sábado, 12 de marzo de 2022

winter blues

Despite the rainy weather, my friend M. suggested a visit to a vintage market, so we spend the saturday morning at the 'open space' Bilbao including rummaging and having some sandwiches and beers at the bar. Time Well Spent!. My friend found a fab Marimekko dress, which she's going to rock at any business meeting, and both we enjoyed the selection of clothes. I felt in love with some great quality pieces but not my size and too dificult to fix them by myself (and too expensive to be professionally fixed). Next time!.

A pesar de la lluvia, mi amiga M. sugirió que hiciéramos una visita a un mercado vintage, así que nos pasamos la mañana del sábado en el espacio open Bilbao, sobre todo viendo ropa y luego tomando unos bocaditos y cervezas en el bar. Una forma excelente de pasar la mañana. Mi amiga encontró un vestido de Marimekko, que le va a quedar genial para cualquier ocasión formal, y las dos disfrutamos viendo la selección de prendas. Algunas me encantaron pero no me cuadraba la talla y era demasiado difícil ajustarlas yo misma (y muy caro un arreglo profesional). Espero tener suerte la próxima!.

On Monday I was feeling uninspired because of the dull weather, so grabbed a 'jammy dress' (Sheila's tip!). Actually, I wore it two days in a row, only adding some colourful accessories the second day. Sometimes all you need is to dress up and go for the day. Not the cure for any disease but it makes me feel better.
I've been taking my photos by myself, using my camera self-timer or taking mirror-selfies. So not the best quality photos!. But this has made me remember my first times on blogging, including both the fun and the poor pictures!. Still embracing Real Life!.

El lunes no estaba de humor para nada, en parte por culpa del tiempo tan pocho, así que escogí un vestido cómodo (tal como recomienda Sheila). Al final me lo puse dos días seguidos, sólo cambiando a unos accesorios coloridos el segundo día. A veces todo lo que necesitas es vestirte, arreglarte e ir a por el día. No es la panacea pero me hace sentirme mejor
He estado sacando fotos yo solita, usando el temporizador de la cámara o haciendo fotos en el espejo. Así que no son fotos muy buenas. Pero con esto estoy recordando mis primeros tiempos en el blog, tanto la diversión como las fotos bastante malas. ¡Sigo estando por la Vida Real!

- knit dress, second hand (charity market) / vestido de segunda mano de un mercadillo solidario
- turtle-necks by La Redoute (both old) / cuellos vueltos
- blue cardi, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta azul
- boots, DrMartens (old) / botas
- coat, La Redoute (years ago) / abrigo, antigüito
- crochet scarf-thing / bufandita de ganchillo

- yellow cardi, second hand (ages ago) / chaquetita amarilla, de segunda mano, de hace siglos
- scarf, a present by mom / pañuelo, un regalo de mamá
- beads, retail (old) / collar, antigüito
- shoes, Camper / zapatos
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- earrings, retail (old) / pendientes, tienda local

I wore sequins to the office on Friday (and some rock'n'roll attitude). These tartan trousers are living their last days, as the mend I did is not lasting. I think they'll live a new life as a skirt, once I dismantle them. More sewing projects is just what I don't need these days, but they keep coming!

Lentejuelas para ir a trabajar el viernes (y un toque de rock'n'roll y actitud). Estos pantalones de cuadros están en las últimas, ya los había remendado y no van a durar mucho más. Creo que van a tener una nueva vida como falda, en cuanto los descosa. Ahora mismo no me hacen falta más proyectos de costura, pero parece que siguen surgiendo.
- coat, retail (years ago) / abrigo, tienda local, hace años
- tartan trousers, custom made (years ago) / pantalón de cuadros, hecho a medida, hace años
- t-shirt by Ramonak Workshop / camiseta de Ramonak Workshop
- sequined jacket, second hand (street market) / chaquetita de lentejuelas, de segunda mano del mercadilloz
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso viejísimo de Emily The Strange

Hope you're keeping yourselves as safe and fabulous as possible.

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  1. What better way to lift the spirits than spending the morning browsing at a vintage market with a friend. Even if you didn't find something, a taste of normal and fun must have been balm for the soul!
    Jammy dress to the rescue, and yours is a particularly fabulous one I've often admired on your blog! Well done on taking your own photos, something I'm completely hopeless at.
    What a shame those trousers are on their last legs, but I'm sure you will manage to give them a second life as a skirt, even if it means one more sewing project! Besos xxx

    1. 'A taste of normal and fun' is the best definition ever of what we need these days!, I'm determined to keep my mood and keep my business as usual too.
      I think that having some jammy dresses is a fabulous idea, they usually save your day!.
      Taking my own photos makes me feel ridiculous most of the time!, but it's also rewarding!
      I'm taking it easy on the sewing projects, no time for so many hobbies!

  2. Fantastic outfits to cheer any mood!
    Getting out with a friend is always fun.
    Take care.

    1. Glad you like them, dear Goody!, and totally agree that some social life makes me feel better!
      besos & salud

  3. You and your friend looked fabulous having a rummage at the vintage market, even if you didn't buy anything I bet it was still a delight!
    That maxi dress is such a fabulous thing, I love the print. I hope you can save the trousers! xxx

    1. It's always fab to visit a vintage market with a friend and have fun!
      Hope that these trousers become a cute skirt soon!

  4. Sequin Friday - you've started a new trend! What a shame about the tartan trousers but they'll make a great skirt; once you've got the time to do it. Loved the blue dress outfits and those blue earrings were spectacular.

    Have a great week,

    1. Totally in love with the idea of a Sequin Friday, so much better than 'casual friday'!.
      Glad you like my blue dress and those earrings by a local artisan!.

  5. Aw, thank you for the shout-out! I love your jammy dress - it's such a great pattern and lets you do so many variations! Those tartan trousers are amazing - sorry to hear your patch isn't working, but that's too awesome of a fabric to go to waste. I'm glad you're going to refashion them into a skirt (something a little Vivienne Westwood?).

    1. Glad you like my jammy dress! ;DD
      Obviously, we're on the same wavelenght as I was thinking on Vivienne as an inspiration to create a punk-ish skirt!. We love some rock-punk vibe!

  6. Your blue and white "jammy dress" has always been one of my favourites - I love the print! I enjoy a good browse in a vintage market, thrift store, etc even if I don't find anything I want to buy. It's a relaxing way to spend a day.