lunes, 28 de febrero de 2022

Winter Week

Last week was quite busy, but I was determined to keep on blogging, despite my erratic posting!. I've recapped my week in five outfits, which I wore Monday to Friday.
La semana pasada estuve bastante ocupada, pero he seguido decidida a mantener el blog, a pesar de que publico cuando buenamente puedo. He resumido la semana en cinco fotos de lo que llevé, de lunes a viernes.
Sequins to work on Monday. / Lentejuelas para la oficina, el lunes.

- beaded silk jacket, second hand, street market / chaqueta de seda, de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- custom made tunic, local retailer (old) / túnica hecha a medida en una tienda local
- navy turtle-neck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto azul marino
- tartan skirt, sewed by me years ago / falda de cuadros, cosida por mí, hace años
- tights, Snag / medias
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- coat, Seasalt Cornwall (last winter) / abrigo
- scarf, charity shopped (old) / pañuelo, tienda solidaria Cáritas
- necklace, vintage, a present / collar, vintage, un regalo
Florals on Tuesday. I keep this dress in my wardrobe the whole year long, it's really versatile.
Flores el martes. Este vestido me lo pongo durante todo el año, es muy versátil.

- dress, second hand, street market (old) / vestido de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- crochet bolero-jacket (ages ago) / chaquetita corta de ganchillo, hecha hace siglos
- navy turtle-neck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto azul marino
- necklace, Ciclón (old) / collar
- shoes, Camper / zapatos
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- orange sarong as a scarf, charity shopped / pareo naranja a modo de chal, de una tienda solidaria
Purple mood on Thursday to go to have my yearly mammogram done. My kind of easy and comfy clothes.
En modo púrpura el miércoles para ir a hacerme la mamografía anual. Ropa muy cómoda.

- self-sewed trousers, made of a sarong / pantalón hecho por mí, de un pareo
- t-shirt, second hand, street market / camiseta de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- purple coat, eBay (old) / abrigo morado, antigüito
- scarf, charity shopped / bufandita, de tienda solidaria Cáritas
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- bag, Nonapapallona / bolso, de Nonapapallona
Purple mood on Friday too, I wore my favourite 'faux suit'; this shirt and wide legged trousers are exactly the same colour, even if purchased months away from each other. Both are second hand finds at our local street market!.
El viernes seguimos en modo púrpura, me puse mi 'falso traje' favorito, esta camisa y pantalón ancho son exactamente del mismo color, aunque los compré con meses de distancia. Ambos son de segunda mano, del mercadillo.
- sneakers, Chiruca (old) / zapatillas
- raincoat (despite no rain in sight) Seasalt Cornwall / impermeable, a pesar de la falta de lluvia, de Seasalt Cornwall

(Unrequired explanation)
I've been in denial for days, then anxious, and finally determined to keep myself focused on friendship, art, creativity, colour and joy. Don't know if this is frivolous (even if I believe that frivolity is totally necessary) but it's my own way to carry on. We have enough tedious experts who just drive us to fatalism. So I'll keep it lighthearted, thanks.

Hope you're keeping yourselves (and others) safe.

Espero que todos sigáis bien, cuidáos mucho.

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  1. your fabulous colourful outfits are exactly what the doctor ordered!
    i too try to focus on the positive things - knowing that having angst will not change the situation one yota - but would steal precious lifetime and energy......

  2. These are very anxious times, and it sometimes feels easier to just pretend none of it is happening, but I think it is better to acknowledge what is happening in the world, but practice self-care which can include art, colour and friendship. I am trying to do this too. I am getting my mammogram this week so fingers crossed for both of us that we are healthy.

  3. Well done on being determined to keep on blogging in spite of hectic and anxious times. I am doing the same - as I have been doing throughout the pandemic - as my blog is my happy place, where in spite of not being the most positive person on earth I'm trying to focus on the positive things. As Beate says, we cannot change the situation by giving in to our anxiety, we can only try and offer support where we can.
    I'm loving all your colourful outfits which definitely make the world a better place. Besos xxx

  4. It's lovely to see the blossom everywhere - Spring has sprung!

    Such lovely colourful outfits and I just adore the beaded sequinned cardigan; absolutely gorgeous. And of the course the faux coral necklace was wonderful with it.

    Yes, all we can do is keep on keeping on....

  5. Your vivid outfits fill me with cheer. It is hard to keep being positive with all the crap going on in the world. I've also been focusing on my art (my Badass Bag is nearly done).