viernes, 9 de marzo de 2018

matchy & striped

This is what I've worn to go buying groceries (so much glamour). It was a really comfortable outfit, like wearing my pyjamas, as this striped dress is made of a really substantial fabric, breathable, elastic and not-sticky, perfect for layering!. It was another second hand purchase via eBay, by M&S with the labels still attached. I think it would not look appealing to me if I'd watched it hanging at a shop window (even if I love stripes), but I've realized that I pick unexpected clothes when buying second hand. Then I'm more inclined to walk out my comfort zone, even into the body-con side!. Actually, I was told to avoid tight dresses as they would look really unflattering on my full figure. Another rule made to be broken! They're great layering pieces and really comfy!
(Hope you had a fabulous International Women's Day!)

Esto es lo que me puse para ir a hacer la compra (cuánto glamour!), algo muy cómodo, como ir en pijama, ya que este vestido de rayas está hecho de una tela muy consistente, transpirable, elástica pero que no se queda pegada, perfecta para superposiciones. Fue otra de mis compras de segunda mano en eBay, un vestido de M&S todavía con las etiquetas puestas. Creo que ni lo hubiera mirado de haberlo visto colgando en una tienda (aunque me encantan las rayas), pero me he dado cuenta de que soy mucho más atrevida cuando miro ropa de segunda mano. Entonces me siento más inclinada a salirme de la 'zona de comfort', incluso metiéndome en algún terreno prohibido, como los vestidos ajustados. Siempre me habían dicho que estos vestidos sentaban mal a las chicas de 'figura opulenta', pero me parece que esta es otra regla que romper, son geniales como una capa más en superposiciones y muy cómodos.
(Espero que pasáseis un fabuloso Día Internacional de la Mujer!)

- striped dress, second hand (ebay) M&S / vestido de rayas, segunda mano en ebay
- cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto
- coat, Punto Roma (very old) / abrigo
- shoes, dyed in turquoise by me (old) / zapatos, teñidos en turquesa por mí.
- shawl, retail / chal, de tienda local
- brooch, made by me / broche, fabricación casera.

5 comentarios:

  1. Grocery shopping must be done, so why not do it dressed comfortably AND colourfully. And rules are meant to be broken, especially fashion rules: if you love something, wear it, that's the only rule in my book! Anyway, I think the dress looks fabulous on you, combined with the chunky yellow cardi and turquoise tights and shoes. And wow, you dyed them yourself? What a great idea! Besos y un gran fin de semana! xxx

  2. You've broken two rules, Monica, you rebel you! Wearing a figure hugging dress and horizontal stripes! Good for you; you look wonderful and yah boo sucks to the Fashion Police!

    I love the mustard cardi with the stripes and the fab turquoise tights and shoes. The scarf and beret are lovely and what a cute brooch that is...

    Have a lovely weekend - keep breaking those fashion rules!

  3. I am definitely more inclined to try things out of my comfort zone when thrifting because I know that if I end up not wearing it, I can just donate it again. I love the look of that gold cardi with the striped dress. You are so great at colour and pattern mixing Monica!

  4. That dress looks amazing on you! It layers perfectly under your cardigan, and I love inspired combo of mustard and aqua with it. Screw what anyone says we "should" wear!

  5. If you're going to do something mundane you've got to dress fabulously - it makes both your life and the other shoppers' far more interesting!
    I love that stripey dress and the brooch makes me weak at the knees! xxx