martes, 8 de mayo de 2018

spring blues

Last days I've been busy doing a variety of spring tasks, like switching seasons in my wardrobe, planting some basil and geranium in my balcony pots and actually being busy as a bee. All these activities were enjoyed and I feel quite satisfied with myself, so spring is not being the usual shitty season it used to be (for me). After a week of an unpleasantly cold weather (snow!), now temperatures are rising, allergies are not severe and the perspectives are good in general!
Linking Patti and the visibles for another Visible Monday and linking Fake It Until You Make It: Stop Hiding Behind Your Clothes and wishing you a fabulous week!

Estos últimos días he estado ocupada con varias tareas primaverales, como cambiar toda la ropa de invierno por la de primavera, plantar albahaca y geranios en las macetas del balcón y en general, estar muy liada. Todo ello me ha parecido muy entretenido, lo he pasado bien y estoy contenta conmigo misma, así que la primavera no está siendo la estación miserable que solía ser (para mí). Y después de una semana de un tiempo de puro invierno (con nieve!), ahora las temperaturas suben, las alergias no están siendo graves y las perspectivas se presentan favorables en general!
Enlazo al Patti y las visibles para otro Visible Monday y también al Fake It Until You Make It: Stop Hiding Behind Your Clothes, y espero que tengáis una semana fabulosa!

- coat, clearance sale (last year) / abrigo, de saldo (comprado el año pasado)
- red cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta roja
- white jeans, C&A (old) / vaqueros blancos
- sneakers, outlet / zapatillas
- neckerchief, Dayaday (old) / pañuelo al cuello
- bag, retail (Matties) / bolso, Matties, de una tienda local

These bedside tables were bought at a charity shop some weeks ago, and this is how they look now, after a renovation. I've used sandpaper, then painted them and changed their handles (Zara Home) which were the most expensive thing in all this project. I also bought a can of blue paint, but could use some leftovers of pale blue to paint the drawers. Well, they looked quite boring, so I added a little bit of 'creativity'.
Even adding the cost of the paint, the new handles and the adhesive paper which I used to line the inside of drawers, the final cost was really inexpensive. And now I have all these drawers to store my crafty supplies, bijouterie or whatever I finally decide.

Estas mesitas de noche las compré en una tienda solidaria hace unas semanas, y así es como me han quedado, después de la renovación. Osea, después de lijarlas, pintarlas y cambiarles los pomos (Zara Home) que fueron lo más caro de todo el proyecto. También compré la pintura azul, pero aproveché unas sobras de azul claro para los cajones. Bueno, como me parecían un poco aburridos, no los dejé lisos, y les añadí un toque 'creativo'.
Incluso después del coste de la pintura, los pomos y el papel adhesivo con el que forré los cajones, el coste final sigue siendo económico!. Y ahora tengo un montón de cajoncitos para guardar material de manualidades, bisuterías o lo que quiera que se me ocurra.

11 comentarios:

  1. Both spring looks are beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Gorgeous looks and I love the drawer sets as well, very lovely :)) xx

  3. You've had snow again? Oh dear, poor you! Here, it's all going up and down: we are now having a couple of Summer days, but temperatures are set to drop by Thursday, typically, as it's a holiday! I love, love, love what you did with the bedside tables: what a transformation! Love the leggings with the cityscape top, too! Besos xxx

  4. What a wonderful job you've done on the bedside table! They look amazing.

    I love your Spring blues; you look very British in the first outfit - red/white and blue and love the second outfit with the graphic print.

    Sorry to hear you've had snow; we have had another mini heatwave which has lasted from Friday to today; 5 days in total. We had a similar heatwave with a similar duration about three weeks ago. The weather is most peculiar!

  5. I like how you did those drawers. So fun! The blue is matching your outfit.

    I'm glad to hear that spring has finally arrived chez toi. Here too. It's about time.

  6. I love your coat and you look really good in that blue themed second outfit.
    Cool thing you did on the bedside table.


  7. Finally Denmark is warmer than Spain! Probably not for long though. As always you are a master with colour, both with clothes and with paint. Great painting techniques and such fun handles. Well done!

  8. Interchangeable drawers! Genius! I also like your makeover colour choices.
    And how much more life they have in them now.
    I love the word "bijouterie" every time you use it! Such are the joys of the internet.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  9. WOW!!! Your drawers make me smile to just look at them! Such a wonderful job painting and redecorating!!!
    And I am happy to hear you've been busy with creative tasks (planting is also a creative work) and feel good about life!! I enjoy the white pants and plaid coat combination, and you look wonderful in blue!
    I am also super busy with reorg (clothes, home etc) this Spring - must be something in the air!
    Lots of love!

  10. Both looks are wonderful especially the pops of red in your first outfit!
    Your drawer makeover is absolutely fantastic, so colourful and very you! xxx

  11. Excellent makeover on the bedside tables! Spring seems to have finally arrived here, and I have been planting a few things in my little flowerbed, including some lavender, which smells so lovely.