miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

southern exposure

I've been out for a short holiday in the Canary Islands (Tenerife) and it has been very different from our usual holidays because it was booked at a travel agent's. It has been also our first trip to the islands!. We spent most of the time swimming or lying on beach beds, reading some books, but we also took some excursions to see the island (we just couldn't lie still). We've enjoyed it, it has been pretty relaxed, but I still prefer to organise my own holiday trips. The weather, the natural landscapes, the people and the atmosphere were awesome, so I think we will probably go back!
Now I'm back to snow and sleet and business as usual, so I'll try to catch up with all your blogs as soon as possible!

He estado fuera de vacaciones en las Canarias (Tenerife) una semanita, y ha sido muy diferente del estilo de vacaciones que hago normalmente, porque esta vez contratamos por agencia. También ha sido nuestro primer viaje a las islas!. Nos hemos pasado la mayor parte del tiempo nadando o tirados en las hamacas leyendo novelas, pero también hemos salido de excursión para ver la isla (no nos podemos quedar quietos!). Ha sido estupendo y muy relajante, aunque sigo prefiriendo organizar las vacaciones a mi manera. El tiempo, los paisajes naturales, la gente, todo ha sido estupendo, así que supongo que volveremos!
Ahora ya estoy de vuelta a la nieve y el frío, e intentaré ponerme al día con los blogs tan pronto como pueda!

Icod de los vinos / La Orotava

Parque Nacional del Teide / Teide National Park


This dress is becoming a favorite of mine very quickly, I've even worn it to go to work after holidays, as it made me feel still in a summery mood. Here I wore it with a pair of maryjanes, which actually don't match, but I was really comfortable to go for a walk!. This pink shawl was bought at a retail shop, and was very useful when visiting the National Park, as it was chilly!

Este vestido se está convirtiendo en uno de mis favoritos muy rápidamente, incluso me lo he puesto el día de vuelta al trabajo, me hace sentir todavía en modo veraniego!. Aquí me lo puse con estas merceditas, que no van muy bien, pero que me iban muy cómodas para caminar. El chal rosa lo compré en una tiendita local, y me vino de perlas para la visita al Teide, que allí hace fresco!

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  1. You're looking as lovely and colourful as always!

    The Islands look wonderful - it's so lovely to see some sunshine!

  2. Fantastic pictures, and your vacation sounds divine! I also love your maxi dress, very summery, bright and cheerful, and it looks great with the pink shawl! I don't always pick the best matching shoes - comfort comes first, esp. if you plan a walk! Love your maryjanes. <3

  3. No wonder it's chilly, that is a doozy of a storm coming up behind you!
    How far away are the islands that there is such a drastic weather change from home?
    It's like you reach out and touch the sun and feel it's still there and reassure yourself it will return. Ahh, modern life!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. mwhaha, that storm cloud was permanently over nearby mountains but didn't affect us, the coast was sunny all the time!.
      Canary Islands are the most southern region of Spain, they're in the Atlantic Ocean, far away from the continent. Subtropical!

  4. Wonderful colours! Especially with the impeding storm clouds behind you.

    I didn't warm up to all inclusive vacations right away...it took me about 8 times before I was hooked. Now I'm fine with being still. I actually believe it is a learned trait : )


  5. I've been to Fuerteventura and Lazarote but never Tenerife. The sky looks very ominous but the landscape is spectacular. I bet it felt very strange booking a holiday in a travel agents - it seems so antiquated these days!
    You both look supremely stylish! xxx

  6. Unos looks geniales y muy coloridos en una isla preciosa ;-)
    Tocados online

  7. I've never booked a holiday through a travel agent, especially not a package one. Like you, we prefer arranging everything ourselves. And I would never be able to lay on a sunlounger for more than a couple of minutes ;-) Glad to hear you were able to soak up some sunshine while we were braving the - hopefully - last of the Winter weather. I bet you weren't looking forward to coming back home ... You're a very stylish tourist, Monica, and I can understand why the sun dress has become a favourite! Teide National Park looks spectacular! Besos xxx

  8. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful holiday! The pictures are just beautiful and I love that tropical dress you have on!

  9. Sounds and looks like a perfect holiday time :)) x

  10. I've never booked a holiday through a travel agent; I usually do all the planning and bookings myself too, which is often one of my favourite parts of the trip! The islands look lovely, and sunny.