viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2019

purple & matchy

It was still quite 'autumnal' when I wore these outfits, as only a wool coat was needed. This purple coat was bought at eBay, second hand, some years ago and it's keeping its place in my wardrobe, despite being such a seasonal piece, only because of its color. Actually, wool coats are not the most sensible item, as they're not particularly rainproof and are not suitable for real winter conditions. So their window of time is really short. Obviously, they're also very appealing and some people wear them the whole winter long, because their climate allows it or because they know how to layer wisely!.

Todavía teníamos un tiempo 'otoñal' cuando saqué estas fotos, sólo necesitaba un abrigo ligero de paño. Este abrigo lo compré en eBay, de segunda mano, hace unos años y se mantiene en mi armario a pesar de ser una prenda que sólo sirve en entretiempo, por el color!. En realidad, estos abrigos de paño no son nada prácticos, no sirven para la lluvia y tampoco sirven para el clima invernal. Así que las ocasiones para llevarlos son bastante escasas. Evidentemente, también tienen mucho encanto y gustan mucho, y hay mucha gente que los lleva todo el invierno, bien porque el clima en que viven lo permite, o bien porque saben crear superposiciones y capas.

- trousers, Festa (old) / pantalón, antigüito
- tunic, sewed by me (some time ago) / túnica, costura casera, de hace algún tiempo
- neckerchief, retail (old) / pañuelo al cuello, tienda local
- shoes, Clarks (old) / zapatos
- bag, by Nonapapallona (old) / bolso, de Nonapapallona, antiguo

Mr.A. didn't like particularly this outfit because of being 'too much', even when I changed the striped t-shirt I was wearing for this violet cowl-neck. Really subdued colors anyway!

A Mr.A. no le gustó mucho esta combinación porque le pareció un poco 'demasiado', incluso cuando cambié la camiseta de rayas que llevaba por este cuello vuelto violeta, mucho más discreto todo ;DD. Totalmente en colores sutiles, por cierto.

- trousers, 4x4 (ages ago) / pantalón, de hace siglos
- 80's floral shirt, second hand (charity market) / camisa ochentera de flores, de un mercadillo solidario, segunda mano
- cowl-neck top, unknown (old) / cuello vuelto, antiguo
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / Merceditas
- set of bracelets, a present / juego de pulseras, un regalo
- earrings, birthday present / pendientes, regalo de cumpleaños
Have a nice weekend!

5 comentarios:

  1. Aha, I saw the purple and turquoise on Twitter. Such a good colour combination.

    You need an umbrella with a wool coat, it's true. But I do wear them in winter.

  2. You're the Queen of purple and turquoise, Monica, but that second outfit is fantastic, whatever Mr. A. says. It's glorious! I'm definitely a wearer of wool coats. I don't wear anything else in Winter, preferring the hassle of an umbrella over wearing something rainproof, as I have yet to find something that meets my style in that department. On a different not, I used to have a purple coat, and now I think I need another one ;-) Besos xxx

  3. I love this "Too much" outfit my dear. All of that colour, all of those vibrant prints - it's delicious! It reminds me of the poem by Jenny Joseph that starts "When I'm old I shall wear purple..." Hurrah xxx

  4. These outfits are gorgeous and never too much. I love the patterns and colour, so fun to look at!! Wonderful x

  5. What a magnificent outfit! That purple coat was a brilliant find and the trousers are perfect with it.
    I tend to rely on umbrellas when it's raining - such a typical Brit! I did find a full length raincoat in a charity shop recently which will fit over my outerwear - Jon thinks I look like a flasher in it! xxx