lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2018

rain & sneakers

I got soaked in the evening when went for a walk in this oufit, but these pictures were taken before it happened. Actually, I took them with my camera timer at 7,45 in the morning, when I was going to work. So I was alone in a garage alley as down was breaking. And thinking that I'm used to do some ridiculous things for my blog! mwhaha!
Do you also laugh about yourself when taking pictures in unusual situations, like being in the middle of nowhere?
Blogging can be funny sometimes!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a fabulous visible week!

Me cayó encima una tormenta cuando salí a dar una vuelta por la tarde, llevando justamente esto mismo, pero las fotos son de antes de este momento!. En realidad, las saqué con el temporizador de la cámara a las 8 menos cuarto de la mañana, cuando iba a trabajar. Así que estaba sola en el callejón de un garage mientras amanecía. Y pensando que suelo hacer esta clase de tonterías por el blog, juasjuas
¿También os da la risa cuando os da por sacaros fotos en situaciones poco habituales, como en medio de ninguna parte?
Esto de bloguear a veces es cómico!
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana visible y fabulosa!

- pants, bought at a clearance sale, shortened / pantalón, de una liquidación, acortado
- linen tunic, 4x4 (sales) / túnica de lino, de rebajas
- sneakers, Nike (outlet) / zapatillas
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar
- silver pendant / colgante de plata
- patchwork shawl, Street market (years ago) / chal de mercadillo, de hace años

We visited the local vegetables contest (and street market!), as we did last year, it has become a favorite event!

Hemos visitado el concurso y mercado de verduras de este año, igual que hicimos el año pasado, es un evento que cada vez me gusta más.

7 comentarios:

  1. Oh, and can relate to that, Monica. I'm often striking poses in the most unlikely of places, and I'm no longer shy about it either! That's what you get from blogging indeed! Love your outfit, in particular the chunky, colourful necklace and that amazing patchwork shawl. And I love your hair too! What a colourful event that street market and vegetable contest is: I've never seen vegetables as amazing as that lot! Besos xxx

  2. Yes...blogging is very weird. The whole selfie thing is weird.

    I'm drooling a bit over that fab necklace.


  3. I'd have loved to have seen you striking a pose in your finery at the crack of dawn!
    I absolutely;y love your patchwork wrap and would love to visit that fruit and veg display - I'm hungry now! xxx

  4. Those vegetables look good enough to eat! Ha ha!

    I love your outfit. The tunic is a fab shape and goes well with the pants. As for the patchwork shawl it's magnificent and the necklace matches it beautifully.

    You've changed your hair again! It looks great.

    I haven't yet got up at dawn to walk but there's always a first time...

  5. I will often get one of my friends to take photos of me outside on my front porch and often one of the neighbours will be driving or walking by wondering what the heck I'm doing. I've lived here for about 7 years now so most of them are used to seeing me do this.

    The patchwork shawl is so pretty!!

  6. Ohhh I love this outfit! Fabulous tunic, shawl and accessories!!!

    The vegetable market looks so lush and yummy! I love vegetables, especially those that come warm from the sun, directly from farmers - skipping refrigerator!

    Lots of love!

  7. To answer your question about blogging, photos etc. I am less shy about taking photos in public these days (practice makes it easier), but it also dawned on me that it isn't that uncommon anymore! Plenty of people take photos, make videos for their vlogs etc. Also, sometimes when Justin takes my pictures, someone would stop and offer to take our photo together - so sweet! :)