miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

green & rusted

This is what I worn some days ago, when weather was still warm enough to avoid winter coats. It's not so warm these days, but I'm enjoying some nice walks anyway because it's not raining very frequently. My favorite place to walk is by the river, where there's a wide park and some pretty paths under the trees. It's also one of my favorite places to take some pics, because it's quiet and nobody cares about a crazy lady putting her camera on a bank and adopting ridiculous poses. I'm missing Mr.A's help to take my pictures, but he's feeling better everyday and wishing to be exploited again as photographer assistant!

Esto es lo que llevé hace unos días, cuando el tiempo estaba todavía lo bastante bueno como para no tener que llevar abrigo. Ya no está tan bueno ahora mismo, pero estoy saliendo a pasear igualmente, porque tampoco llueve mucho. Mi paseo favorito está a lo largo del río, donde hay un parque bastante extenso y unos bonitos senderos bajo los árboles. También es uno de mis lugares favoritos para tomarme fotos, porque está tranquilo y nadie se preocupa de una tía loca que coloca su cámara sobre un banco y luego pone poses ridículas. Estoy echando de menos la ayuda de Mr.A. para tomarme fotos, pero muy pronto volverá, se siente mejor cada día y está deseando que lo exploten como asistente de fotografía!

- dress, La Redoute (last winter) / vestido, invierno pasado
- denim jacket, La Redoute (cropped) / chaqueta vaquera, recortada
- leather jacket, ebay / chaqueta cuero
- tights, ? / medias
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, comercio local

You can see it in a previous remix / Podéis verlo en una ocasión anterior

7 comentarios:

  1. Vibrant juicy Orange on you, Senora Allnut! I love the bright citrus hue mixed up with the drab olive. Very smartly FALL! PS: I love your colorful hair too!

  2. What a beautiful colour combo, making the most of those last gloriously warm days. I'm so pleased to hear that Mr A is feeling much better! xxx

  3. Gorgeous outfit and fab photos! Glad your Mr A is on the mend:) Have a lovely weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  4. I'm happy Mr. A is doing better - Green and orange what a fabulous mix!
    I like to take my pic in the back alley or the garden - But it's getting cold and dark soon to do it there anymore -
    I will be back in my little studio -


  5. Qué gusto volver y verte tan maravillosa.
    No hay color ni textura que no se rinda a tus pies.

  6. Gorgeous color combo and so very autumnal. i love the tunic dress!!

  7. I much prefer to have my special photographer too! Healing hungs to Mr A!
    We live quite close to a river, and I love going for my weekly walk there. the bird life is amazing! And it makes a great place for a photoshoot occasionally! XXX