lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Share-In-Style: Free!

There's not a Share-In-Style theme, but it was even more complicated to think what kind of freedom I should like to dress up. And there's also weather as another factor involved. It's rainy and snowy, and you know I'm a huge fan of comfort!
Then I've worn a sensible outfit, one of my well known ensembles for rainy days. A long waterproof coat and boots. But you can wear whatever you like under that coat, even striped leggings and a summer shirt!.
Enjoy your week, dear ladies, and be free!

Esta vez no hay tema para compartir estilo en Share-In-Style, pero ha sido incluso más difícil pensar en qué clase de tema libre me gustaría vestir. Y también está la cuestión del tiempo, porque está lluvioso y amenaza nieve, y una es muy de comodidad ante todo.
Así que me he puesto algo muy adecuado al clima, uno de mis conjuntos para días de lluvia, abrigo largo y botas. Pero en realidad, puedes llevar lo que te dé la gana debajo de semejante abrigo, incluso leggings a rayas y una camisa de verano!
Disfrutad la semana, queridas, y sed muy libres!

- very old coat, Anne Weyburn / abrigo antigüito
- red cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta roja
- summer shirt, thrifted by lovely Sacramento / camisa de verano, regalo de la encantadora Sacramento
- leggings, ebay
- mini denim skirt, old as mountains / faldita vaquera, más vieja que las montañas
- boots, Clarks / botas
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
- sunnies, Asos (old) / gafas de sol
- scarf, Locaderremate / pañuelo
Update: Link to my weekly inspiration, 52-Pick-Me-Up: Crazy Legs at Spy Girl.

Actualización: Enlazo a la inspiración semanal de Spy Girl, 52-Pick-Me-Up: Crazy Legs

13 comentarios:

  1. Black, white and red are a wonderful combination, and the addition of the little "old as mountains" denim mini is very cheeky! I'm not used to seeing you wear shorter lengths, but you should do it more often - it really suits you! Yes, we can keep wearing summery clothes all year round if we layer up wisely, as you have. xxx

  2. Wonderful! I love the short skirt over the leggings. The legs make me want to party. And although we hope you keep your coat open to share all that style magic, it's very cool to know that we can close the doors whenever we like.

  3. FUN!!! Love it all very much, it feels almost like you changed your identity in some ways - it's you, but it a new you! You have gorgeous legs, and you must show them at 52 Pick-me-up (look at me, I just said "you must", what's with that?) - it's a crazy legs week over there. :) Of course, no "must" - but you'd be perfect there. :) xxxx

    1. thanks for remind me!! incredibly I forgot to link it!

  4. Love those Beetlejuice leggings with the mini skirt, you've got gorgeous legs! xxx

  5. Oooh...I love these stripy leggings, they are wonderful :)))) You look stunning my stylish and fierce!! It is not the greatest of weather here, very wet today. I hope your week is wonderful and you keep warm too :))) besos xxx

  6. Such an extravagant look!

  7. es verdad que esa combinación de colores es magnífica pero, ¿y las gafas? oooooh esas gafas!!!

  8. YAY for short skirts and striped leggings! You look so funky, and I like your Emily bag - I have an Emily The Strange figure on my desk at work ;)

  9. Tienes las mejores piernas de la bloggosfera, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Maravilloso capeado.
    Eres una auténtica reína ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEE