miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2023


Once we have left behind half of the summer season (so hectic season at work has almost finished) the atmosphere feels more relaxing. Most people have left the city for holidays, some shops are closed, even public offices have a reduced timetable. It's also time for festivities at many towns and villages, so lots of people visit them to party at the popular festivals. A relaxing atmosphere indeed.

Una vez que hemos dejado atrás la mitad del verano, y también casi ha acabado la temporada difícil en el trabajo, ya se siente un ambiente más relajado. Mucha gente ha dejado la ciudad por vacaciones, hay tiendas cerradas, y muchas oficinas tienen horario reducido. También es la época en que muchos pueblos celebran fiestas, así que montones de gente acude aprovechando las festividades. Realmente hay un ambiente relajado.
Not so many heatwaves this year, only normal summer temperatures most days (30-35ºC) and cool nights, which makes a difference. This dress is part of my Heatwave Capsule, a patchwork piece I sewed during lockdown. It's extremely lightweight and comfy, so I keep wearing them summer after summer. Comfy sandals by Wonders (years old). Cross body bag, by local designer Ramonak Workshop. Yellow basket was shopped retail years ago.

Este año no hemos tenido todas esas olas de calor del año pasado, la mayoría del tiempo nos hemos quedado en temperaturas de verano normal, 30-35ºC, y fresquete por las noches, que es lo que marca la diferencia. Este vestido es de los que reservo para las olas de calor, está hecho en patchwork (lo cosí durante el confinamiento), muy ligero y cómodo, así que sigo poniéndomelo verano tras verano. Sandalias cómodas de Wonders, de hace años. Bolsito cruzado, de la diseñadora local Ramonak Workshop. Cesta amarilla, de una tienda local, hace años.
Another summer essential, a linen tunic over floaty trousers. Even if these rusty-earthy colours are not my favourite ones, it's a really comfy ensemble, so totally a keeper. Linen tunic came from Sunday street market (second hand) and was dyed in rusty orange colour (I was trying a bolder orange). Trousers by PuntRoma sales. Sandals by Skechers (old). Usual straw bag from Etsy years ago.
I took my photo early in the morning before work, so I was wearing a shawl (probably it was 15ºC). However, the day was damn hot so that shawl was in my bag most of the time.

Otro de los esenciales del verano, una túnica de lino sobre pantalones ligeros. Aunque estos colores terrosos no son de mis favoritos, todo es comodísimo, así que sigo llevándolo. La túnica de lino vino del mercadillo del domingo, de segunda mano, y la teñí de este naranja óxido (estaba buscando un tono más vivo!). Pantalón de PuntRoma rebajas. Sandalias Skechers. El habitual bolso de paja es de Etsy, hace años.
Estas fotos las tomé temprano por la mañana antes del trabajo, así que llevaba un chal, haría unos 15ºC. Pero el día fue de calor y el chal estuvo casi todo el tiempo guardado dentro del bolso.

I've been wearing maxi skirts frequently, even if I have not taken many photos (not new stuff nor new combos to show!). This is totally the kind of outfit I wear to work most days, a cotton shirt/blouse and a colourful skirt. Both came from second hand stalls at Sunday street market, on different occasions. I think that orange and purple make such a vitaminic combo!. Scarf was acquired recently, second hand too. Necklace came from a charity market. Sneakers by Reebok outlet (almost destroyed). Orange cardi also came from Sunday street market (years ago).

Me he puesto muy a menudo faldas largas, aunque no me he tomado fotos, porque no tenía nada nuevo que mostrar. Este es un ejemplo de lo que me suelo poner para ir a trabajar, una blusita de algodón y una falda colorida. Ambas de puestos de segunda mano del mercadillo del domingo, sólo que compradas en diferentes momentos. Y es que naranja y morado crean una combinación tan animada!. El pañuelo también es de segunda mano, comprado hace poco. El collar de un mercadillo solidario. Zapatillas Reebok outlet, ya muy gastadas. Chaquetita punto también del mercadillo, de hace años.
Another colourful skirt to the rescue!. This one came from a second hand stall, I digged it out from a pile of aprons (1€ each one). It was a happy find, I've worn it lots of times!. I've even considered to copy its patchwork design. I have some old trousers in my stash that can be striped (once cut out the unusable fabric) and combined to create a franken-skirt.
Orange trench by LaRedoute (old), green tshirt so old I can remember, sandals by Chiruca outlet (old), necklace was a present.

Otra falda de colorines al rescate. Esta falda vino de un puesto de segunda mano del mercadillo, de un montón de delantales a 1€!. Una verdadera suerte, porque me la he puesto montones de veces. Incluso estoy considerando copiar su diseño de tiras de telas distintas. Tengo algunos pantalones viejos de los que puedo sacar tiras (una vez descartada la parte estropeada) y combinarlas para crear una falda como esta.
Gabardina naranja de LaRedoute, camiseta verde ni me acuerdo, sandalias de Chiruca outlet, y collar fue un regalo.
We went for a walk and a refreshment on a terrace, and took a photo at a favourite place. There are still some quiet terraces even in the touristic old town!. Actually, I've noticed that tourism has increased, attracted by that same local lifestyle that tourism spoils: many traditional shops have closed, touristic apartments have taken the place and the old town looks like a themed park, exactly the same thing that happens everywhere. Even some shops have been replaced by ice-cream and waffles franchise businesses in the old town!. Not happy news!.

Aquí estamos después de un paseo y un rato en una terraza, tomando una foto en uno de nuestros sitios favoritos. Todavía quedan terrazas tranquilas, incluso en las calles turísticas. En realidad, he notado que el turismo crece, atraído justamente por el estilo de vida que contribuye a destruir: tiendas de toda la vida que cierran, apartamentos turísticos por todas partes, y la parte vieja parece ya un parque temático, lo mismo que en todas partes. Incluso he visto que algunas tiendas clásicas han sido sustituidas por esas franquicias de helados y waffles que hay en todos lados. No son buenas noticias.

Hope you're having a fabulous week.

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  1. so sorry that your old town gets to touristic with all the bad symptoms.......
    our town is dead since ages, the only rescue would be tourism, but i fear even that will pass it by.
    the patchworkdress looks perfect - not one inch home sewn! so go on and made the old trousers into a new skirt!!
    love your colourful skit with cotton top looks - and wear this too most of the time in summer. its so comfy and practical.
    and even if i´m a winter type - like you i like me some earthy tones - fabulous outfit! - in late summer, when my skin is a bit tanned :-D

  2. I am loving all your summer outfits and the tunic and floaty trousers combo is my favourite. I think the colour of the tunic is wonderful. I'm glad things are winding down for you, but sorry to hear how tourism spoils things in your town. It's such a dilemma isn't it? Towns and countries need tourism for their economies but the people in the tourist towns suffer in different ways. Who knows what the answer is?

  3. I do love your heatwave capsule especially the Pandemic patchwork!
    I'm glad things are at a more relaxed pace and life isn't quite so hectic. I can't imagine what living in a tourist town must be like, nobody in their right minds would ever come here for a holiday! xxx

  4. 30-35ºC is considered a heatwave here, but I guess it's better than those unbearable hot temperatures you've had to contend with.
    I'm glad to hear the hectic season at work is over. We do have the opposite at the moment, as it has been a bit too quiet a the office.
    Loving the heatwave capsule patchwork frock, the maxi skirt and - my particular favourite - that fabulous outfit built around the colourful € 1 skirt!
    Hearing you on the tourists: Antwerp is inundated with them at the moment! Besos xxx

  5. I love your hot-weather outfits, and of course, all your colour! I totally agree, orange and purple are meant to be paired - they make me happy! 30-35 is VERY hot for us - I'm happier in the low 20s.

  6. So weird, I was sure I'd commented on these posts...