sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2014

orange season

Wearing one of my favorite summer outfits to join 52-Pick-Me-Up: Back to School. Because it feels appropriate to wear a really summery ensemble, to say goodbye a well enjoyed season. And welcome Autumn, which it's my favorite season!

Llevando uno de mis conjuntos favoritos para unirme al reto semanal de 52-Pick-Me-Up: Back to School. Porque me parece apropiado llevar algo muy veraniego para despedirme de una estación que ha sido bien aprovechada. Y dar la bienvenida al otoño, que es mi estación favorita.

- sleeveless shirt, Luna Llena, very old / blusa sin mangas, antigüita
- red clamdiggers, Festa (old) / pantalones pesqueros en rojo
- sarong as a shawl, flea market (old) / pareo a modo de chal, de mercadillo
- sandals, Brako (old) / sandalias
- crochet starfishes / estrellas de mar de ganchillo

7 comentarios:

  1. Orange is such a delightful color, it always lifts my spirit up! And I also love Autumn. What a delicious outfit! xxx

  2. Orange, red and white - perfect colours as summer moves into autumn. Look at those corkers and the leaves turning, real signs of the season. You are looking gorgeous! xxx

  3. You are a colour savant! You always manage a glorious creation. The leaves are dropping over there, and reappearing over here. How fun! Enjoy your lovely favourite season. It seems to be so many people's favourite. Lovely sunny still days to crunch in the leaves. And lie under a tree to see the world turn. Ahhh! Xo JJ

  4. You're a sight for sore eyes on a grey, drizzly day! A glorious colour combo and some gorgeous nature photos. x

  5. You look amazing, love these colours on you :))) So perfect :) I hope you have a great week my dear xx

  6. Your colours manage to evoke both summer and autumn. You are like sunshine.