viernes, 18 de febrero de 2022

routine & winter

The weather keeps on unseasonably sunny and sometimes even unseasonably hot, which results quite confusing for people and also confusing for nature. Some almond trees are blooming, there's a springlike atmosphere in the air, even if sometimes there's also a cold winter wind, so nature is sending mixed messages.
Probably it's time to give my wardrobe its first seasonal switch to keep it appropriate to the weather conditions. It's also a mood booster!. But I'd like to play safe and keep my winter coats on hand. You know, just in case winter rears its ugly head!

El tiempo sigue increíblemente soleado para esta época del año, y a veces increíblemente caluroso también, todo muy confuso para las personas y también para la naturaleza. Los almendros están floreciendo y hay un ambiente muy primaveral en el aire, aunque a veces también sopla un viento frío invernal, así que parece que la naturaleza envía mensajes contradictorios.
Puede que sea el momento de hacer un cambio de temporada en el armario y mantenerlo adecuado al clima. Siempre sirve para animar un poco!. Pero de momento habrá que ser prudente y dejar los abrigos a mano, por si acaso el invierno vuelve a asomar de nuevo.
- self sewed trousers / pantalón de costura casera
- black shirt, second hand, (street market) / camisa negra, del mercadillo (segunda mano)
- shoes, Camper / zapatos
- vintage vest from my mom's wardrobe (80's!) / chaleco vintage, del armario de mamá (ochentero!)
- pendant, a present / colgante, un regalo
- coat, retail (label Sophiacurvy) / abrigo, de tienda local (marca Sophiacurvy)
Sometimes I layer a knit scarf over a neckerchief. It keeps me warm!.

- skirt, shirt and bolero, all of them from the street market but purchased on different occasions / falda, camisa y chaquetita, todas del mercadillo pero compradas en diferentes ocasiones
- tights, Snag / medias
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- brooch, charity shopped (old) / broche, tienda solidaria Cáritas
- neckerchief, vintage / pañuelo vintage
- crochet scarf / bufandita de ganchillo
Have a fabulous weekend!

Espero que paséis un estupendo fin de semana.

8 comentarios:

  1. All your colour and patterns are certainly giving me a boost! I just love it - thank you for this much-needed shot of colour and fun as we go into the weekend.

  2. there is the fabulous vintage vest again!!
    so very chic with those trousers and black - you look gorgeous!
    the 2.look is the perfect contrast - flowers, in pattern and colours. lovely.
    lately its much to warm here too - and much to stormy. at the moment we sit in the in three days..... not fun.

  3. Glorious colours and prints! It still feels very much like Winter here, we've had snow today! I can't wait to escape to warmer climes even if it is only for four nights! xxx

  4. It's been a strange Winter so far here as well. It's as if the weather has been stuck on repeat, being unseasonably warm a lot of the time, but instead of sunshine, we're mostly having rain. I do agree that nature is sending mixed messages, though.
    I'm loving your layered outfits, and isn't your Mum's 80s vest absolutely fabulous? That outfit is totally fabulous too, I'm loving the pattern and texture mixing.
    Your second outfit is a sight for sore eyes as well. I love how you made use of the colours of your skirt's pattern for your shirt, bolero and tights!
    Wishing you a wonderful Saturday evening and Sunday! Besos xxx

  5. I just love how you played with patterns and colours in both of these outfits. They are so playful and fun. Plus, you layer so well. The parsley pants are gorgeous and so is that skirt. Both outfits are fabulous.
    We're enjoying sunny weather too. The only snow we had (and it was in the mountain area) was last November. This year has been nothing but the sun.

  6. Lovely colour combinations and fab accessories! Of course you still need the winter coat to hand; the weather loves to play tricks on us. I like the idea of the warm scarf over the neckerchief; in fact I find it surprising at how warm a scarf can make you feel. I tend to wear a scarf in the house when the heating is off as it helps me stay warm.

    Hope you have a good week.

  7. We have had a few milder days here but mostly it has been full on winter with lots of snow and bitter cold. It will be wonderful when Spring arrives for real here.

  8. That is such a fabulous coat. I'm very much looking forward to spring - the cold days can go away!