jueves, 18 de enero de 2018

when in doubt wear red

I've stolen this motto from fab Samantha and I strongly agree with it!. Actually, red color has been a favourite of mine for ages, and I've always owned some red cardigans and/or coats. So when I had to let go my red coat, as it didn't fit me anymore, I started looking for a substitute. It has taken me a year to find one which fitted my size, my budget and my (current) style. You know, style evolves, which means that looking for a substitute is not like looking for something identical. I've picked this light coat, and was in doubt about returning it or not, because it didn't look very versatile (a light coat for a few days in spring!?) and its shape was 'difficult'. But I have finally kept it, as its comfy and kinda cool (80's vibe), and it could be worn layered!
On other hand, looking at old pictures makes me miss my red fringe so badly!

'En caso de duda, viste de rojo' es una frase que he robado del genial blog FakeFabulous, porque estoy completamente de acuerdo!. En realidad el color rojo ha sido de mis favoritos de toda la vida, y siempre he tenido chaquetas y/o abrigos en rojo. Así que, cuando tuve que deshacerme de mi clásico abrigo rojo, que no me servía ya, empecé a buscar un sustituto. Me ha llevado como un año encontrar algo que se ajustase a mi talla, mi presupuesto y mi estilo actual. Ya sabéis, el estilo es algo en evolución, lo que significa que buscar un sustituto no es buscar algo idéntico. Así que he escogido este abrigo ligero, y estaba dudando si quedármelo o no, porque no me parecía muy versátil (un abrigo ligero para unos pocos días primaverales?!) y el corte me parecía 'difícil'. Pero al final sí que me lo quedo, es cómodo, chulo (ochentero!), y se puede llevar en superposiciones.
Otra cuestión es que ver fotos antiguas me hace echar de menos muchísimo el flequillo en rojo!

- puff coat, Anne Weybourn (La Redoute) old / abrigo acolchado
- red coat, La Redoute (sales!) / abrigo rojo, de rebajas!
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- skirt, made of an old dress / falda, hecha de un vestido viejo
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, un regalo de Sacramento
- shawl, very old / chal, antigüito
- boots, Clarks (stud embellishment by me!) / botas, con unas tachuelas añadidas
- beret, a present by Bella / boina, un regalo de Bella
- bag by Nonapapallona / bolso de Nonapapallona

8 comentarios:

  1. Toda tu fabulosa, el collar formidable¡¡¡¡

  2. Estás divina! Me encanta la combinación del foulard con el suéter ;-)

  3. I love how you've double layered your coats.

    Once again the mix of colours is so joyful.

    I hate it when much loved pieces wear out and we are left trying to find an adequate substitute.


  4. I'm loving the 80s vibe of your new red coat! With the relatively mild winters we've been having - actually one long autumn until spring) I'm sure you'll wear it a lot. I love the print of your skirt, and made from an old dress too, which I admire. Such a lovely beret too, I have a black one which I hardly wear but now I'm thinking of adding some flowers, like yours! And finally, how amazing is Sacramento's necklace! Besos xxx

  5. I love your red coat! Good score. And maybe you'll find it even more versatile because you can layer it more than a heavier coat. Fringe will always have a special place in our hearts, but this is still a great piece. Love your colour always.

  6. Oh that is a very versatile coat, Monica! I love red too - such a cheerful colour. The La Redoute sale has been tempting me too,but so far I've resisted. I love the coat with your striped top and patterned skirt. Your boots are fabulous and I love the stud detailing on them - done by you! Wonderful accessories as always. We've had snow today!

    Have a great week.

  7. So beautiful, I love red. Such a fun and vibrant colour. You look amazing. I hope you have a great week ahead xx

  8. I loved your old coat, but this one is also fantastic! I agree with you, that our style evolves, and the substitutes differ because of it. The 80s vibe is great, and you can layer it as you did here brilliantly! I also love the necklace and camera pin, the red leo print scarf and shorter skirt - so cute! I think you can always go back to your red fringe - I kinda miss it too! Lots of love, my dear!



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