sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

share-in-style: flowers

So funny to join share-in-style once more and this time I'm sharing a Flowers themed outfit with fabulous Sewingadicta, whose style and talent are so inspiring, she makes the most wonderful clothes and sport them with sassiness!! I'm encouraging you to join us and have fun!

Encantada de unirme de nuevo a otro share-in-style y esta vez compartiendo estilo y Flores con la fabulosa Sewingadicta, cuyo estilo y talento son muy inspiradores, hace una ropa maravillosa y además, la luce con muchísima gracia y personalidad!. Podéis animaros, es divertido participar!

I've been busy this week, running errands, going to the cinema with Mr.A. to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel (cute yet melancholy), and going for long walks, wandering or sitting on terraces. Busy on little things!

He estado ocupada esta semana, haciendo recados, yendo al cine con Mr.A. a ver El Gran Hotel Budapest (bonita pero meláncolica), y dando muchos paseos por ahí o sentándonos en terrazas. Ocupada en todas esas pequeñas cosas!

- dress, Praslin (old) / vestido
- crochet cardi, ages ago / chaqueta de ganchillo, de hace siglos
- tights, El Corte Inglés / medias
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas
- jean jacket, old and revamped / vieja chaqueta vaquera, reformada
- bird brooch, retail, local artisan / broche de pájaro, artesanía

Wish you a nice weekend!
¡Que tengáis buen fin de semana!

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  1. Ha sido un verdadero placer compartir todos estos ratos contigo y tu estilo tan personal, eres encantadora y haces sentir muy bien a los que tienes alrededor tuyo, mi querida Señora Allnut. Tu look de hoy no podía gustarme más, azul y fucsia hacen buena pareja y esa chaqueta de crochet me ha robado el corazón. Eres especial y te adoro!!!

    1. madre mía, cuánta maravilla, eres genial y tan encantadora!!
      estoy en-tu-sias-ma-da!!

  2. You look just wonderful, all these colours are so marvellous. You and Rosy are a gorgeous pair of beauties!! I would most definitely wear both of your outfits, I love flowers :)) Your bracelets and brooches are dreamy, I adore them!! I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll Xxx

  3. I love being your kind of busy! :)

    Your outfits are adorable, as always.

  4. That dress is so pretty, the pink scarf looks great on you. You look so cute with those shoes, I love them!


  5. Great pattern on the dress! Crochet cardis will always look fantastic.

  6. Oh Mrs Allnut you always perk me up and make me smile - really!!!!! You have such a wonderful eye for colour and patterns and a way about you with putting everything together so beautifully and crazy. Why are we so far apart?!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  7. Spring is the time to break out the flower patterns, and Sewingadicta is wearing one of my favourite colour combinations! As always you are a feast of colour on my blog roll. I'm hoping to see Grand Budapest Hotel soon.

  8. I love your floral outfit! I always love your outfits though and your way with colour and pattern! I want to see Grand Budapest Hotel too though I doubt it will come to my town. Thanks for the heads up that it's slightly melancholy.

  9. The pair of you are rocking those florals! Dying to see Grand Budapest Hotel! x

  10. Love the floral print, deep pinks and blue is such a beautiful combination. xxxx

  11. Diosas entre las flores. Os abrazo.

  12. Love your floral dress and how you've styled it! Fab!


  13. What a CUTE post :) and your blog is so fab and fun.

    Check out my new post....How you decorate a small space to look bigger :)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  14. Pattern mixing and color combos- you are a master! Or mistress? Love the gorgeous colors and prints on you- and good to know you are busy in a good way. You are made of marvelous. Hugs and kisses from Seattle. xo. Bella