domingo, 3 de abril de 2022

weekend & excursions

These photos were taken last week, when the weather was really better!.The old city walls are one of my favourite places to take photos, pretending to be a tourist! (more photos here). We usually take this street to go to the library (there are also some bars and terraces around!). I feel really lucky to have anything we need at a 10min. walking distance from home, totally my kind of luxury!

Las viejas murallas de la ciudad son uno de mis lugares favoritos para fotos, puedes posar como si estuvieses haciendo turismo (más fotos aquí). Estas fotos son de la semana pasada, cuando el tiempo era muchísimo mejor. Suelo pasar por esta calle cuando vamos a la biblioteca pública (también hay terrazas y bares alrededor!). Es una suerte tener cualquier cosa que te haga falta a una distancia de 10 min andando, es la clase de vida lujosa que quiero.

We visited this nearby village for the first time (ten days ago, but it looks like ages ago), and I'm still amazed that we haven't discovered such a beautiful place thus far. It looks magnificent as you approach as it's a walled village. See more pics here

Hemos ido a ver este pueblo que está muy cerca (fuimos hace 10 días pero parece siglos) y sigue asombrándome que no lo hayamos descubierto antes, es muy bonito. Resulta magnífico según te vas acercando desde la carretera, viendo la muralla que lo rodea. Podéis ver más fotos aquí.
I'm taking some days off, escaping from the snow, see you on the other side!.

Me estoy tomando unos días libres, escapando de la nieve, nos vemos pronto!

6 comentarios:

  1. I love seeing photos of where you live! What a beautiful place.

  2. How lucky you are to live a mere 10 minutes from the old city walls, and to finally discover such a picturesque village virtually around the corner.
    I guess we were really spoiled with the early Spring weather, and you're right to escape the cold (and snow!) for a couple of days. Have a wonderful time, Monica! Besos xxx

  3. What a gorgeous place, I love those salmon pink walls and the view beyond the archway!
    Its been horribly cold here, too - today I riked bare legs but I think there's more snow on the way. xxx

  4. How lovely is that walled village. There's something about a town or a village encircled by a wall that feels right. Loved your outfit. I hope your weather has improved by now.

  5. I hope your days off were enjoyable. That walled village looks really lovely - the perfect place to wander around and explore.

  6. Wow, that looks so cool! I'm envious of your great backdrops and scenery!