miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2018

museum & plaid

Last weekend we visited the annual market of local designers and it was amazing to see so much creativity and different ideas. It was celebrated into the contemporary art museum, a magnificent building which deserves a visit by itself!. (Everytime I visit it, I'm mesmerized by the architecture and take lots of pictures: see last year visit)

Este pasado fin de semana visitamos el mercado anual de diseñadores, que fue muy entretenido, me gusta ver tanta creatividad y diferentes ideas. Se celebra cada año en el museo de arte contemporáneo, un edificio magnífico que merece una visita por sí mismo. (Cada vez que voy, me encanta la arquitectura y me lío a sacar fotos: podéis ver las del año pasado)

And this is what I wore to go to work on a chilly Monday. I've decided to wear all my skirts, dresses and colorful tights and make the most of my winter wardrobe. I've been ignoring the siren song of consumerism and even visited charity shops less frequently, as I prefer to focus in what I have and how to improve it through re-styling, revamping, sewing and having fun!.
Linking Visible Monday!

Y esto es lo que me puse el lunes para ir a trabajar en una mañana fresca. He decidido ponerme todas mis faldas, vestidos y medias multicolores y sacarle el máximo partido a mi guardarropa. He estado ignorando el canto de sirena del consumismo e incluso he dejado de visitar los mercadillos tan frecuentemente, porque prefiero centrarme en lo que ya tengo y cómo aprovecharlo mediante nuevas ideas, modificando, reformando y divirtiéndome!
Enlazo al Visible Monday

- skirt, sewed by me (old) / falda, hecha por mí, hace tiempo
- jacket, eBay (second hand) old / chaqueta, eBay, segunda mano
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- coat, clearance sales / abrigo, de una liquidación de grandes almacenes
- beret, retail (very old) / boina, tienda local

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  1. That comic skirt of yours is one of my favourites.

    We are also trying to cut back. It is impossible for me to avoid thrift shopping for my store but I am putting an emphasis on revamping the rest of our lives, cutting back on packaged goods, buying from bulk food places, etc. I feel it is so important, crucial in fact that everyone makes changes like what you are making.


  2. What amazing architecture! I would have taken lots of pictures too. I'm afraid that clothes shopping is my vice, but even I have been limiting the amount I buy. I used to go crazy at Think Twice's sales, but now I (ahem) think twice before I buy. And playing with the contents of one's wardrobe is fun too. I love the plaid jacket with the comic skirt, that's just brilliant. I'm swooning over your carved red bracelet too! Besos xxx

  3. That does look like a fabulous building.

    You look gorgeous in your comic skirt and the lovely plaid jacket with the red tights etc. You have the most wonderful collection of berets and look wonderful in them. I'm trying to cut back on the charity shopping too.

    Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, Monica.

  4. I am finding with my new minimalism stance even my charity shopping is less. I am more deliberate and only shop once a season and buy what I need or a better version of what I own. Of course this magpie can be swayed by the odd shiny bauble, but the intention is there!
    I do love the way you mix and match and you were a beautiful creation yourself in the museum!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  5. What a wonderful building, I do enjoy modern art and how it encourages us to think.
    I love your comic print skirt and that lovely coat.
    I love charity shopping, I could never cut down on it although most of what I buy is for stock as opposed to being for me. I've cleared out a huge amount of my personal collection to accommodate pieces I really love - I'd rather wear the same beloved dresses over and over again. xxx

  6. The building is so amazing, definetly worth a visit.
    And your look is amazing (as always :)
    The comic print skirt is so cool and the coat my highlight. Great combination and perfect for the colderdays.

    Need cute cat content?
    And some christmas vibes, take a look at my Youtube Video HERE

  7. I'm partial to giant head art-I'd have bought that for the garden!
    I've been cutting back as well-can't really claim to need anything at this point. Well, maybe that giant head ;)

  8. OMG, I love that skirt! It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have also been shopping a bit less and trying to remix things I own and love already. Good for you.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, my dear.

  9. This place looks amazing, I like it a lot. And your outfit is so cute, you look fantastic as always. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time with family & friends xx

  10. That zig zag coat is divine!!!
    It looks SO chic and cosy enough for the Scottish Chill.
    I'll be cutting back too, for 2019... I wish I was handy on a sewing machine.
    Maybe it's a skill I could learn for 2019?
    I LOVE that skirt and smile every time I see it.

  11. I remember the museum from your earlier post, such a beautiful building and setting (by the mountains)! I also enjoy seeing you in your gorgeous coat and skirt that you made yourself - so fun! <3