lunes, 5 de febrero de 2018

summer dress & coat

When I feel like Winter is draining my inspiration to dress up (and that's happening too frequently these days!), then I rummage my wardrobe to look for anything unexpected, any kind of favorite clothes that have been neglected. And this is a dress I love, even if I haven't wore it until October17, and it's the first time that I wear it in Winter. But it has been easy to layer it, wearing a black turtleneck and adding a crochet waistcoat for a better fit. Wearing a waistcoat (over a maxi) makes me think inmediately on lovely Vix which is always an inspiration to wear vintage!

And I'm absolutely amazed and very grateful to be mentioned by Fabulous Samantha, who has made me feel like a rockstar!. Thanks!

It's time to link Visible Monday, let's join party!.

Cuando parece que el invierno me está dejando sin ninguna gana, ni inspiración, para arreglarme (y eso está pasándome últimamente mucho!), entonces voy y me pongo a revolver el armario, buscando algo inesperado, cualquier favorito que se haya quedado escondido y no haya salido en un rato. Y este vestido me gusta mucho, incluso aunque no me lo haya puesto desde Oct17 y es la primera vez que me lo pongo en invierno. Pero ha resultado muy fácil de darle otro aire con superposiciones, con un cuello vuelto negro, y luego un chaleco de ganchillo por encima, para añadir definición. Esto de ponerse un chaleco sobre un vestido largo, me hace pensar al momento en Vix, que es una inspiración total a la hora de llevar vintage.

Absolutamente impresionada y muy agradecida por la mención de la Fabulosa Samantha, que me ha hecho sentir como una estrella del rock!, Gracias!

Y es hora de ponerse visible con el Visible Monday y unirse a la fiesta.

- absolutely normal coat, retail / abrigo absolutamente normal y corriente, de tienda local
- dress, bought second hand (twelve years ago, or so) / vestido, de segunda mano, de hace unos doce años o así.
- crochet vest, made by me (ages ago) / chaleco de ganchillo, de hace siglos
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- bag, vintage (from my mom's wardrobe) / bolso, vintage, del armario de mi madre
- scarf, by artisan textiles / bufanda, de tejidos artesanos
- beret, a present by The Citizen Rosebud / boina, un regalo de The Citizen Rosebud
- pendant, very old / colgante, antigüito
- earrings, 80's, so old they're vintage yet! / pendientes, de los 80, tan antiguos que son ya vintage!

7 comentarios:

  1. You look magnificent, I love this design, so fun :)) Happy new week to you xxx

  2. You're looking fab in your maxi dress, Monica, especially with the crocheted waistcoat on top. The stunning pendant adds to the hippie-ish vibe of your outfit. Congratulations on being mentioned by Samantha. You absolutely deserve being treated like fashion royalty! Besos xxx

  3. Oh I love your ensemble, so boho chic!!! Lovely addition of the crocheted vest, the beautiful pendant... And your idea of looking for a forgotten/unexpected piece is a marvelous one, I think it just stirs things up when we feel a bit stuck - genius idea!! You are one of my most favorite style stars, and always will be, with your love of colors, masterful layering and playful attitude - such a unique style is not found very often... :)

    Lots of love! <3

  4. What a lovely outfit, Monica. It's a beautiful dress and I love the pattern. It goes so well with your waistcoat and boots. You look bohemian but warm and cozy, too! Love your beret with the flowers. I have a similar spray of flowers I removed from a hat and I'm going to see if I can pin or sew them to one of my berets as yours looks so good. You see, you're an inspiration! I have some earrings from the 1980s - I never thought of them as vintage....

  5. Congratulations, you sure deserve it! I just love this outfit - you do remind me of Vix! I love the waistcoat over the dress - such a great idea!

  6. You look amazing. Words cannot express how much i adore that dress, if you ever get bored with it I'll be first in the queue!
    Its such an effort to dress up in winter, having a break for a few weeks has done the trick for me now, I opened my wardrobe over the weekend and had forgotten what my inter clothes looked like! xxx