miércoles, 5 de abril de 2023

Southern Exposure

I'm back to business as usual even if feeling a little bit puzzled because of the (sudden) winter weather conditions and the f%*# time change. It's not funny to go back to tights and coats after a holiday at Canary Islands, where temperatures were around 25ºC. It was our third time in Lanzarote but the first one we had no wind blowing for some days, so it was quite hot sometimes. Loved it and visited some places we missed previously. Small island, great landscapes, beautiful art, lovely food, what else?.

Ya estoy de vuelta a la vida cotidiana, aunque es muy desconcertante todo, por culpa de este tiempo casi de invierno y esta mierda de cambio de hora. No es nada divertido estar de vuelta para tener que ponerse otra vez medias y abrigo, después de haber estado de vacaciones en Canarias con temperaturas de 25ºC. Fuimos por tercera vez a Lanzarote, pero la primera vez que no sopló el viento cada día, tuvimos calma algún día, y calor. Nos encantó e hicimos visitas a sitios que no conocíamos aún, incluso en una isla pequeña hay mucho que ver, los paisajes, el arte, la comida!.
Our favourite restaurant at Puerto del Carmen, a beautiful view and fresh fish for lunch!
Nuestro restaurante favorito en Puerto del Carmen, con bonitas vistas y pescado fresquísimo.
We rented a car for two days, so we could organise our own excursions. This is the Fundación César Manrique (click to see info and pics!), settled in the house that the famous artist built for himself. Totally fabulous house that makes the most of some natural hollows created by volcanic activity. And that's a groovy pool!
We also visited a local winecellar, and were fascinated again by the black gravel landscapes.

Alquilamos un coche para un par de días, para poder organizarnos nuestras propias excursiones. Esta es la Fundación César Manrique, la antigua casa del famoso artista, que él mismo diseñó aprovechando algunos huecos creados por la actividad volcánica. La piscina y las salas semisubterráneas son curiosísimas.
También fuimos a visitar una bodeguita local, con sus paisajes de gravilla negra tan fascinantes.
Next day we decided to visit the Jardín de Cactus (Cacti Garden) as we both are huge fans of botanical gardens. I think Mr.A. photographed every strange shaped cactus (and there were lots of them).
Then we went to Teguise market, which was crowded (I can't imagine it in high season!), so we quickly looked for a nice terrace and relaxed ourselves with a beer and some tapas. Not a bad plan!.
I know I'm privileged because can take some of my annual vacation whenever I want and go against the current. So I'm back when most people are going out for Easter Holiday!.

Ya sé que soy una privilegiada por poder tomarme las vacaciones cuando quiera e ir a la contra. Así que estoy de vuelta cuando mucha gente sale de vacaciones de Semana Santa.

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  1. Cuantos bellos recuerdos me han traído tus fotos. Gracias.

  2. Coming back home from holiday is a shock to the system at the best of times, but coming down from 25°C to freezing wintry temperatures must have made it even worse!
    I am so hearing you on the *** time change too ...
    Your photos of sunny Lanzarote are a sight for sore eyes, and how amazing is that Cacti Garden! I'm not surprised Mr. A. couldn't stop photographing them!
    I can take my annual holiday whenever I want as well, so that we can always go anywhere out of season. When Jos was still working, his company closed down for holidays in July, which wasn't much fun! Besos xxx

  3. What a shock to the system, having to come back to the cold!
    We loved Manrique's garden and his artwork when we visited Lanzarote many years ago. The architecture, cacti and both of you in your fabulously bright sunny weather clothes have put a big smile on my face! xxx

  4. Cómo vives y disfrutas ,hacéis muy bien visitar cosas bonitas que tenemos muchas y pronto otra vuelta por otro sitio