miércoles, 9 de junio de 2021

urban holiday

I'm still enjoying some free days (bank holiday!) and trying to make the most of them. We've been running errands everyday and feeling like tourists in the city, as we had not had a proper urban life for more than a year (still have not!). Anyway, I've always avoided crowds, but sometimes I forget that we used to walk and move through the streets without doing the 'covid shuffle'. Hoping that this is not going to be necessary soon. Distancing and masks are still compulsory here, even if many people are embracing the 'new normality', and embracing each other too. Not me. You can call me squeamish.
Next week I'll try to catch up with your blogs and comments!. I've missed it!
Sigo teniendo unos días libres, de vacaciones locales, e intento aprovecharlas todo lo posible. Hemos estado ocupados, haciendo recados cada día, y sintiéndonos como turistas en nuestra propia ciudad, porque hace más de un año que no hacemos vida urbana de verdad (seguimos sin hacerla, en realidad). De todos modos, siempre he evitado las multitudes, pero a veces se me olvida que solíamos caminar y movernos por la calle sin toda la coreografía de mantener las distancias. Espero que esto no sea necesario muy pronto. Sigue siendo obligatoria la mascarilla y demás precauciones, aunque mucha gente se está lanzando ya a la 'nueva normalidad' y unos en los brazos de otros. No es mi caso. Podéis llamarme maniática.
En la próxima semana intentaré ponerme al día con los blogs y comentarios. ¡Lo he echado de menos!.
- trousers, sewed by me (years ago) / pantalón, costura casera (hace años)
- top, made of a second hand dress / camiseta, hecha de un vestido de segunda mano
- cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaquetita punto
- sandals, Chiruca (old) / sandalias
- straw bag, retail (old) / bolso de paja, tienda local
- necklace, second hand (Animal Welfare charity market) / collar, segunda mano (mercadillo de la protectora de animales local)
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- dress/tunic, clearance sale (old) / vestido-túnica, de una liquidación
- crochet cardi by myself / chaqueta de ganchillo
- sandals, Chiruca (old) / sandalias
- bag by Nonapapallona (old) / bolsito de Nonapapallona

6 comentarios:

  1. That sounds like a wonderful break being a tourist in your own town, especially when the town is as lovely as yours.
    Tow lovely sunny outfits, I love the big yellow basket, i think one of those is missing from my life and it might be 8am but it's warm and sunny here and I'm already envying your ice cold beer!
    We're supposed to be abandoning social distancing on 21st June and returmning to some kind of normal but I can't see that happening for a while yet! xxx

  2. Playing tourists in your own town is a wonderful way to spend a couple of days off, especially as it has been such a long time since you were able to enjoy city life. We'll be socially distancing and abstaining from hugging for quite a while yet, I presume. I'm still doing the "Covid shuffle", although a lot of people just do not take notice any longer. I'm loving both of your colourful Summer outfits, in particular the first one, with its pattern mixing of stripes and florals. How gorgeous is that top made from a second hand dress. You have given me an idea or two! Besos xxx

  3. We've been under a stay at home order since April and things are finally going to start opening up this weekend - I can't wait to do something that feels "normal" like browsing in a used bookstore, or sitting on a patio with a friend. I have only had one vaccine so until I get my second I will still be masking up when I am inside or around a large group of people.

  4. What a lovely way to spend some time off. Beautiful outfits, as always.

  5. An urban break is a lovely way to spend your free time. I'm so glad things are getting back to normal for you, too. Loved the outfits, accessories and you look so pretty in pink!

  6. love the home-made tropical trousers with the rainbow top and bright cardi! and of cause you had to wear bright pink head to toe - its gorgeous on you!
    last weekend we sat at a restaurant front and had delicious italian food (me calamaris in a yummy tomato sauce) and drank aperol sprizz - lovely and exiting after such a long lockdown..........
    tenga un hermoso domingo! xxxx