lunes, 21 de marzo de 2022

winter is for colours

It looks like decades ago when I wore these outfits, but it was just a week ago. The weather keeps being unpredictable and spring is coming (but not fast enough!). It's time for lightweight coats and jackets and it's also time for colour. Totally embracing a colourful attitude to cheer up myself and others.
I'm busy now, as we have visitors at home, and we've gone out for some excursions and walks. Lovely to have people around and some social life. Still missing some friends and family gatherings but enjoying everytime we can meet and celebrate!

Parece que hace décadas desde que hice estas fotos, pero sólo hace una semana. El clima sigue siendo impredecible y la primavera está en camino (aunque sigue siendo esquiva!). Es el momento de ponerse abrigos más ligeros y es también el momento del Color. Personalmente estoy a favor de una actitud a tope de color, que me anime y anime también a los demás.
Ahora mismo estoy muy entretenida, porque tenemos visitas en casa y hemos salido de excursión por ahí. Es estupendo tener gente alrededor e incluso vida social. Aún echo de menos reunirme con amigos y familia, pero hay que aprovechar cada ocasión para celebrar.

- dress, second hand (street market), years ago / vestido de segunda mano del mercadillo, de hace años
- striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta de rayas
- boots, DrMartens (old) / botas
- rain jacket, Lighthouse (old) / impermeable, antiguo
- necklace vintage, a present by Sacramento, my favourite IG star! / collar vintage, un regalo de Sacramento
- scarf, second hand (old) / pañuelo, de segunda mano
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal (old) / bolso de corcho
Showing some new rings recently purchased (at a heavy discount), totally indulging myself. / Presumiendo de mis nuevos anillos recientemente adquiridos (muy rebajados), me estoy consintiendo a mí misma.

- raincoat, Seasalt (last winter) / abrigo impermeable, del invierno pasado
- skirt and tights, Snag / falda y medias
- blouse and cardi, second hand (street market) old / blusa y chaquetita punto, de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- shoes, Camper / zapatos
- scarf, charity shopped / pañuelo, Cáritas
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
Hope you're keeping yourselves as safe as possible.

7 comentarios:

  1. you do colourful clothing so very well!!!
    how lovely to have house guests - lately we enjoyed the company of a friend too. talking chatty walks, cooking together, long evenings with red wine...... :-D
    have fun! xxxx

  2. I'm totally swooning over your first outfit, Monica! Florals and stripes are such a fabulous combination. The necklace is a stunner too, and it's always a joy to see those turquoise Dr. Martens!
    The second outfit, with its purple skirt and blouse of many colours, is gorgeous too, as are those rings!
    It must be wonderful to have house guests, and social life picking up again. We were supposed to meet friends last weekend, and have a small family gathering the next, but both unfortunately were cancelled. The family gathering because three of them have Covid :-( Better safe than sorry! Besos xxx

  3. You are always so colourful, Monica, whatever the season. I loved the blue floral dress and I loved it paired with the striped tee underneath and the fab turquoise Doc Martens. Loved the second outfit, too.

    The new rings are gorgeous!

  4. Love all this turquoise and pink and purple on you, Monica - you look fabulous! I adore your new rings - so pretty!

  5. Having a social life is wonderful. I'm happy you've been able to get together.
    Beautiful outfits and wow those rings are incredible! Love them.

  6. I love that you're spending time with family and friends, after so long without doing this its so exciting, isn't it?
    I absolutely love the first outfit, that ditsy floral dress is perfect with the boots and the Breton and good for you buying that ring, we all need treats! xxx

  7. You look fantastic - and those new rings are great. Whenever i'm in Spain I'm struck by how gorgeous the accessories in shops are there.

    I hope you missed out on the terrible weather that's been affecting the country.