viernes, 11 de mayo de 2018

spring is in the air

Finally, spring is coming, but it's coming in its more unpredictable facet. We're having warm days mixed with cold ones, even cold and hot weather in one only day (5ºC/40ºF in the morning, then 26ºC/80ºF in the afternoon). So I've been wearing long sleeves and tights in the morning and then removed them in the afternoon. Lots of adding layers and removing layers, which I usually enjoy, but it's becoming a little bit boring!
I've worn my 'jungle print' maxi dress once more, as it's perfect for all the layering I have to do (and undo). This dress is becoming a favorite of mine these days and I'll probably wear it until it falls apart. I don't like to save anything for a better occasion, and that includes preserving any favorite clothes of being overused. I prefer to wear whatever I like now and enjoy the moment!
Have a fabulous weekend!.

Finalmente, la primavera está llegando, pero está llegando en su faceta más impredecible. Tenemos unos días de calor, luego frío, incluso frío y calor en un solo día, una locura de 5ºC por la mañana y luego 26ºC al mediodía. Así que he estado poniéndome mangas largas y medias por la mañana y luego quitándomelas por la tarde, todo el rato añadiendo y quitando superposiciones, que normalmente me encantaría, pero se está volviendo un poco cansino ya.
Me he puesto mi vestido de 'estampado jungla', porque es perfecto para todas estas superposiciones que tengo que poner y quitar. Este vestido se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos últimamente, y probablemente me lo ponga un montón, hasta que se caiga a pedazos. No me gusta esa idea de reservar la ropa para las ocasiones, y eso incluye también el evitar ponerte todo el rato tu ropa favorita, para 'no estropearla'. Personalmente, prefiero ponerme lo que sea que me guste ahora mismo, y disfrutar el momento.
Espero que tengáis un fin de semana fabuloso!

- dress, second hand, eBay (worn this time and previously)/ vestido, de segunda mano, eBay (anteriormente y también aquí)
- purple coat, same / abrigo morado, lo mismo
- blouse, retail (old) / blusa, de tienda local (antigüita)
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / Merceditas
- bag, by Nonapapallona (years ago) / bolso, Nonapapallona, de hace años
- scarf, retail / chal rosa, tienda local
- bracelets, a present / pulseras, un regalo

- black cardi, La Redoute (very old) / chaqueta negra, antigüita
- sneakers, outlet / zapatillas

12 comentarios:

  1. Love this dress.

    We've been having the same issue here. Last night it went down to 5 C . I had my bedroom windows open during the day as it was warm then when I went to go to bed at night it was FREEZING!


  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you, you look fabulous!
    We've been spoilt over the last week but the heating's just clicked on now - brrrr! xxx

  3. Those mixed Spring days are doing my head in as well. All the layering and de-layering can be quite exhausting. You are looking fantastic in that maxi dress, and I'm certainly not blaming you for wearing it again and again.
    Loving the addition of the pink scarf and sneakers! Here's to hoping for some more stable weather but the weather forecast seems to think otherwise! Besos xxx

  4. I remember that sort of weather from the time I was studying in Granada: hot during the day and freezing after sunset (which was so early, and happened so fast, it freaked me out). Huge difference in temperature, and I was completely unprepared for it. I never knew when it was going to get dark (and cold), and never had proper clothes with me when I went out in the evening. You see, in summer in Finland it is either rather cool, day and night, or very warm and sunny (day and night).

    1. mwahah, we have not so extreme conditions than Granada, which is set in a really high place. But many places in Spain has this kind of switching between day and night temperatures.
      You know, Spain is famous by its sun, but it could be tricky!

  5. What a brilliant dress this is - it goes so well with all your accessories and I love that blouse worn underneath it. I love your pink shoes; I bought a plum coloured pair almost the same but that hey were too tight (I have wide feet). You are looking fabulous. Hopefully the weather will settle into more of a normal pattern soon...

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Those colours are so springy.
    We also have been having seesaw temperatures. However the cold is kicking in now and we have had a couple of fires the last two nights. Good thing I insisted on collecting firewood last time we went bush!
    The deserty climates can be tricky with their extremes.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Oh my goodness, how I love this maxi dress Monica! I adore the sleeves being a different pattern to the body, how lovely. We're suffering the same fluctuating temperatures and find that changing clothes or discarding layers at lunchtime is the only way to cope. It's becoming a bit of a bore though! With or without tights, your styling is spot on - I love all those colours!

    Have a great weekend!
    Anna x

  8. love this print on you!!! beautiful maxi dress<3

  9. Love the way you layered your new-favorite maxi, and added some great print-mixing! Stay warm and stay cool, xox


  10. Oh, this means the temperature differs really in your area! But I see you manage this challenge not only easy but also very beautiful. I understand you love this dress with the tropical print as it is definitely perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Spring on the west coast of Canada is much like that too - it's quite chilly at night and then warms up a lot during the day (ranges from 9-22 degrees!).

    I adore this maxi dress - what a fabulous print! I can see why you'd wear it a lot. I also don't believe in "saving things for good" - every outfit is an occasion to dress up! Good for you!