jueves, 24 de enero de 2019

conventional & denim

Every so often I receive some advice from shop assistants (and mom) on how to style a piece. If the piece looks too classy or elegant or shiny, their advice usually consist of telling me to "wear it with a pair of jeans". Actually, it means that this is the only way to dress down they can imagine. It's a quite conventional approach to style and not the best advice ever for a woman who has only a pair of jeans and haven't worn them for ages.
So the idea of wearing a tweed jacket with jeans didn't look very appealing to me. However I gave it a try!. Weather was particularly windy and unpleasant, so I wore my wool coat (comfort!) and added a vintage neckerchief whose print couldn't keep secret!

De cuando en cuando sigo recibiendo consejos de las vendedoras en las tiendas sobre cómo podría combinar una cierta prenda. Si es muy clásica, elegante o tiene mucho brillo, el consejo suele ser ponérsela con unos vaqueros/jeans. En realidad, esto significa que no se les ocurre otra manera de combinarla para la vida diaria. La idea resulta bastante convencional y no es el mejor consejo para una persona que sólo tiene un par de jeans y hace siglos que no se los pone.
Así que la idea de ponerme mi chaqueta de tweed con vaqueros no me parecía muy atractiva. Pero decidí intentarlo de todos modos. Hacía un día especialmente frío y con viento, así que me puse encima el abrigo largo (comodidad ante todo!) y le añadí un pañuelo antigüito que tiene este estampado tan vistoso (tenía que mostrarlo!)

- Jacket from a suit (charity shopped). Same jacket was worn previously here, here and here / chaqueta de un traje de una tienda solidaria, vista previamente aquí, aquí y aquí
- coat, clearance sale / abrigo, de liquidación de grandes almacenes
- jeans, La Redoute (ten years ago?) / vaqueros, de hace unos diez años
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- hat, retail (old) / sombrero, de tienda local

10 comentarios:

  1. You look amazing, gorgeous styling!! I love it. I only have one pair of jeans and this is a great way to wear them so you don't look sloppy or boring!! Happy day to you xx

  2. Colour will out! We seem to have an aversion to looking too dressed up these days. I wonder why? Is it seen as old fashioned?
    I love your wool coat over the jacket. Very cosy but also interesting. And your beautiful smile on top!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. I really like this 'dressed-down' look. For me it is more like 'dressed-up' :). Your look just confirmed my recent decision that my spring wardrobe is going to be a lot of jeans and blazers/jackets. I have a great new-to-me camel suede Italian blazer that I recently thrifted and I am looking forward to wearing it with dark wash jeans. Unfortunately it is too cold now here on the Black Sea for this outfit, but conjuring up many combinations in my head for spring. You look great! Btw, in your last post you mentioned we may be bored with your color scheme - NEVER could I be bored with your fabulous colors :)

    1. btw the above comment is from Lise in Bulgaria :)

  4. I really like this look. Kind of a masculine vibe. That chevron print coat is very cool.

    On most days around the house I'm wearing jeans. They are the only thing I own that is pug proof.


  5. I never see you in jeans but this just proves that you can wear them as well as you do all your outfits. They do not look ordinary on you at all with how you've layered them and added that fabulous scarf.

  6. Instead of dressing down your tweed jacket, you've managed to dress up that pair of jeans magnificently. You do look fab in jeans, Monica. I'm even tempted to wear mine soon! Oh, and that scarf is just fabulous! Besos xxx

  7. I love this look and sometimes wear it myself; although I am lacking a tweed jacket at the moment! I think the tweed jacket dresses up a pair of jeans. I love the beret and the chevron coat and the wonderful beret and you look fabulous - and warm!


  8. You look great in jeans. Love the look of the tweed and denim.

  9. I wasn't aware of that this is a general advice :) But I must say in the case of your outfit it works perfectly and I see I like you also in jeans! The jacket is a wonderful piece and as usual your combination is very harmonious!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena