lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

grey zigzag

After months looking for an affordable coat (in my size), I've been lucky and found this wool coat at a clearance sale in a department store. It was marked 179€, then 89€ (which I consider an acceptable discount!), but I got it for 35€, because they were selling up all the coats. When I was told the price, I almost shouted 'take my money!'.
I'm perfectly conscious that I've bought a grey coat, which is nearly so dull than a black coat, but, hey, it's a good quality coat and it has a pretty zigzag design. So I'm not going to be fussy!. I've worn it for the first time in a monochromatic ensemble, with some different prints and textures and some kind of masculine style.
Wish you a nice week, and a very Visible Monday!

Después de meses buscando un abrigo a un precio razonable, y en mi talla, al fin he tenido suerte y encontré este abrigo de paño en una liquidación de un gran almacén. En la etiqueta ponía 179€, luego rebajado a 89€ (que ya es una rebaja muy aceptable), pero yo lo conseguí por 35€, porque estaban ya liquidando todos los abrigos. Cuando me dijeron el precio, casi grito 'toma el dinero'
Me doy cuenta de que he comprado un abrigo gris, que es casi casi tan aburrido como un abrigo negro, pero, la verdad, es un abrigo de buena calidad y tiene ese motivo en zigzag. Así que no voy a buscarle pegas. Me lo puse para estrenarlo con todo muy monocromático, pero en diferentes estampados y texturas, y un toque de estilo masculino.
Espero que tengáis una buena semana, y un Lunes Visible Visible Monday!

- scarf, by Eme (retail) / bufa-manta, Eme
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- crochet vest, by my mom / chaleco ganchillo, de mi madre
- pants, Punto Roma (sales) / pantalón, de rebajas
- shoes, Hotter (old) / zapatos
- bag, Misako (very old) / bolso, antigüito

14 comentarios:

  1. That is no way a dull coat! I love the pattern and the shape, and you look fantastic! xox


  2. That was a goodly bargain indeed - 140 less than the original price! It's a beautiful coat and looks lovely on you. All the interesting patterns and textures make it far from dull even if they are monochromatic. I think monochromatic garments, if placed well together, always looks so elegant - and you do.


  3. I loved how you showed us all the layers --each one was a very put-together look in it's own right! It really shows how layering can be so stylish!


  4. That coat is gorgeous on you. You can tell it was expensive, the cut and the pattern are fantastic and made even better by your kick ass accesorising! xxx

  5. What a sensational bargain for a sensational coat! Saying grey may well conjure all sorts of boring, dull outfits, but this is not in the least that. All of the patterns, fabrics and layering makes it fun and creative as ever.

    Wishing you a fab week x

  6. That's not a dull coat at all, Monica, and what a bargain! I love the way you do monochrome style. With lots of panache, like all your outfits. Hope you have a great week! Besos xxx

  7. Looks great to me! I love the bold zigzag, and I can tell the quality is there. Also, it is easy to combine with many different colors, which is an important feature for a coat, as you're going to use it for many months each year. :) And I always, always enjoy your black and white stylings! Great job pairing both intricate and bold patterns together.

  8. oh, a strip tease. Love the coat and the outfit

  9. Even though the colour is toned down from what you normally wear it is still so you because of the fab chevron pattern.

    What a deal you scored on this one!

    Your pattern mixing is dead on as usual.


  10. Por una vez son las distintas texturas las que tienen la palabra, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Qué maravilla M. Me dejas sin habla amiga mía.
    Mil besosssssssssssssssss

  11. Even thought the coat is gray, you can still wear your fabulously colourful outfits underneath. I really like the pattern and the shape of the coat and if I had seen it on sale I would have grabbed it for sure!

  12. That is a killer coat - the zigzags make it special. I love that you're doing an all-neutral ensemble - it really shows off your awesome hair. Lovely!