lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

blue and green

Another twist on unpredictable weather! Winter has reared its (ugly) head and it has been snowing in the weekend (there was a lot of problems, well, it was not snow which caused problems, it was a mix of authorities' incompetence and some people's inconsistent behaviour which caused problems!)
Obviously, I've worn my winter coat, the warmer I have, wool tights and boots!. Even if my coat is a totally normal navy coat, I like to enhance it with bold color accessories. The gloves and scarf were not bought as a set, they came from different shops in different seasons, but they do match. I have had a crush on citron color for some years, so it's not so strange that I bought some accessories in this color everytime I found them!.
And I'm back in the garage alley, which is not a glamour hotspot, but really useful to take some photos, as it's a quiet place. Dark alleys are perfect to do my business ;D
This is my post to link Visible Monday and also Fake It Until You Make It and wish you a nice week!

Otro cambio de tiempo sorprendente!, ahora ha llegado el invierno de golpe, y ha estado nevando el fin de semana, creando montones de problemas. Bueno, no es exactamente la nieve la que causa problemas, es más bien la habitual mezcla de la incompetencia de las autoridades con el comportamiento incongruente de alguna gente)
Evidentemente, me he puesto mi abrigo más calentito, medias gorditas y botas. Aunque mi abrigo sea el típico acolchado azul marino, me gusta darle un poco de vida con unos accesorios en colores vivos. Los guantes y la bufanda no son un conjunto, fueron comprados en tiendas diferentes, incluso en años diferentes, pero resulta que combinan. He tenido una fascinación con el color verde-lima durante años, así que no es tan raro que comprase accesorios de este color cada vez que encontrase alguno.
Y estoy de vuelta en el callejón del garaje, que no es precisamente el reino del glamour, pero sirve para tomar fotos, es muy tranquilo. Me vienen bien los callejones oscuros para mis asuntos ;DD
Enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday y también al blog Fake It Until You Make It y espero que tengáis una buena semana.

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  1. LOVE navy with citron and you look terrific. Swooning over those boots too. Thanks for linking up, xo


  2. Those boots make me smile every time I see them. Blue and green are such a great combo.

    I hear you about the awful weather. It snowed again here today. It has warmed up to zero but the added snow/rain mix makes for very slippery driving conditions.

    Stay warm!


  3. Absolutely beautiful color combination! Love your gloves and scarf. Never a bad accident in your wardrobe, my dear, no matter the weather! <3

  4. The citron adds a fantastic punch to anything. And you don't need a glamorous location to take great photos. You and what you have on provide lots of interest! Sorry to hear about your cold weather. So far it's not so bad here, but I'm trying to prepare myself for colder weather when/if it gets here.

  5. Oh, I love your Frida brooch, but those boots are my favourites! Such a great colour. I hope it gets nicer for you soon!

  6. The citrussy scarf and glove really enhance your navy winter coat, ad do those fabulous Doc Martens, which make me smile whenever I see them. And I love the colourful floral print of your dress, too. It's been a bit colder here too for the last couple of days, but without the snow. It can keep away, as it always causes a lot of problems here too due to the same reasons. Stay warm and fabulous, Monica! Besos xxx

  7. You and Melanie both make excellent use of back alleys for your photo shoots ;) I love the colours in this outfit - reminds me of the sky and the ocean. Those are my absolute favourite boots.

  8. Fab fab FAB... love this colour combination.
    So fresh and cheerful.

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40

  9. Lovely! You certainly brightened the navy coat up with the other wonderful colourful items. I absolutely love your Frida Kahlo brooch...

    Be careful who you might meet in back alleys, ha ha!