona
- sneakers, Chiruca outlet (new) / zapatillas, Chiruca outlet

- skirt, vintage, a present by Sacarmento / falda, vintage, un regalo de Sacarmento
- shirt, Punto Roma, bought ages ago / camisa, de Punto Roma, de hace siglos
- yellow cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta amarilla
- shoes, Chiruca (dyed in turquoise) see here / zapatos, de Chiruca, teñidos en turquesa, véase aquí
- necklace, charity market (last year) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario del año pasado
- coat, La Redoute (old) / abrigo, antigüito
- jacket, C&A (old) / chaqueta
- shirt, old & shortened (see it previously here or here / camisa, antigüita de mi armario, recientemente acortada, podéis verla previamente aquí or aquí
- scarf, charity shop / pañuelo, Cáritas
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- turquoise leaves brooch, a present by Veronica / broche de hojitas turquesa, regalo de Veronica

I've been decluttering quite seriously and also made some revamps, I've shortened some shirts. I recently noticed that my wardrobe lacks of tops short enough to be worn over skirts or wide trousers. And, on the other hand, I had too many long shirts that I barely use today. These are the shirts I've shortened!. So I fixed a problem, using which I already have: dual benefit!.

No sólo he hecho una limpieza bastante seria, también he reformado ropa, sobre todo, he estado acortando unas camisas. Había notado que me faltaban tops que fuesen cortos para llevar con faldas o pantalón ancho. Por otro lado, tenía demasiadas camisas largas que ya no me pongo, así que éstas son las que han sufrido el cambio. Doble beneficio, porque he arreglado un problema usando lo que ya tenía!.

6 comentarios:

  1. What a good idea to shorten the shirts rather than get rid of them! Clever you.

    I like the idea of revamping one's wardrobe by looking critically at what you have/like/wear. I must try this; I do try and take something out to re-donate when I put something new to me in; but sometimes it's hard!

    Your outfits are all lovely. Purple is such a fab colour and you have some lovely purple items; all beautifully co-ordinated and accessorised. I do have a favourite outfit though and that's the first one; I love the purple jacket and the African print skirt is such a brilliant contrast of both colour and pattern. Fabulous!

    Hope your week is going well.

  2. Purple is so regal! Glad you are revisiting your wardrobe.

  3. Remixing your wardrobe in order to get more wear out of your clothes sounds like a very sane idea. It's also the perfect opportunity for a decluttering session. I think purple is a perfect colour for Winter, and I also think it looks fabulous on you. Your first outfit, built around that stunning skirt, is glorious, and I love how you combined purple and blue with that marvellous yellow cardigan. Shortening those shirts is a brilliant idea. I often find shirts and blouses too long to be worn over a skirt and tucking them in isn't always the option. Besos xxx

  4. This is fabulous!! I love this purple skirt, the colours and design are stunning!! My youngest loves purple, so she would approve of this!! I hope you are having a great week. besos!

  5. Re-visiting clothing we haven't worn for a while and challenging ourselves to be creative in our outfits is a very sustainable, environmentally friendly way to live. I need to work on improving my sewing skills so I can alter and shorten things.

  6. I enjoy a remix challenge - it really does help you see your wardrobe in new ways, and force you to try things in new combinations. You quickly find out what works and what doesn't! I love all these rich purples and blues, with the splashes of rich, golden yellow. So sunny and happy!