viernes, 19 de abril de 2024

Back to Reality

My holiday break has been longer than expected and not for good reason!. We had a lovely week in Lanzarote, most days were delightfully hot, but last day was damn windy and I resented from that sudden change (became hoarse!). So I visited my doctor as soon we came home, and she told me that I had got a pharingitis (and a conjunctivitis too, no expense spared!). So I've been in antibiotics, and felt really tired, so I had to take a sick leave and everything was posponed, including my blog post. Time flies when you're having fun! (/irony)

Al final, mi pausa vacacional ha sido más larga de lo esperado, pero no por buenas razones. Pasamos una semana estupenda en Lanzarote, la mayoría de los días con un tiempo buenísimo, pero el último día cambió de pronto a un viento de los demonios, que hizo que se me resintiera la garganta y me quedé afónica. Así que fui a mi doctora en cuanto llegué a casa y me dijo que tenía faringitis (y una conjuntivitis también, no reparo en gastos). Así que he estado con antibióticos, y sintiéndome como un trapo, y de baja una semanita. He tenido que dejar todo para más adelante, incluyendo el blog. Y es que el tiempo vuela cuando te estás divirtiendo (/ironía)
We had a fantastic time, totally my kind of quiet lifestyle. Long walks, some great food, and some excursions to visit a few favourite places, like the Cactus Garden where we took some photos again (even if we had visited it last year too)

Lo hemos pasado muy bien, es el tipo de vida tranquila que me gusta. Muchos paseos, buena comida, y unas cuantas excursiones para volver a lugares que nos encantan, como el Jardín de Cactus, donde volvimos a sacar fotos, otra vez!, aunque ya estuvimos el año pasado
It was our third visit to Arrecife, which is a lovely place to spend the morning, as we did!. We walked and sightsaw, visited the market, then sat on a terrace and enjoyed a delightful lunch.

Visitamos Arrecife por tercera vez, es un lugar estupendo para pasar una mañana, como hicimos. Puedes pasear, ver el ambiente, visitar el mercado, y luego sentarte en una terraza a comer si quieres!.
Last day I was fighting the wind, even if well wrapped in my scarf and denim jacket, but still feeling the chill.

Y aquí estaba yo el último día, luchando con el viento, bien abrochada la chaqueta y el pañuelo, pero todavía pasando fresquete.
I took some photos of my luggage, as a reference for next trips. Probably I've lost my 'light packer' skills after some years of not having to pack a cabin luggage. Travels by car have spoiled me!
Saqué unas fotos del equipaje, como referencia para viajes posteriores. Probablemente estoy perdiendo mi habilidad para hacer equipajes mínimos, después de estos últimos años de no viajar con maleta de cabina. Tanto viaje en coche me ha malacostumbrado.
It's always difficult to pack when the weather is so unpredictable, and I'm always tempted to pack for every possible temperature. But I (mostly) ignored all those 'just in case' and kept it simple, picked two trousers, four blouses and two dresses. But could have done it better (and lighter).

Siempre es difícil hacer las maletas para un clima tan impredecible, y está la tentación de intentar llevar ropa para cualquier tiempo. Pero conseguí ignorar todos esos 'por si acaso' y quedarme con dos pantalones, cuatro blusas y dos vestidos. Pero podría haberlo hecho mejor, y más reducido.
I also packed some bijouterie as it adds interest and takes up little space. I wore those beads for the trip (no metallic pieces!) and my 'leaves' earrings which are really lightweight!. Always better to avoid any fuss when going through airport control.

También me llevé algo de bisutería, que siempre añade interés y ocupa muy poco. Me puse el collar de bolitas para el viaje, porque no tiene partes metálicas, y los pendientes de hojitas que son muy ligeros. Siempre mejor evitar cualquier inconveniente en los controles del aeropuerto, ante todo comodidad.
Still not feeling my best but I wore some bold pastels for colour therapy and went for a short walk (to the doctor!). Now I'm back to work, and have had to deal with usual crazy amount of emails, technical issues and stuff, but my coworkers have missed me and looked happy to see me back!. I can't complain actually.
Todavía no estoy muy bien, pero me puse colores variados y ya sólo eso te anima, y me dí un paseíto corto (hasta el médico!). Estoy de vuelta en el trabajo y en la habitual lucha con una cantidad muy loca de emails y demás, pero también mis compañeros de trabajo están encantados de verme de vuelta. ¡Así que no me puedo quejar!

Back to reality of springtime, pollen galore!
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. so sorry to hear that you was ill - but glad you´r better now - even for some pretty outfit photos!
    your holidays on lanzarote look gorgeous and your colourful clothes are fabulous - the pics cheer me up as we are back to winter at the moment.....

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm feeling better!
      And I'm glad that these pics cheered you up!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you were ill, that sounds a really unpleasant illness and I hope the antibiotics have worked their magic.
    I loved seeing you and Mr A in Lanzarote, I really want to revisit the island again, now. Thank you for sharing your packing photos. I've started making Pinterest boards for each trip I take, it's time consuming but really helpful. Its so easy to panic at the last minute and pop a few "just in case" items in the bag. It takes nerves of steel to resist!
    Love your post-trip crochet top and how pretty you look in your maxi! xxx

    1. oh yes, it has been a really unpleasant illness, I've been exhausted and it's frustrating when you can't speak a word!
      I think you'll enjoy Lanzarote, totally lovely architecture and there are still some places not totally spoiled by massive tourism.
      Your pinterest boards are really inspiring me!

  3. So sorry to hear you've been ill, Monica. I'm hoping you're all better now!
    I loved tagging along with you and Mr. A. to Lanzarote. That first photo is absolutely fabulous. Seeing other people's packing photos is always an inspiration, but like you I'm totally spoiled by travelling by car, which makes me pack far too many items "just in case".
    Your bold pastels outfit is a delight, and that crochet top is to die for!
    I'm hearing you on being back at the office and dealing with all those emails. That's what Monday has in store for me, I'm afraid :-( Mil besos xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm better now even if not totally recovered.
      It has been difficult to ignore those 'just in case' and keep it simple, after so many travels by car, yes, I'm spoiled too!
      Mondays are the same for me!, that ridiculous amount of emails waiting for me!, it takes a whole morning to catch up with them!. No epic poems about office work! ;D

  4. How horrible to get ill straight after your wonderful holiday. I hope you are feeling much better now but I expect the pollen is causing problems...

    I loved your holiday wardrobe and your holiday packing was brilliant! I just panic and pack everything and always pack too much. To be fair though I've never gone on holiday with just carry on luggage so I've never really had to minimise my packing too much.

    The difference in the sky between your holiday day excursions and the final, windy day was very noticeable. I'm glad you had a lovely time and isn't it nice to know your colleagues missed you?

    1. Thanks for your comments, dear Veronica!, and glad you liked my holiday packing, I have to improve my 'light packer' skills!
      It has been lovely that my colleagues looked so happy when I was back!, I felt reassured!

  5. Your holiday looked lovely, but sorry to read you were ill afterwards. Sometimes illness hits as soon as you're doing something relaxing. I hope you are getting better now. I love your crochet jumper, did you make that?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Louise, I'm feeling better now!.
      And yes, I crocheted that jumper, it was an easy pattern (if you're interested, see it here)