jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

yellow knit

Yesterday it was my first day at work after holidays and this is what I worn: I picked a long cardi instead of a coat. Yes, I went out without a coat, as it was 15-17ºC, and felt like a total crazy spring weather in the middle of January. This is not only ususual, it's pretty unnatural. Snow and freezing temperatures could be usual in January, but now it looks like if global warming had hit us with the truth.

Ayer fue mi primer día de trabajo después de las vacaciones y esto es lo que me puse: una chaqueta de punto larga en vez de abrigo. Sí, salí a la calle sin abrigo, en Enero, porque hacía 15-17ºC y la sensación era de una repentina primavera en medio del invierno. Algo no sólo raro, también muy poco natural. En Enero una espera que haga frío y nieve, pero ahora mismo parece como si el calentamiento global nos estuviera dando una lección.

This is my post for Modish Matrons: Warm in Knits, so I decided to make a recap of all my yellow cardigans (4) and throw myself into this new year with some bright color in mind.
Have a nice time, whatever the weather!

Esta es mi entrada para enlazar a Modish Matrons: Warm in Knits, que va sobre prendas de punto calentito, así que decidí hacer esta recopilación de chaquetas amarillas que tengo (total:4) y lanzarme a por el año nuevo con un toque de color brillante en mente!
Espero que lo paséis bien, haga el tiempo que haga!

Same long cardi, worn in Jan2014.

Misma chaqueta larga, en Enero2014.

A short sleeved cardi, that I bought second-hand and dyed in a more brilliant yellow (years ago). As worn in March 2015

Una chaquetita de manga corta, que compré de segunda mano y luego teñí de un amarillo más brillante. De eso hace años, muchos!.

Another long cardi, in a different shade, which is pretty important, you know! (irony)

Y otra chaqueta larga, pero en un tono diferente, que es algo muy importante, como sabéis (ironía)

A crochet cardi that I made of a second hand pullover. Nowadays I'm not so patient to undo a knit piece and then crochet a cardi. Crocheting a beret is enough work for me!. Outfit Jan2017.

Esta chaqueta de ganchillo la hice de un jersey que compré de segunda mano. Hoy día no tengo tanta paciencia como para deshacer una prenda de punto y luego tejer una chaqueta en ganchillo. Con hacer una boina ya tengo bastante!

10 comentarios:

  1. Of course we need more than one yellow cardi! I love the riot of colours in all of these outfits - you could maybe offer yourself up as a colour therapist Monica! We have a scheme in the UK where people take their dogs into nursing homes to let the residents stroke the dogs as therapy. Maybe you could offer a similar service where you just turn up wearing all these vibrant colours and inject some fun into their lives? xxx


    1. mwahaha, you're so lovely!
      I would love that my colorful outfits could inspire some good vibes!

  2. That long yellow cardi is gorgeous, Monica. But you're right, temperatures like these are unusual and unnatural. Ours have only been slightly lower for the last few days. I'm longing for some crisp and sunny Winter's days instead of the eternal gloom. Wearing colours is the way to go, and as usual you are doing that in abundance! I love Anna's idea of turning up in bright colours to cheer people up. Thanks for brightening up my day! Besos xxx

  3. I love your yellow cardis, they're stylish and make me happy just looking at them!
    isn't it odd when the weather suddenly warms up overnight? Not that I'd be complaining, I hate the cold! xxx

  4. Man...I hate to say it but send some of that weird weather over here. It feels like -35 C outside right now. Not kidding. It is supposed to get colder tomorrow! I think the global warming has skipped us and quite frankly I miss it. I have a back appointment this morning and I don't want to leave the house for fear I might freeze on the way to the garage.

    Love all gold cardis combined with your bold colours.


  5. I agree with Suzanne - please send some of your freakish warmth to Canada! We have a tone of snow and a windchill of -30 today so I'm staying inside if I don't have to go to work.

    Yellow looks so good on you, and it can be a difficult colour to wear. I especially like the mustard yellow long cardi in your first photo.

  6. I love these pink trousers and blue shoes, that are so happy :)) Wonderful you. I hope you have a gorgeous week x

  7. I find a yellow cardigan to be an absolute essential and I have three to your four! I love your cable knit one but they all look fabulous and you have styled them all beautifully and colourfully!

    I had one day where I wore just a cardi instead of a coat but its not possible at the moment; it's too damn cold!

    Keep warm.

  8. Delightful!!! You know that I am a huge fan of that long mustard yellow cardigan (knitted coat maybe?), it is always a treasure! Love this perfectly layered look with pink (!) pants! Gorgeous with black and white too. Your style is so genuine! Thank you so much for joining MM with your colorful variety - so inspiring, best start of the year ever! <3

  9. You're the perfect person to usher in the new year in BRIGHT COLOURS. A shining beacon for us to follow. Love your cardigans. The weather is broken, that's for sure.