viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2019

scarf skirt & florals

It has been a long time since I have worn my 'scarf skirt', actually I haven't worn it since May (here and here), because it's too warm for summertime. I had to add a lining to make the sheer scarves fabric wearable, so I used some curtains leftovers that I had on hand. The color was fine, but wearing a cotton lining is not comfortable in the summer and it's clingy when wearing tights. So I've decided that this skirt deserves some improvement in the form of a new lining. And I've also decided to make it from second hand scarves, so I've been buying viscose scarves in any pinky or orange shade (my local charity shop displays plenty of them!).
I know it's not a snazzy piece of sewing and it is not even visible, but such a difference it makes!.

Hace tiempo que no me ponía esta falda que hice yo misma, exactamente desde Mayo (aquí y aquí), porque era demasiado abrigada para el verano. Los pañuelos que usé para hacerla eran ligerísimos, pero tuve que añadirle un forro, y le puse un resto de una sábana que tenía a mano. El color combinaba bien, pero llevar un forro de algodón no es nada fresco para el verano y tampoco sirve para llevar medias porque se pega todo. Así que decidí que la falda se merecía una mejora, un nuevo forro, pero que fuese también de pañuelos de segunda mano. En la tienda solidaria de Cáritas hay un surtido enorme y he estado comprando estos pañuelos grandes de viscosa en tonos naranja y rosado.
Ya sé que no es una costura vistosa, ni siquiera es visible, pero marca la diferencia!

- floral shirt, second hand, sunday street market / camisa de flores, del mercadillo del domingo (segunda mano)
- shoes, Allrounders outlet / zapatos
- bag, retail (ages ago) / bolso, antigüito
- crochet cardi, made by me (old) / especie de chaqueta de ganchillo, hecha por mí
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de un mercadillo de caridad.

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  1. The correct lining truly can make or break a piece of clothing. I have skirts where the lining takes on a life of its own and is always bunching or rising up making it look like my butt has strange growths! LOL

    I love the bright citrus colours here. It's like a sunset.


  2. I imagine getting the lining of a garment right isn't easy. I'm not a seamstress, but I often find the lining a hindrance whenever I buy a lined dress or skirt. I totally agree with Suzanne that it can make or break an outfit. I think you did a brilliant job with your scarf material skirt, which is gorgeous by the way. Your delightful floral skirt and crochet cardi are just perfect with it. I'm sure you stood out in this bright Autumnal outfit! Besos xxx

  3. I love the touch of coulor in your Looks.
    I canÄt stand all These Grey, black and dark winter and autumn Looks.
    But yours are Always so bright and vivid.
    Lovely combination.

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  4. I love that floral shirt - it feels a bit 1960s. And making a skirt from scarves is a great idea!

  5. That skirt is fabulous and your scarf lining idea is brilliant. It can be so troublesome when it keeps getting caught - I've been known to rip it out! xxx

  6. The skirt looks lovely and I'm glad it's easier to wear with the addition of a new lining. I, too, have ripped annoying linings out of garments but I don't have the skill to replace them.

    Love your colour combinations and pattern mixing. Everytime I see your shoes I deeply regret redonating mine. Unfortunately, as I have wide feet shoes often pinch me!

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. I have a couple of skirts that I can't wear because the lining is poorly made, or ripped, so I know what a difference it can make in how a piece of clothing fits. Well done you!

  8. The colours are stunning, I love them a lot!! I hope you have a great week ahead x

  9. I loathe cotton linings on skirts! Even in warmer weather, I like to wear nylons, and they cling! Good for you for doing a new lining, and I love that you're using more thrifted scarves! So clever.

    This outfit is like a glorious sunset! All these colours just make me happy. :)