sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

weekly fav dress #4

This is what I worn yesterday to go to the theatre, except for the coat, which I changed for my faux fur, as it was more appropriate for colder temperatures at night (and way more elegant!). I went by bus, as used, so I thought it should be better not to wear a maxi skirt (no accidents, please). Anyway, my gauze purple dress is one of my favorite clothes, probably because of the sequins. Purple sequins are just amazing!.

Once more, I'm neglecting my blogging activities, and I can't resort to an easy excuse, because I'm not particularly involved in any whirl of Christmas preparations (we even didn't put the tree!). Anyway, see you on Monday!

Esto es lo que me puse ayer para ir al teatro, excepto por el abrigo, que cambié por el de pieles falsas, más apropiado porque de noche hace más frío, y también porque me pareció más elegantón. Como iba en autobús, según mi costumbre, no quise llevar faldas largas (nada de tropezones!). De todos modos, este vestido de gasa morada es uno de mis favoritos, probablemente por las lentejuelas. Todo es mejor con lentejuelas moradas!
Otra vez estoy descuidando mis actividades por aquí, y no puedo echar mano de ninguna excusa, porque no estoy precisamente en la vorágine de preparar las navidades (ni siquiera hemos puesto el árbol). De todos modos, os veo el lunes!

- dress, C&A (old) / vestido
- t-shirt, october (old) / camiseta
- tights, ebay / medias
- maryjanes, Hotter / merceditas
- coat, El Corte Inglés (ages ago) / abrigo, de hace siglos
- necklace and brooch, retail / collar y broche, tiendas locales

(oh yes, I can do a bitch face!. But I was not looked daggers at any photographer, pictures were taken with delayed action release, by myself, putting my camera on a litter bin. Some of my neighbours were very amused by my activities.)

(sí, puedo poner cara de bruja, Pero no la estaba dirigiendo contra ningún fotógrafo, las fotos se tomaron con autodisparo, poniendo la cámara sobre una papelera!. Para entretenimiento de algunos vecinos!)

6 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful in purple! I love a little sparkle (I too love my sparkly purple top, purple is magic) and striped tights - unexpected combination. I hope you enjoyed your theater experience!! I am coming to a closure with my whirlwind of theater visits and will only do it occasionally from now on. :) xxx

  2. Purple is such a great colour!
    This is a fantastic outfit, I really like that purple scarf...
    lovely and feminine look. Cute purple dress and tights with stripes.


  3. Gorgeous theatre outfit! Yes, coats can change the whole vibe of an outfit.
    Ha, ha. I don't see bitch face here but I have also put my camera on a litter bin more times than I care to remember. The joys of blogging never end... It is a whirlwind time of year.

  4. That's a stunner of a theatre outfit! xxx

  5. You are brave to self timer in public! I havent done so yet. Well, only with the family. Lovely shades of purple. Very glam! xo JJ

  6. Gorgeous in purple! Hope you enjoyed the theatre, and your bitch face photo made me laugh! xxx