viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014


52-Pick-Me-Up: Dessert is about dressing up like your favorite dessert this week!
I'm not a huge fan of sweets, but I asked Mr.A. about my favorite dessert and he answered me very quickly: moelleux au chocolat!. Because I have a weakness for chocolat. Plain chocolat, please. I'm even used to put some pure cocoa (without sugar) in my milk. That's the way I love it!
So I'm dressing in brown and black, like a fabulous moelleux au chocolat, with a touch of white which would represent a ball of ice cream!. Wish you like it!

Esta semana, el reto es vestirse como tu postre favorito en 52-Pick-Me-Up: Dessert.
Como no soy muy aficionada a los dulces, le pregunté a Mr.A. cuál creía él que es mi postre favorito, y me respondió enseguida: moelleux au chocolat!. Porque tengo una debilidad por el chocolate, el negro negrísimo. Incluso me pongo cacao puro (sin azúcar ni ná) en la leche. Me encanta!
Así que me he vestido en marrón y negro, como un fabuloso moelleux au chocolat, con un toque de blanco que podría representar una bola de helado!. Espero que os guste!

- pants, Festa / pantalón
- black t-shirt, Festa (old) / camiseta negra
- sarong as a shawl (previously worn as a dress) / pareo a modo de chal, anteriormente a modo de vestido
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local
- 80's earrings and hat (from my own lumber room) / pendientes y sombrero ochenteros (de mi propio desván)
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias
- new rings, etsy / nuevos anillos, etsy

8 comentarios:

  1. Nice outfit and i like chocolat as well, dark chocolat!

    Have a happy weekend


  2. You do look like a fantastic dessert!! Love your earrings, they're very creative and unique. I must go back and look at them again. I think I'll do chocolate too!

  3. Gorgeous prints, love those trousers. The print on the scarf, the circular cut-out detail on the neckline of your top, and your earrings and rings all echo each other - clever you!
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  4. Chocolate and ice cream - I can't think of anything better. Your outfit looks very cool, maybe because of that scoop of ice cream. And your smile adds the sweetness!

  5. No, I'm not a fan of desserts either but I do love your outfit! That vest with the cut-outs is cute and your pants magnificent! xxx

  6. Plain dark chocolate is my weakness. There are so many things to love about this outfit - the fabulous pants, the fun detail at the neckline of the top, and your funky little braids - sooo cool!!

  7. I love chocolate, all chocolate, just give it to me, hahaha!! You look fantastic my dear, love this pattern, so eye - catching!!! Xxx

  8. Mmm...chocolate! You look so sophisticated in your flowy trousers. I love the new rings - octopus and bird, hurray!