jueves, 31 de enero de 2019

fashion & travels

Last weekend I could take advantage of a (business) travel to Madrid to pay a visit to a fashion exhibition, Modus (link to official presentation in spanish, but lovely pics). It was pretty interesting and I felt in love with some Balenciaga dresses (those sleeves are to die for!) so I took some crap pictures with my mobile phone.

El pasado fin de semana aproveché un viaje (de negocios) a Madrid para hacer una visita a una exposición sobre moda Modus (es la presentación oficial, pero podéis ver las fotos). Me pareció interesante y tenían algunos vestidos de Balenciaga con unas mangas espectaculares, así que me puse a tomar estas fotos (horribles) con mi móvil.

Not a Balenciaga, but really cool anyway!
No es un Balenciaga, pero también espectacular.

Those are The Sleeves. Look at how they're built!. Sorry that the pictures don't show the details.
Mirad estas mangas, qué construcción!. Lástima que mis fotos no muestren los detalles.

Posing with my partners in crime in the massive Tourism Fair. We received some compliments on our styles! ;DD
Posando con las chicas en la famosa feria de turismo. Y recibimos varios cumplidos a lo largo del día!

7 comentarios:

  1. What a fabulous exhibition, Monica! I'm glad you were able to visit it and share some photos with us. Thanks for the link, too. And you and your partners in crime do look the bee's knees. No wonder you received so many compliments! xxx

  2. That looks like an amazing exhibition and those sleeves are simply wonderful! I don't know if you could wear anything over that red velvet outfit though, lol!

    You and your colleagues look very chic. What a lovely bright jacket/coat you're wearing.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. No wonder you got compliments - you look fantastic, stylish ladies!!
    Those sleeves are epic!
    Oh how beautiful the exhibit is. I really enjoyed your photos and the video you shared. I don't know Spanish, but I guessed they talk about the connection with Spanish historical designs. Amazing!
    Thank you for sharing! Much love!

  4. You look fabulous in the coat my dear - is it tomato red or dark orange? No matter, it's gorgeous. I too have a thing about sleeves - the entire outfit can be make or break because of the sleeves!
    Anna x

  5. Ooooh! So you've been in Madrid! Next time let me know and I'll catch the bus in to meet up! Will try to get to Modus anyway, looks like a great exhibition. Enjoyed the video.

  6. These are fantastic pictures, I very much love the black polka dot dress, how amazing!! Sounds like a wonderful trip. You look marvelous. I hope you have a great week ahead xx

  7. What amazing dresses! Those sleeves! That first dress - although not Balenciaga - is gorgeous! I would wear that. You and your partners in crime look like you are having a great time!