lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

sundress & coat

Last week I didn't manage myself to take pictures of what I wore. It was really difficult to use my camera self-timer due to the snow, rain and/or wind. Winter weather in all its glory!. Anyway, I've been going to work and running errands and having a life, whatever the weather, and dressing up too!. But I was so well wrapped in my coats, knits, gloves and hats that only my red nose was visible!.
However, we've had a sunny (yet cold) day on Saturday, and I've recently received some dresses purchased at eBay, so I took this chance to wear one of them!. I'd thought on saving them for my next holidays, but it was only a fleeting idea, and then, I run into my wardrobre to look for a yellow cardigan and some other pieces to layer!. After so many days wearing (dark) coats, I was craving for some tropical prints and colorful dresses. It could look like I'm stuck in a style rut, (sundress & coat, once more!) but still enjoying some good advice at Fake Fabulous: Shake It Up and Try Something Different. And linking Visible Monday fabulous party!

La semana pasada no conseguí sacar ni una sola foto de lo que llevaba, demasiado difícil manejar el temporizador de la cámara en medio de la nieve, lluvia y/o viento. Tiempo invernal en toda su gloria!. Evidentemente, a pesar del clima, he seguido haciendo mi vida, yendo a trabajar, haciendo recados, y claro está, vistiéndome!. Pero siempre tan bien envuelta en abrigos, chaquetas, guantes y gorros, que no se me veía más que una nariz (colorada)!
Sin embargo, el sábado tuvimos un día bastante soleado (pero frío) y tenía unos cuantos vestidos comprados en ebay que acababan de llegar, así que aproveché esta oportunidad para estrenar uno. Había pensado en guardarlos para mis próximas vacaciones, pero ha sido una idea momentánea, e inmediatamente he ido corriendo a buscar una chaqueta de punto (amarilla!) y alguna otra cosa que ponerme debajo y llevar el vestido cuanto antes! Después de unos cuantos días llevando abrigo (oscuro), estaba deseando ponerme unos estampados tropicales y un vestido con colorido. Puede parecer que me repito (otra vez vestido de verano bajo el abrigo!) y que estoy metida en una rutina en cuanto al estilo, pero también me gustan estos consejos para evitar la rutina en Fake Fabulous: Shake It Up and Try Something Different. Y enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday!

- coat, La Redoute / abrigo
- yellow cardi, ebay, second hand (ages ago) / chaquetita punto, segunda mano, antigüita
- dress, ebay, second hand (Boden) / vestido, segunda mano
- turtleneck, la Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- bracelets, a present / pulseras, un regalo
- orange sarong as a scarf (old) / pareo anaranjado a modo de pañuelo
- bag, Matties (retail) last summer / bolso, del verano pasado
- red cardi, Evans (old) / chaquetita punto roja
- sneakers, Adidas (outlet) / zapatillas
- brooch, a present by Sacramento / broche, un regalo de Sacramento
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo

Some potos I took when walking to work on Wednesday morning. Snow didn't last the whole day!

Las fotos que tomé el miércoles por la mañana cuando iba a trabajar. La nieve apenas duró un día.

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  1. I love how you winterized that amazingly colourful maxi sundress. You really stand out from the crowd wearing their boring dark clothes, with your fabulous accessorizing and, of course, your trademark Dr. Martens. Hope it's going to be Spring soon and all the snow melts away, like ours has. Have a lovely, colourful and warm week! Besos xxx

  2. Look at all that snow! let's hope we've seen the back of it now!
    Hooray for winterising that lovely dress, I'm just like you, when i find something I need it wear it straightaway, seasonally appropriate or not. You look like Spring in bloom in those glorious explosion of colours. I think it could be one of my most favourite outfits of yours ever! xxx

  3. What a wonderful dress, I love all the different colours, perfect!! Our snow is starting to go away now, thankfully. Just rain now. I can't wait for spring :)) xx

  4. Bright colors in winter, why do people think it's odd? I get tired of seeing black, gray, boring.

  5. Oh I love this colorful dress and the way you layered it!! With the bangles and chunky chain, you look like a vision of a carefree vacation! Warm coat because you suddenly got snowed on, but only for a few hours, then back to your vacation again! :)

    Lots of love!

  6. What a brilliant dress; of course you couldn't wait until summer to wear it! I love the layering and all the brilliant colours. I love the blue boots you wore in the snow, too.

    Our snow and freezing cold weather has gone thank goodness. We've had blue skies and some sunshine as well...

  7. Fabulous fabulous FABULOUS!
    This I why I love your style so much Monica.
    You have me smiling as you radiate joy and positivity.
    I like that you are repeating yourself... Why not??
    When something is so right it needs to be shown as many times as possible.
    Thank you for brightening up my day with your vibrancy..

  8. What a fantastic sundress - I love how you've winterized it! Yay, snow! It's even better when it doesn't last, ha ha! Aren't Docs the best in the snow?