miércoles, 20 de abril de 2022

back into business

I've been totally disconnected for some weeks, as we were lucky enough to be in our holidays (no computers!). As soon as we were told that we could take some days off, we booked a trip to Lanzarote. Three days later we were enjoying the volcanic landscapes and sunshine meanwhile some snow storms were hitting the north of Spain. Perfect timing!.

Llevo desconectada desde hace semanas, nos hemos tomado unas vacaciones de verdad (así que nada de ordenador!). Tan pronto como nos dijeron que podíamos disfrutar unos días fuera, fuimos corriendo a reservar un viaje a Lanzarote. Y tres días después ya estábamos en medio de los paisajes volcánicos y el sol, mientras aquí en el norte llegaba la nieve. ¡Qué bien nos ha venido!
I have to admit that this kind of holidays are not the best thing for the planet, particularly because we took a flight (booo!) to an island where most tap water is desalinated seawater (hence those wind turbines and desalination plants). So the touristic development comes at a high cost (as usual) even where there are policies of environmental respect. At least, we tried to reduce our impact and keep our lifestyle even on holiday (no wasting, no plastic bags).

Tengo que admitir que este tipo de viajes no son lo mejor para el planeta, sobre todo porque viajamos en avión (el horror!) y en la isla el agua que se consume procede de las desalinizadoras. Por mucho que se usen energías renovables y que haya políticas medioambientales, el turismo tiene un impacto. Al menos hemos intentado mantener nuestro estilo de vida incluso en vacaciones, evitando desperdiciar agua y las malditas bolsas de plástico y envoltorios.
We've been travelling around and visiting my parents too. Obviously, there were a lot of people going up and down at Easter, as both tourists and locals enjoy terraces, walks and excursions. Not a huge fan of crowds myself, so we keep ourselves far away from usual hotspots. Quiet life as usual!.

Hemos hecho algunas excursiones y también hemos visitado a mis padres. En estas fechas de Semana Santa evidentemente había montones de gente por ahí, a todo el mundo, sean locales o turistas, le gustan las terrazas, las excursiones y el buen tiempo. Por mi parte, como no soy nada aficionada a las multitudes, me mantuve lejos de los lugares más frecuentados. ¡Me gusta la vida tranquila!.
I'm back into business now, back to work and back to rain and snow!. Not that bad as I plan a massive catch up with blogosphere. Anyway, I hope that sunny days are coming soon!
Ahora ya estoy de vuelta, y también de vuelta al trabajo y a la lluvia y la nieve incluso. No está mal, porque tengo planeado ponerme al día con los blogs. De todos modos, espero que vuelvan pronto los días más primaverales.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful place for a holiday.

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic holiday - and well-deserved - holiday, Monica! What an amazing place! Never mind it not being the most sustainable of holidays: surely, just this once you are allowed to. And you were very sensible to stay away from the crowds ... Besos xxx

  3. I don't remember Lanzarote looking that lovely when we visited in 2000, it looks gorgeous as does your travel wardrobe. Your mum looks fabulous, I can see where you got your style from! xxx

  4. Sounds like a great holiday! I've not been to Lanzarotte but it looks wonderful. You look fab in your outfits and your mum is so stylish - like mother like daughter! Hope the return to work and the not so good weather weren't too much of a shock and that you're settled back into your ordinary routine/rhythm of life.

  5. Lanzarote looks like a wonderful place for a much needed break from work and cold weather. Nice to see you wearing your usual bold colours and patterns.

  6. Lanzarote looks great - I remember reading about how Cesar Manrique had influenced the local government and helped keep the island from being overdeveloped. Must've been lovely to have some warmth and sunshine.

  7. What an amazing-looking place that is! I loathe travel, so I really enjoy seeing all these pictures - there, you've saved someone else from having to go there! Ha!