martes, 4 de diciembre de 2018

shearling & tweed

Once more, I break my own rules. I had challenged myself to stop buying any clothes, however I bought this second hand shearling coat to replace an old one that I had for ages. Actually I've had some shearling coats and they were always second hand purchases, sometimes battered and usually not my size. The first one came from my parents' storage room, a coat that my dad wore in the 70's and that he passed me by with love. It was massive and fitted badly, but I felt like a million dollars!. The same happened to other leather or shearling coats I had, they were men's coats and fitted badly too, but without the coolness!. Finally I have treated myself with a shearling coat which fits me properly!
I wore my coat in a chilly morning (5ºC / 41ºF) and felt toasty even if I was wearing just a viscose turtleneck. I'm a huge fan of viscose but it's not the warmest fabric ever!. Anyway, I prefer my turtlenecks in viscose due to their softness and not clinginess. Obviously I don't live in a northern country, so barely need thermal layers.
My bracelets were recently purchased when visited Animal Welfare Association's charity market with a friend and bijouterie stall caught our eyes. I'm also wearing for the first time this crochet beret, so I'm showing lots of new stuff!

Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!

De nuevo, rompiendo mis propias reglas, porque me había comprometido a parar de comprar ropa. Sin embargo, me he comprado este abrigo de piel vuelta para reemplazar otro que tenía hace años. En realidad, he tenido varios abrigos así, siempre de segunda mano, a veces bastante usados y ni siquiera de mi talla. El primero vino del trastero de mis padres y era un abrigo que llevaba mi padre en los 70 (muy molón) y que me pasó con mucho gusto. Me quedaba enorme y me sentaba bastante mal, pero yo me sentía estupenda. Lo mismo pasó con otros abrigos de cuero o piel vuelta que he tenido, eran abrigos de hombre que me quedaban raro, y no me hacían sentir estupenda en absoluto. Finalmente he conseguido un abrigo de piel vuelta a mi medida, por fin.
Me puse el abrigo en una mañana fresquita (5ºC) y la verdad es que iba abrigadísima incluso aunque no llevase más que un cuello vuelto de viscosa. Me encanta la viscosa pero no es que sea un tejido calentito. De todos modos, prefiero los cuellos vueltos de este material, porque son suaves y fluídos, no se pegan. Evidentemente, tampoco vivo tan al norte, así que rara vez necesito ponerme ropa térmica.
Mis pulseras son una reciente adquisición del mercadillo solidario de la protectora de animales local, donde fui con una amiga y las dos hicimos compras de bisutería, que era muy atrayente. También estreno esta boina de ganchillo, así que en realidad llevo muchas cosas nuevas!
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible!

- coat, here (not sponsored) / abrigo, de aquí
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- crochet cardi, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta ganchillo
- tweed skirt from a suit, charity shop / falda de tweed de un traje, de tienda solidaria
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- necklaces, Sfera (old) and some inherited glass beads / collares, de Sfera y de cuentas de cristal heredadas de la abuela.
- bag, retail (old) / bolso de tienda local, antigüito

11 comentarios:

  1. Breaking rules is good for the soul!
    Your shearling coat looks wonderful, I bet it's so warm and cosy, too. Love your chunky boots and that crochet cardi, too. xxx

  2. Aren't rules made to be broken? Plus, you bought second hand, which doesn't count in my book. Thirdly, the coat is wonderful and a real investment piece, which you'll be wearing for years to come. I also love the crocheted beret! You wearing your Dad's coat made me smile. I once did the same! Besos xxx

  3. The coat is gorgeous and it looks so warm! If you have a big chill you'll be prepared! I love your tweed skirt with all the lovely layers and the jewellery is so pretty. The new beret is fab - did you make it yourself? When I've got all my project blankets out of the way I must have a go at a waistcoat...

    Keep warm and have a fab week.

  4. Ooh, your boots and coat make me want to stroke them and sniff the leather. They look so nice and soft. On second thoughts maybe not sniffing the boots! Ha! I have just bought a suede coat in a similar colour which has seen better days but is so so soft. I love old leather. Old suede is cool because if it is already slightly battered you don't have to be careful.
    Shearling is great but can feel a little crowded with jumpers as well. I think a viscose top sounds just the ticket.
    I bought some tweed fabric recently secondhand. Maybe I can make a cute skirt like yours!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I could "do" winter if the coldest it got was 5 C.

    I miss the holly bushes that we had when we lived in British Columbia. Your photo reminded me.

    That coat does look cozy. I've sold a couple of shearlings in my store. When I tried them on they were very toasty.

    We all break the rules. It's part of being human.


  6. That holly is so pretty! We have holly trees here - I must go out on a midnight raid and snip some boughs! Ha!

    Wow, what a gorgeous coat, and you are the CLASSIEST lady in it! It fits you great! There is nothing like having a perfect coat for the chilly weather. We can always break our own rules!

  7. Rules are meant to be broken!! You look wonderful, I love this blue cardigan, it is perfect :))) x

  8. I seem to always be doing that - setting myself a rule and then far too quickly I break it. But goodness, what an excellent reason you had to do so! The coat is an absolute dream and fits you perfectly. Why, it would have been a sin not to buy it! I love those pops of colour too, especially the teal tights.

    Anna x

  9. That coat does fit you well, and looks very cozy indeed. I used to have a very heavy shearling coat (it was a man's)which was too big for me, but man, was it warm. Almost all my coats have been purchased secondhand - it justifies me having so many ;)

  10. Such a wonderful outfit, both elegant and funky at the same time! The crocheted cardigan, beads and turtleneck remind me of the 70s fashion which I love. How beautiful you mixed textures in this outfit!!