lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

orange tunic

Once more, I repeat clothes from my wardrobe. This orange tunic has been worn every summer from 2009, which means that its cost-per-wear is almost Zero!. I have some other similar tunics in other colors and prints, but this one is still a favourite of mine.
Even if my wardrobe is becoming huge, I still wear almost everything in it and repeat my clothes!. However, I receive some comments from coworkers and acquaintances about my massive wardrobe and what they suppose it is my (big) budget. Actually, many of them spend a lot of money in clothes that never wear, and their budget for this 'retail therapy' is sometimes pretty unreasonable!. So they really can't believe me when I tell them about how little I spend and the importance of doing wise investments!.
Do you also receive these kind of comments?

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De nuevo repito ropa, nada nuevo!. Esta túnica la he estado llevando cada verano desde el 2009, así que si cálculo por cuánto me ha salido por cada vez que me la he puesto, sale por casi nada!. Tengo túnicas muy parecidas en otros colores y estampados, pero ésta sigue siendo de mis favoritas. Por mucho que mi guardarropa ha ido creciendo, sigo poniéndomelo todo y repitiendo!. Pero luego siempre hay comentarios de conocidos o en el trabajo de lo enorme que debe ser mi armario y mi presupuesto para ropa. En realidad, muchas de estas personas compran ropa que nunca se ponen e invierten en ello una cantidad de dinero muy poco razonable. Normal que luego no puedan creerse que gasto tan poco y que es mejor invertir sabiamente!
También recibís comentarios de este tipo?

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Same outfit was worn on Oct2017 and I think that I prefer the green jacket!

Mismo conjunto, pero con chaqueta verde, que creo que quedaba mejor, en Oct2017

This is how I looked on Ag-2009

Misma túnica en Ag-2009

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  1. What a wonderful tunic that is. If I owned it I'd wear it to death! I loved it with the green trousers; the scarf is a fab match and with the denim jacket you look so urban and cool...

    Fabulous fishy bangle!

    Hope your week is going well.

  2. No wonder you keep wearing that fabulous tunic summer after summer, and I love it with both the green jacket and the denim jacket! I do get similar comments, and then when I tell people it's all vintage or second-had, they either give me funny looks or tell me they would love to do the same, which they never do! Oh well, it's their loss. We know better, don't we? Love the fish bangle, by the way! Have a great week, Monica! Besos xxx

  3. Orange is the perfect autumn color.
    This is such a great combination my dear.
    This is so lovely.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  4. I adore the colour orange. So funny because for years I thought I couldn't wear that colour. I don't know where we get these strange ideas from.

    Well the only one that sees how big my closet and all my different clothes is my pug and she isn't talking ; P . I expect when my husband gets home in a few weeks he might have something to add about my growing collection. Thing is, I can blame it all on my business.


  5. It's a wonderful tunic and although I know (and love) it very well you always manage to make it look fresh and different! xxx

  6. I repeat the same pieces over and over, but usually not in the same combinations. I have had people ask me where I keep all my clothes, and my answer is that my bedroom is basically a walk-in closet with a bed.