domingo, 10 de julio de 2022

Rewearing & Improving

As a part of my commitment to slowing my lifestyle, I'm trying to slow my fashion consume (even second hand fashion) and also trying to rewear my clothes. I think that shopping my wardrobe is becoming a usual thing in my life and makes me feel that I'm making the most of it.
However, I'm still working on shopping only quality clothes (or not shopping at all), but I keep on visiting some second hand stalls and charities. I met my friend M. almost every Sunday morning to pay a visit to the local street market and it's difficult to say No to bargains!.
I'm also focused on improving my wardrobe, discarding those pieces that are not loved anymore, revamping some others. Totally into a merciless clearance nowadays. And I'm also implacably attacking my sewing pile, which have been growing through the last months with projects and stuff. I've sewed two 'peasant' tops, and I'm going to embellish this plain skirt with strips of fabric from my stash.

Estoy intentando reducir el consumo de ropa, incluso si es de segunda mano, ya que me parece buena idea llevar un estilo de vida menos consumista. Así que también intento repetir ropa, ir de compras a mi propio armario, en vez de buscar siempre algo nuevo. ¡La ropa más sostenible es la que Ya Tienes!
Sin embargo, me resulta difícil no comprar nada (o comprar sólo ropa de calidad extra), ya que sigo con la costumbre de visitar los puestos de segunda mano y las tiendas solidarias. Suelo ir cada domingo con mi amiga M. al mercadillo y parece que siempre encontramos alguna ganga!
También tengo el propósito de mejorar mi armario, desechando la ropa que ya no me pongo o no me entusiasma, y reformando algunas cosas. Sin piedad a la hora de descartar lo que no vale. Y también atacando el asunto de mis proyectos de costura pendientes, que estaban acumulándose. Me he fabricado dos tops con mi habitual patrón sencillo de blusa 'campesina' y ahora estoy considerando añadirle algo de color a esta falda tan lisa, probablemente tiras de tela de sobrantes.
- top, self sewed / top de costura casera
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- necklace, charity market / collar de mercadillo solidario
- bag, self sewed (tablecloth leftovers) / bolsito de costura casera, de un sobrante de tela de mantel.
I wore this self-sewed trousers twice in a row, both times accessorized with my yellow basket. I like yellow as a fabulous accent colour in my wardrobe. I would love it with red but I don't like the 'wrapped in the flag' look (spanish flag is red and yellow). Colours can carry really strong connotations.

Me he puesto estos pantalones dos veces seguidas, las dos veces con el mismo cesto amarillo. Me gusta mucho el amarillo, es un buen color para añadir toques, anima mucho el armario. Aunque me gusta el rojo también, y los colores fuertes juntos, no me apetece llevar rojo y amarillo por no parecer que voy al fútbol o algo así

- trousers, self sewed / pantalón, costura propia
- black blouse, second hand (Sunday street market) / blusa negra, segunda mano, del mercadillo del domingo
- yellow cardi, eBay (second hand) ages ago / chaquetita amarilla, comprada en eBay de segunda mano, hace siglos
- sarong as a scarf (old) / viejo pareo a modo de pañuelo
- clogs, El Naturalista (dyed in orange) / zapatos abiertos, El Naturalista (teñidos de naranja)
- yellow straw bag, retail (old) / cesto amarillo, de tienda local
- yellow t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta amarilla
- sandals, Skechers outlet (old) / sandalias
This is an outfit I wore to go for a walk, a top and shorts, something really simple and comfortable. Only that I added some accessories and a crochet cardi to make it more Me. Concerning accessories I'm not a minimalist myself.

Esto es algo que me puse para salir a caminar, una camiseta y pantalón corto, algo muy sencillo y cómodo. Pero le añadí unos accesorios y esta especie de chaqueta de ganchillo, más yo misma. Creo que para los accesorios particularmente no soy nada minimalista!
- trousers (revamped), festa / pantalón, reformado por mí, de festa
- blouse, Festa (old) / blusa
- crochet cardi / chaqueta de ganchillo
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario
This week I have been taking some crap mirror selfies to document my outfits. Sometimes it's difficult to take any photos, as not always one can organize things as a good light or an appropriate background, not to talk about asking Mr.A. to take my photos or even having a few minutes. So I make the most of those moments waiting for the lift. Not that bad considering the lack of conditions.

Esta semana sólo tengo estas pobres fotos en el espejo para documentar lo que me pongo. A veces es difícil sacarse fotos, no siempre se dispone de buena luz, un fondo apropiado, o incluso un fotógrafo o unos minutos de tiempo para hacerlo. Así que aprovecho estos momentitos esperando al ascensor. No está mal considerando la falta de facilidades.
- dress, second hand, Sunday street market (years ago) / vestido de hace años, del mercadillo, de segunda mano
- jacket, eBay (second hand) / chaqueta de eBay, segunda mano
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- scarf, charity market / pañuelo, de un mercadillo solidario
Next week we'll have another heatwave!. See you on the other side.

Tenemos otra ola de calor esta semana que viene. Nos vemos al otro lado.

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  1. chapeau to your "slowing down the lifestyle"!!
    yes - even 2.hand-shopping can be a bad habit if overdone....(hubby was there). to make more out of your existing wardrobe is a good excersise for our creativity - esp. if we do some sewing too.
    the project *aqua skirt* looks already promising! love all your fab outfits - but pink with orange scarf is my favorite!
    not into "flag wearing" too - but you could wear pink/fuchsia with yellow........

    1. Totally agree that 2ndhand shopping can be addictive!. I'm working on this!
      Thanks for your comment and suggestions, I'd love some fuchsia with yellow, great idea!

  2. You are always an inspiration with your secondhand and sewn clothing. I have tried to cut back on the visits to thrift stores but for me it can be a social thing to do with a friend, or a relaxing distraction from the craziness of the world. It is important to wear what is already in your closet, and if you don't wear it, alter it or pass it on. I love the bold colours in all of these outfits. You are always a splash of cheerful colours!

    1. It's difficult to stop the thrifting when is a social thing, I also visit street markets with a friend so we usually get caught in the enthusiasm of rummaging.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I admire your intention to slow down your lifestyle, be ruthless with your wardrobe and trying not to shop. I too am feeling the urge but although I am certainly buying less and try to go for quality if I do, the lure of the charity shops is still proving too much :-) I will be selling a lot of stuff at our street market next week, so fingers crossed there.
    You are rocking your colourful wardrobe - rewearing and remixing is the way forward - and I can't wait to see your revamped skirt! Besos xxx

    1. Great idea to sell your stuff, I have to consider it as I'm still keeping too many clothes.
      Totally into a rewearing and remixing team!

  4. Fabulous outfits; loved the last one especially. Purple and orange are such a brilliant colour combo! The skirt project is going to look wonderful. I hear on you on buying less and buying more quality stuff. You also have to practice '1 in and 1 out', too otherwise the clothes just keep growing! Good luck with all your sewing projects. We are in the middle of a heatwave now!

    1. I'm admiring your determination on buying less, lovely that we're on the same wavelength!
      Great tip on the '1 in and 1 out', I must keep this on mind!.

  5. I too succumb to the allure of second-hand shopping - it's more about the experience than finding new clothes, although there is that "thrill of the hunt" satisfaction! One of my mottos is "Always be upgrading" to ensure I'm not buying duplicate items, unless they are a step up in quality. It does help to give the closet an overhaul regularly too!

    I love your colourful outfits - the yellow and black are wonderful, I nodded along with adding stripes of colour to your turquoise skirt (yes!), and I also LOVE the orange scarf in your last outfit. What a stunning combination that is.

    I'm jealous of your heatwave!

    1. I'm a huge fan of your "always be upgrading" motto, and keep it in my mind when purchasing something: I ask to myself 'is this better than any clothes I already own?'. It makes a difference!.
      Glad that you like that orange&Purple colour combo!
      Please, don't be jealous!. It feels exhausting and irritanting after a few days!

  6. You don't know me, but I've read your blog on and off for years, and I really enjoy it! As an American who studied Spanish only for a few years, I love reading your blog in both languages to help keep my skills intact. Plus, you have such a beautiful eye for pattern and color. I always feel inspired when I see your choices for clothing and accessories.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling self-conscious in red and yellow. Here in the States, it's hard to wear red, white, and blue together without giving the unintended impression of making a political statement. You should visit us here someday and wear your red and yellow outfits! : )

    The bright pink and light golden wood colors in your elevator / lift photos actually make for a very colorful and pleasing background for your selfies. What a great idea to take pictures there!

  7. P.S. I would like to add that I find it very charming that the Spanish phrase for "secondhand" is "segunda mano." It is fairly unusual for an English phrase to be translated into another language, using the EXACT same words. It certainly makes it easier for me to remember! : )

    1. thank you for your comment!, Muchas gracias!
      Glad you like that 'mirror selfies' background, it's our building entryway which has a massive mirror and a red-pink wall.
      I prefer that 'segunda mano' phrase, which sounds better than 'viejo' or 'usado' (negative connotations!). I miss an spanish verb for 'thrift' or 'charity shop'!!
      Lovely to read your comment!

    2. Ah, yes, "segunda mano" is so much better than "viejo" or "usado!" And besides, whenever I hear the words "ropa viejo," I think of that shredded beef recipe that is so popular in some Latin American countries. It is delicious, but it's not the way I want to think about old clothing. : )

    3. :-D in german its the exact same words too: "zweite hand" - an no "charity shops". but "thrift shop" - "trödler" :-D