viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018


I've worn same outfit twice in a row which is probably a deadly sin for a blogger, but it's one of my favorite 'mínimum effort' strategies in the summertime, when most clothes are wash'n'go. If you have put your dress into the washing machine and then hanged it on a hanger, it will be ready the next morning. This is particularly useful when you wake up in the morning and don't feel inspired, so taking something directly from your clothesline looks like a great idea. Such a glamourous life I have!
This is a comfy dress that I bought on a clearance sale months ago and never wore. I didn't feel it, probably because of the unflattering length, so I've been thinking on shortening or revamping it, but finally was not required. After a couple of washes, it has shrinked nicely to fit!. Another major lesson learnt is that of the importance of washing clothes/fabrics before cutting and sewing!

Me he puesto el mismo conjunto dos veces esta semana, que es probablemente un pecado mortal para un blog, pero es una de mis estrategias favoritas de mínimo esfuerzo para el verano, cuando la mayoría de la ropa es lavar-y-llevar. Si has metido el vestido en la lavadora y luego lo has colgado en una percha, estará listo la mañana siguiente. Una idea muy útil cuando te levantas sin ninguna inspiración y te parece muy buena idea agarrar algo directamente de la cuerda de tender la colada. Mi vida es todo glamour!
Este es un vestido muy cómodo que compré en una liquidación hace meses pero que no me había puesto. No me acababa de gustar, probablemente porque el largo era muy poco favorecer, así que estaba pensando en acortarlo o modificarlo, pero al final no ha hecho falta. Después de un par de lavados, ha encogido lo justo para quedar en su sitio. Otra lección aprendida es que hay que lavar la ropa y las telas siempre antes de cortar o coser!

- dress, clearance sale (department store) / vestido, liquidación de grandes almacenes
- crochet cardi / chaqueta ganchillo
- sandals, Chiruca (outlet) / sandalias
- leggings, La Redoute
- bracelets, Sfera (old) / pulseras
- ring, Ciclón / anillo
- Straw bag, Etsy / bolso de paja
- headscarf for a bad hair day, vintage / pañuelo en la cabeza para ocultar malos pelos, vintage

6 comentarios:

  1. No wonder you wore this beautiful look twice in a row! It is very beautiful and thank you additionally for sharing your experience with clothes washing because the dress fits definitely perfectly! Pink suits you very well <3 Happy weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. A vision in pink - so good it worth repeating!
    At least you're blogging, I'm so bad - no outfit photos for days! xxx

  3. I know what you mean, Monica! I too appreciate the chance to just wear a dress that is easy, clean and doesn't require ironing... and sometimes, while we dress it up, an inspiration strikes - and this happens! Look at you! This outfit is definitely inspired and inspiring - I just adore it!!! Love the long cardigan on you - you look perfect!!!!! <3

  4. Hot pink and white is a great warm weather combo. This is definitely an outfit worth repeating!

  5. I love this pink outfit Monica! And yes, a great learning curve about washing clothes first before altering - I learnt that one the hard way. The soonest I can wear something as a repeat is a week, but that's because our holiday visitors change over every week.

    I also adore the paisley dress which you featured in the previous post. Sorry I ought to have added that comment there!

    Have a super week!

  6. I love your adaptation of the pink dress, it looks absolutely fabulous on you! Just the right shade of pink too! If it looks and feels right, why now wear it two days in a row? There is nothing wrong with that, surely! Love the addition of the black and white bangles! Besos xxx