domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2021

Autumn Week

The weather is becoming more and more wintery so I dressed up accordingly. The central heating at my office didn't worked for some days, which was not fine. Not complaining, as (usually) I have a comfortable office, and a comfortable work atmosphere too. But I've spent this weekend at home due to having a bad cold, and feeling (a little bit) miserable. I haven't had a cold in years!

El tiempo se está poniendo cada vez más invernal y hemos tenido varios días sin calefacción en la oficina, así que me he vestido adecuadamente. Tampoco me puedo quejar, porque normalmente tengo una oficina cómoda, y un trabajo cómodo también. Pero me he pasado el fin de semana en casa con un catarro importante, y sintiéndome (un poquito) miserable. Hacía años que no tenía un catarro.
These boots were put in the donations bag, as I don't feel them anymore (not comfortable nor fabulous enough). I'd prefer to wear my Dr.Martens boots with this skirt: next time!
Estas botas se han ido a la bolsa para donar, no me resultan ni cómodas ni suficientemente bonitas para conservarlas. Hubiera sido mejor ponerme las Dr.Martens con esta falda: ¡la próxima vez será!

- skirt and cardi, second hand at Sunday Street Market / falda y chaquetita punto, del mercadillo del domingo, segunda mano
- boots, Clarks (old) / botines
- scarf, vintage / pañuelo
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- puff coat, retail (years ago) / abrigo acolchado, de tienda local, antigüito
- trousers, sewed by me, years ago / pantalón, costura casera, hace años
- green pullover, second hand at Sunday street market / jersey verde, de segunda mano del mercadillo
- silk shirt-nightgown, same / camisa de dormir de seda, igual
- coat, Seasalt (last winter) / abrigo, del invierno pasado
- phone purse by RamonakWorkshop IG / bolsito para el móvil de RamonakWorkshop IG
- necklace, a present by mom / collar, un regalo de mi mamá
- wool shawl-blanket by local artisans (old) / chal-manta de lana, de artesanos locales
- summer shirt and green pullover, second hand at Sunday street market / camisa de verano y jersey verde, de segunda mano del mercadillo
- fuchsia trousers, Punt Roma (old) / pantalón fuchsia
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- shearling coat, second hand (Asos marketplace boutique Bich) / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano (Asos marketplace boutique Bich)
- wrap around skirt, second hand (previously worn here only wrapped in a different way!) / falda pañal, de segunda mano del mercadillo, anteriormente vista aquí sólo que anudada de otra manera
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- crochet beret, by myself / boina de ganchillo
- waistcoat, second hand / chaleco, de segunda mano
- wood pin, by paesica IG / pin de madera, de paesica IG
- landscape from my window at home, lots of colours! / paisaje desde mi ventana en casa, montones de colorido
Have a safe and fabulous week and take care of yourselves as much as possible!
Espero que tengáis una semana estupenda y, por favor, cuidáos mucho.

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  1. ohh i love all the outfits and colors! ♡♡
    u look so pretty
    happy start of the week.


    Check my last post please :)
    ♡ Life | Secrets Playa Mujeres

  2. you look gorgeous in every of this colourful and cool outfits - but my fav is shearling coat with wraparound skirt. there is something with the colours and proportions thats just perfect!
    i wish the heating in my office would not work the days i´m there..... its much to warm for my liking. and as i drive to work with the bicycle the shock from outside to inside and vice versa is huge - and its much to easy to catch a cold in this conditions... arrg.
    hope you feel better! xxxxx

    1. Glad you like my outfits!, I also think that the proportions are fine, I have to keep this on mind and use more belts and waistcoats!
      Totally understand what you feel when coming in and out your overheated office, I worked in an official building (years ago) where the heating was so hot that we had to open the windows. It was totally nonsensical and everybody had colds and pharingitis frequently.

  3. Oh my goodness what a superb view you have from your window. One you could never tire of...

    I don't know where to start with the outfits as they were all so gorgeous and you looked wonderful in all of them. The wraparound skirt is a fabulous item; it must be reversible as the colours in the previous post post are different? How clever! Loved it with the striped top and denim waistcoat. The pink trousers and colourful shirt with the lovely big warm shawl was beautiful and I also loved the green blur outfit. The scarf you wore with the turquoise cardi and tights such a brilliant match for the skirt. It's a shame about the boots but if you're fed up with them off they go!

    Hope you feel better soon; a cold can be a miserable experience.

    1. Dear Veronica, I think that the views were determinant when we bought our flat!. Lots of sunlight!
      I'm so glad you like my outfits. The wraparound skirt can be wrapped both ways, right to left or left to right, so I can play with these!.
      Hope these boots find a good home, they were wasting!

  4. Sorry: that should have said green and purple NOT green blur.....

    1. mwahaha, I've been looking for different meanings for 'blur'... sometimes autocorrect is funnily confusing!

  5. Oh dear, how familiar this sounds! I too was without heating - although only for a day - at the office last week, and just like you I've been suffering from a cold, while I hadn't had one for years! Comfortable and colourful clothes to the rescue!
    That lovely skirt book-ended in turquoise is a real mood-lifter, and I'm loving the silk skirt worn over the green jumper and those delightful trousers! Couldn't believe when I read it was a nightshirt :-)
    The outfit built around those eye-searing fuchsia pink trousers is a stunner, as is the final one. The wrap skirt worn with the Breton top and denim waistcoat is a match made in heaven!
    I do hope this week turns out to be a less miserable one for both of us :-))) Besos xxx

    1. Poor Anne, sorry that you've had a cold too!, not funny thing particularly as we've avoided them for years!, I didn't remember it was a nuissance!
      The silk nightshirt looked never worn, it was an amazing find.
      Besos & best wishes

  6. What a wonderful array of outfits! I love them all but, like Beate, the wrap skirt, Breton top and shearling coat is my favourite, I'd steal every item if I could!
    I hope your cold is going - our immune systems are rubbish after all that time in isolation. Jon & I had colds a few weeks ago, mine lasted two days and his lasted a fortnight (men!) xxx

  7. Sorry to hear you have a cold. Before the pandemic I used to catch one a couple of times a year, but I haven't had one in almost two years which I'm very grateful for. These are lovely outfits - I like purple and green worn together, and a denim vest looks good over anything!

  8. I haven't had a cold in nearly 2 years - shocking how masks and washing our hands all the time actually works! I hope you are feeling better, darlin'.

    I love your final outfit - it has a real "cowgirl" vibe to it. Hooray for passing things on that we're not feeling.

  9. I hope your cold goes soon. There have been some nasty ones doing the rounds.

    Your outfits are wonderfully cheery. The florals/turquoise outfit is especially nice.