lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

visible & revamp

This is what I've worn to go to work this morning, feeling not too strong, but anyway trying to stay visible for a Visible Monday. And wishing you a nice week.
I've been revamping some clothes, and adding others to my 'donate pile'. This mauve shirt was shortened, its sleeves were cut off and its neckline was opened. Then I drawed a flower using a permanent marker (bought for another project), and sew some seams on it. I wanted some kind of light short vest, and I think I've got it, so I'm happy about it.

Esto es lo que he llevado esta mañana para ir al trabajo, sintiéndome todavía un poco floja, pero de todos modos intentando seguir bien visible para el Visible Monday. Y deseando que tengáis una buena semana.
He estado reformando alguna ropa, y añadiendo mucha otra a mi montón para llevar a instituciones de caridad. Esta camisa malva ha sufrido lo suyo, la he acortado, le quité las mangas y le abrí el cuello. Y luego le dibujé una flor con un rotulador permanente que tenía por casa (de otro proyecto), y le cosí unas puntadas por encima del dibujo. Lo que quería era una especie de chaleco ligero y corto, y creo que lo he conseguido, así que estoy contenta con el resultado.

- t-shirt, Locaderremate / camiseta
- tye&dye pants / pantalón teñido en casa
- sandals, Brako (dyed and added crocheted flowers) / sandalias, teñidas y con flores de ganchillo añadidas
- sarong as a shawl, Complements (old) / pareo a modo de chal
- necklaces, Dayaday, Sfera (old) / collares
- beach bag, revamped with crocheted starfishes / bolso de playa, reformado con unas estrellas de mar de ganchillo

Mauve shirt before revamp / La camisa malva antes del arreglillo:

12 comentarios:

  1. ahh, that is a wonderful transformation, Sra - you have a gift of creativity! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox

  2. What a brilliant makeover! I'd recognise your fabulous art anywhere, I love it!
    Hope work isn't too tiring and they're looking after you. xxx

  3. A wonderfully creative revamp of the lilac shirt! It looks great with the turquoise/blue shades of the rest of the outfit. Look after yourself, it takes a while to feel fully recovered after a nasty bout of illness. xxx

  4. I love revamping and you certainly have been doing your share. Everything looks great, especially the purples with your red hair!!

  5. You look super, I love the colours together for your look, perfect!! I hope you feel better and have a gorgeous week :) xx

  6. Una rapsodia de malvas y azules que me matan de gusto y el capeado es tannnnnnnnnnnnnnn genial
    Te adoro.
    Mil besossssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. Lovely, lovely color combination and layers - as always, you rock! You did an amazing job with this vest, bravo (or is it brava?). Good to hear you are feeling better! xxxx

  8. I love mauve and teal, or purple and turquoise or whatever you call it. Wonderful light vest with self embellished flower! And I can't help noticing your amazing starfish bag! Gorgeous! Hope you are fully recovered soon :-) xo JJ

  9. Menudo cambio, es una prenda totalmente diferente siendo la misma. Un saludo.

  10. me encanta este mix de color!
    un besito,

  11. Oh, lovely revamp! Good job ... so cute, so YOU! I'm always a little surprised to see you in pastels, but I love them on you!
    I finally figured out how to use a double needle, and am soon going to alter the length of my favorite tee shirts ... all are too long, and I'm fed up with the way they look. Revamping is more interesting than just adjusting the hem, though. You inspire!