jueves, 11 de mayo de 2023

Long story short

This week I have made a great start, as I have uninstalled IG. I've been considering it for some time, as it's becoming more and more difficult to navigate through advertisements and random stuff, but I still want to catch up with the many interesting people I like to see. But I changed my mind last Sunday, when I noticed that I had spent two hours there, don't ask me how or why, because usually I don't spend more than twenty minutes (and that's a lot of time). Totally like getting sucked into a black hole and coming back hours after (with no idea of how long you've been watching stuff you're not really interested in). I felt totally cheated not only because of my stolen two hours (as I'm lacking time to do the things I love) but also because of the obvious manipulation, so immediately removed the app. Enough is enough. On the other hand, I'm still reading blogs and prefer them, as they have a context, a temporal line, and their own rythm, not depending on an algorithm.
I don't know if I'll reinstall it or not (still too angry to consider it) but for sure I'll be more cautious in the future!.

Esta semana he empezado a lo grande, desinstalando instagram. Estaba dándole vueltas hace tiempo, porque se me estaba haciendo más y más difícil llegar a ver lo que publica la gente interesante que quiero ver, atravesando esa maraña de anuncios y sugerencias varias. Pero ya me decidí el domingo a última hora, cuando me dí cuenta de que llevaba dos horas en ello, no me preguntéis cómo ni porqué, porque normalmente le dedico veinte minutos (y ya es mucho). Quedarse enganchada sin poder dejarlo, y volver en tí misma horas después, sin haberte dado cuenta de cuánto tiempo ha pasado, viendo y viendo cosas que ni siquiera te interesan. Esto ha sido nuevo para mí, esta sensación de que me han robado dos horas, cosa que me enfada particularmente porque me falta tiempo para otras cosas que me gustan. Y además la falta de control como que me están manipulando totalmente. He desinstalado todo, claro, porque con una vez me vale. Por otro lado, sigo leyendo blogs, y lo prefiero, porque tienen contexto, línea temporal, sentido, y dependo sólo de mis gustos, no de un algoritmo.
Todavía es pronto para saber si volveré o no, pero pienso tener mucho más cuidado en el futuro.
But let's speak on clothes!. I wore that outfit last week, as it was unseasonably hot again, so I could wear sandals even early in the morning and also a summer trench. More lightweight fabrics in the skirt and shirt, and one of my favourite colour combos, orange and purple. Sandals by Chiruca outlet. Trench by LaRedoute (old). Second hand shirt (old). The skirt is so old it has become vintage, as I shopped it when I was seventeen (still looking quite nice).
Pero hablemos de trapos!. Esto me lo puse la semana pasada, ya que de nuevo hacía un calor fuera de lo normal, así que me puse sandalias desde primera hora de la mañana y una gabardina ligera de verano. También son de tejidos ligeros la falda y la camisa, y en una de mis combinaciones de color favoritas, morado y naranja. Sandalias de Chiruca outlet. Gabardina de LaRedoute, antigua. Camisa de segunda mano. La falda es tan vieja que ya es vintage, ya que la compré cuando tenía diecisiete años (y todavía está bastante bien!).
This cardi-coat is really versatile and goes with every colour in my wardrobe (not so difficult, it's a riot of colour!). I wore my rock'n'roll inspired t-shirt (designed by a a local artist at Ramonak Workshop) with a skirt I made of a second hand dress. Not everybody's cup of tea, but I like some contrasts.

Esta chaqueta larga de ganchillo está resultando muy versátil y va bien con cada color que haya en mi armario (tampoco es tan difícil, tengo una arcoiris ahí dentro). Me puse mi camiseta de inspiración rock'n'roll, hecha por la diseñadora local de Ramonak Workshop con una falda que me hice de un vestido de segunda mano. No es del gusto de todo el mundo, pero a mí me van los contrastes a veces.

Something comfy I wore to run errands in the city centre, including some comfy sneakers (Adidas outlet) and my trusty Seasalt trench. Embroidered tunic is a second hand piece which I wore a lot last summer. Red trousers shopped at a clearance sale, years ago. Necklace by Ciclón (old).

Algo cómodo que me puse par ir a hacer unos recados al centro, incluyendo unas zapatillas cómodas (de Adidas outlet) y mi gabardina Seasalt. La túnica bordad es de segunda mano y me la puse un montón el verano pasado. Pantalón rojo de una liquidación, tiene años. Collar de Ciclón (antigüito)
The weather has been more 'springlike' last days, storms and all, but I was still going barelegged because it was quite warm. Unpredictable weather again!. I wore this (second hand) cotton dress with a jacket (also second hand), and added that artisan necklace as usual. I tend to wear these pieces together. Shoes by Allrounders outlet (old) and usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal.

El tiempo se ha vuelto más primaveral en los últimos días, con tormentas y todo, pero ha seguido bastante templado, así que seguimos sin medias. Muy impredecible todo. Me puse este vestido de algodón (de segunda mano) con chaqueta (también de segunda mano) y el collar artesano que suelo ponerme con estas prendas siempre. Zapatos de Allrounders y el habitual bolso de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal.
Have a fab week!

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  1. Good for you, Monica! I got rid of IG almost three years ago. I couldn't keep up with the daily posters, the selling, the memes and the constant advertisements and I absolutely hated those reels. I much prefer blogs and reading about the person behind the outfit rather than a load of nonsensical hashtags. I haven't regretted it and don't feel like I'm missing out.
    The fickle Spring weather, it's a challenge getting dressed but you seem to have mastered it perfectly. I love the orange worn with the lilac , that lovely cotton midi dress, the tunic with the red trousers and your wonderful crohet coat, it's all about the layers and fabulous fabrics (and good footwear!)
    Your town is looking beautiful, too. Those yellow roses are stunning! xxx

  2. the roses are blooming already in spain!
    well done to get rid of IG - i never was there because i knewed right from the beginning where that travel would go...... the whole setting of that app is perfect for advertisement wrapped as contant.
    perfect spring outfits - dear monica! love the looks with the maxi skirts and the cotton dress.... wonderful colour combinations! xxxx

  3. I'm getting why you've gotten rid of Instagram, Monica! It can be exhausting to scroll through all the advertisement and stuff, and I absolutely abhor those mostly idiotic reels, but I love keeping in touch with some friends and ex-bloggers I'd hate to lose contact with. I mostly check my Insta during my commute, so that I don't lose any precious time at other moments. I still prefer blogs though, which I don't think I'll ever give up.
    I'm not envious of your dry and seasonable hot weather, but I'd love to be able my lightweight cotton stuff. Those two skirts of yours are gorgeous, and I'm loving that dress too. And your fabulous crochet cardi, obviously!
    It's a treat to see your town in bloom! Besos xxx

  4. Well done on saying goodbye to IG. I've found the advertisements have really increased and I am relatively new to IG. I only have a quick 5 minute scroll and that's it!

    Fabulous outfits and colour combinations. It's funny how we often wear 2 things together always; I do it too! I'm very envious of your hot weather. It's so miserable here; cold, windy and over cast and it's the middle of May!