lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

vintage red dress

As you can imagine, I don’t always feel happy with my outfits, sometimes they’re absolutely not my style and I feel they’re inadequate or strange. I think this is part of the game, as I try new ensembles out of my comfort zone almost every week. That’s a real challenge, because I hate change and tend to repeat whatever I think works. On the other way, I like all kind of creativity, and that involves fashion, self-expression and my love for anything flamboyant, edgy or artistic (such a snob!). Walking the line between these two aspects makes my life pretty interesting!
So I've tried to wear this vintage dress in a lady like style which I think it's not particularly my style. Anyway, I would like to give it another try, because it's red and fun, before a total revamp!.
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Como podéis imaginar, no estoy contentísima cada día con lo que llevo, a veces siento que no me va nada bien, que es totalmente inadecuado o raro. Creo que esto forma parte del juego, porque pruebo nuevas combinaciones fuera de mi estilo habitual casi cada semana. Esto es un verdadero reto, ya que odio los cambios y tiendo a repetir cualquier cosa que considere que funciona. Por otro lado, me gusta todo lo creativo, incluyendo la moda como expresión personal y todo lo que sea extravagante, atrevido o artístico (muy snob!). Moverse entre estos dos aspectos tan diferentes hace que mi vida sea más interesante!
He intentado un estilo clásico 'de señora' con este vestido vintage, y no creo que sea particularmente mi estilo. De todos modos, me gustaría darle otra oportunidad, porque es rojo y divertido, antes de darle un cambio completo.
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- dress, vintage, a present by Mis Papelicos / vestido vintage, regalo de Mis Papelicos
- vintage fur vest, from my mom’s wardrobe / chaleco antigüito, del armario de mi madre
- obi belt, very old / cinturón obi, muy antiguo
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas

8 comentarios:

  1. Es bueno experimentar con la moda. Nunca tengasiedo de hacerlo.

  2. I love this, and I know you'll play with it as well! It's great with boots. xox


  3. I love how you've taken a dress that wasn't you and turned it into something fabulous. the leopard gillet was inspired! xxx

  4. I'm very similar to you too. I'll wear the same favourite thing far too often (currently my new camo jeans), but also like to be inventive in my dressing. The challenge of both aspects is what make us, us.
    This ladylike dress is styled to be very much you - that waistcoat maybe has a lot to do with it! The elegant boots too are all very effective with the overall look. I like it. It's good to keep mixing things up - bravo x

  5. I think you look amazing, this is a stunning look on you...perfection Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I love the dress, combined with the leopard gilet. Even though it might not be "your style", I still think it looks great on you, Monica. Sometimes it is good to break out of your comfort zone. I usually give things a second chance (or even a third, as I can be quite stubborn), so don't give up on it just yet. You might be surprised! xxx

  7. That fur vest is AMAZING, and I love it over the very ladylike dress. I think you did a great job styling it, even if it's not totally "you."

  8. The leopard vest goes a long way to make the dress a "Monica" dress! I have a very "lady-like" dress I purchased in New York in the fall, and even though it's not what I would consider my style, when I wear it with my denim jacket it feels perfectly me.