martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

black & blue

I've been wearing my puff coats a lot, as weather has been very 'season appropriate', with freezing temperaturas and sleet!. But I've picked a dress to be worn under those puff coats, because it's really comfortable, like wearing my pyjamas!. This dress is made of pure polyester, so I haven't worn it as a summer dress more than a few times (you know, summer is a serious business here), I think it looks better as a layered piece, it's very versatile.
So this is what I wore last week, and now I'm planning more wool tights and more puff coats for the immediate future, as it's snowing. It's going to be necessary to keep the visibility up under the snow, so let's link Visible Monday and FakeItUntilYouMakeIt. Have a nice week, visible ladies!

Me he estado poniendo abrigos acolchados un montón, la verdad es que el tiempo se ha puesto muy 'apropiado' para la época del año, con temperaturas bajas y aguanieve. Pero también he escogido llevar un vestido bajo esos acolchados, porque es muy cómodo, como ir en pijama!. Este vestido es poliéster puro, así que no me lo había puesto en verano más que unas pocas veces (ya sabéis, el verano aquí no es cosa de broma), y creo que queda mejor con algunas superposiciones, es muy versátil.
Así que esto es lo que me puse la semana pasada, y ahora estoy planeando más medias gordas y más acolchados para mi futuro inmediato, porque está nevando. Va a hacer falta mantener esa visibilidad bajo la nieve, así que enlazo al Lunes Visible, Visible Monday y también al FakeItUntilYouMakeIt. Espero que tengáis una semana estupenda y muy visible.

- puff coat, retail (sales) / acolchado, de rebajas
- dress, October (old) / vestido
- cardi and hat, retail (old) / chaquetita punto y boina
- boots, Dr.Martens (old) / botas
- scarf, a promotional gift (old) / pañuelo, regalo promocional
- bag, Nonapapallona / bolso
- blue coat, La Redoute (old) / abrigo azul
- black boots, Fly London (old) / botas negras
- blue bag, Matties (summer sales) / bolso, de las rebajas de verano

Same dress was previously worn: /Mismo vestido anteriormente:

10 comentarios:

  1. You even make a puffa jacket look cool! xxx

  2. I can only agree with Vix here! I love how you've brightened up that puff jacket by wearing that amazing dress underneath and those awesome Dr. Martens. Love those sunglasses too! Besos xxx

  3. That is such a versatile dress! I love how you've layered it up for the winter look and I love your blue bag. You have certainly cheered up your puffa coat and jacket beautifully. It was so cold today that I wore one of my berets and thought of you!


  4. This dress has such an interesting print and shape. I love how you wear it with blues and grays!
    I hope it'll get warmer soon, take care! <3

  5. You look amazing, love all of this blue, so wonderful!!! xx

  6. You know I love a good pattern. That dress is fab!

    We are still suffering in full winter conditions here. We had a ton of snow last week, then some rain which promptly froze and turned to a layer of ice on top of the snow. The joy of a Canadian winter!


  7. Your umbrella matches so perfectly. Do you have one for each outfit?
    Layering that dress works so well in your capable hands. Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Snowing? It's going to be 80 here this weekend. We're already have some serious pine tree pollen

  9. What a wonderful dress - I love the pattern and the hemline. I really like how you're layering here, and you know I adore your Docs (which are great in the snow, by the way!).

  10. Love this dress - the colors play beautifully together! Stay warm and fabulous, xo