miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

work & rain

- beach dress-robe, 4x4 summer sales / bata-vestido playero, rebajas de verano
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- striped t-shirt, C&A / camiseta de rayas
- sandals, Brako (old) / sandalias
- necklaces, a present / collares, un regalo
- bracelets, Sfera, flea markets / pulseras, Sfera y mercadillos
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, tienda local

7 comentarios:

  1. That beach robe is wonderful! What an inspired choice of coat! Hurrah for being seasonally inappropriate! xxx

  2. The robe is FABULOUS!! you brighten up a grey day!!

  3. Supercolorida para días grises.

  4. What an inspired way to wear a beach robe, it looks perfect as a lightweight coat. Great with the stripes and big splash of pink. We've had rain here too... Summer's over, I'm afraid. xxxx

  5. Qué maravilla de atuendo para ir a trabajar, ahhhhhhhhhh Seguro que los dejastes a todos muertos de gusto y admiración.

  6. Would not think it was a beach robe!! Great outfit.....it is very wet here today also:(
    ~Anne xx

  7. Senora Allnut- I cherish your comments on my blog- they always make my day! Forgive my neglect- I am a bit over my head in projects/time management. But I am always cheered to see your riot of pattern mixes, bright colors and wonderful accessories! I love the stripes, the bangles and the good mood! Besos!